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IOCA 5 year plan summary Report from IOCA (UK) Temporary Subcommittee to IOCA (UK) Committee March 3 rd 2012 1.

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1 IOCA 5 year plan summary Report from IOCA (UK) Temporary Subcommittee to IOCA (UK) Committee March 3 rd 2012 1

2 Subcommittee terms of reference 2 It is proposed to form a temporary subcommittee of the IOCA Committee charged with developing a five year strategy for the Optimist Class Objective: to develop a 5 year strategy for IOCA Terms of reference: The subcommittee is charged with development of a 5 year strategy for IOCA. The expectation would be that this plan is revisited annually, but that in essence it serves as a road map for gradual development of the class. Proposed subcommittee membership: Marshall King (Chair), Michelle Gent, Simon Rogers, Ian Jarman, Charlie Mawer, Bill Farren-Price, RYA member (possibly Duncan Trusswell) Process: It is proposed that the temporary subcommittee will meet twice between start Jan and end Feb What happened: Two meetings were duly held. The first focused on UK dinghy sailing, our vision of how we would like it to be, and ideas for developing it. The second meeting focused on developing the ideas and resourcing to make some of them capable of delivery. In addition to the above members, Fiona Rainback and Peter Saxton were invited to participate but could not make the meetings, and Charlie Mawer was also unavailable for both meetings. The presentation that follows summarises the main points discussed and the resulting proposal.

3 Background Dinghy sailing in general – Participation rates declining, esp young adults – Youth and junior slight growth but – Dissatisfaction with the offer – Inability to make the bug bite Optimist class in particular – IOCA membership static 600-620 – Bug not biting (VCC 2300 junior optimist sailors) – Serious regional gaps 3

4 Vision How we (would like to) see the world in 5 years time: High accessibility Demystification of Optimist and IOCA Lower cost of entry (but not ploppies!) Extensive regional training and regattas Lifestyle benefits clearly communicated and understood – child development & lifelong friendships 4

5 Mission What role IOCA (UK) plays in this vision: Provides the services and infrastructure to deliver the vision – Human Resources – Knowledge capital and experience – Physical assets – Marketing/communication 5

6 Values Beliefs that are shared between stakeholders of an organisation: 1.Having fun is important 2.Sailing is good for children's development 3.Good quality training will help the bug to bite 4.Its a family thing! 5.Sailing should be inclusive, not elitist 6

7 Goals GoalMeasureToday5 years time Increase base participationIOCA Membership6201000 Receive IOCA training117500 Provision of racing opportunities # sailors attending Zone championships 177300 # regional club regattas with > 50 entrants 8?15? Achieving high talent of sailors % of RYA youth program medallists from Optimist ?? Miami Herald ranking at World championships 27? Lifelong passion for sailingNumber of IOCA members who are still active sailors after 3 yrs ?? 7

8 The 6 IOCA products 1.International Optimist Racing Teams 2.National Optimist Regatta Program 3.National (+ Girls) Optimist Coaching Programs 4.Transition program 5.Regional regatta circuit 6.Regional Optimist Coaching Program 8 40 350 60 100 500 # Sailors impacted IOCA Performance

9 Strategy Why are we not delivering on 5 and 6? Entry barriers too high – time, money, mystique Poor communication to potential members Lack of quality, organised coaching opportunities Strategy Assign resources to: – Create and deliver better communication – Deliver products 5 and 6 Work on strategies to lower entry barriers Continue delivering products 1-3 and improve product 4 Work up funding plan to pay for above 9

10 Communication strategy Why try sailing Introduction to Optimist sailing and racing The Optimist dinghy explained Clothing for Optimist sailors Coaching opportunities for your children Optimist sailing is fun 10 Introduction to Optimist sailing Optimist racing and more advanced coaching Transition out of Optimists, pathway and further opportunities National racing opportunities Advanced optimist rigging and tuning International Optimist Racing opportunities Advanced training – the squads RYA/IOCA how to resources readily available RYA dinghy coaching exercises, how to set up and run a regatta, how to set up and run winter flotilla training Transition guide to other boats Becoming a coach Qualifications – PB2, First Aid, VHF All available as pdfs online on IOCA website Source: Michelle Gent Presentation: a zipped A5 folder (opportunity for sponsor advertising) and for new members would include stickers, colouring in pictures, knots guide etc etc. All the booklets would be available from the internet in a logical downloadable form. It should potentially be possible to sell advertising in this guide book from gear, boat and sail suppliers.

11 Communication channels Face to face communication via coaches IOCA and retailer websites (video and pdf) Printed material/booklets IOCA magazine RYA publications and website Boat shows PR in sailing magazines 11

12 Resources and structure Contracted staff Core paid staff Elected and voluntary Committee National Coach National Squad Coach Interme diate Squad Coach Develop ment Squad Coach Regional Coaching Manager South Area Coach North Area Coach... IOCA Central Office 12

13 IOCA Roles Performance CoachingCentral AdministrationRegional Coaching & Racing Develop syllabus for National squads Recruit and develop coaches Deliver winter training squads Coach overseas teams Part time role, frequent weekends, significant travel Support Sailing Officer in delivering the 5 national regattas Support the Teams Officer in delivering the overseas teams program Support the National Coach in delivering the National Squads Support the Regional Coaching Manager in delivering regional coaching and regattas Support the membership with communication and membership services Support the Committee in meetings and minutes 1 FTE, office based, normal office hours, plus occasional weekends with travel, weekdays in lieu Develop a syllabus and program for learner and start-to-race sailors in Optimist dinghies Communicate the Optimist program to parents of actual and potential Optimist sailors, across England Execute regional coaching across England for Optimist sailors Execute regional regatta program for Optimist sailors across England 1 FTE, frequent weekend work, significant UK travel, with weekdays in lieu 13

14 Financing approach Existing activities – key changes Class sponsorship to increase from £18k to £35k in 5 years Sailing events to make 4% profit within 5 years generating £8k Training & Teams to breakeven within 2 years saving £20k Membership to grow to 1000 and fee increase from £18 to £25 generating £12k Total annual £57k benefit from 2011 numbers New regional activities Spend £49k per annum on regional coaching resource and assets Generate £18k extra income from training and other activities Circa £30k expense per annum from 2011 numbers 2016 plan Net surplus £5k per annum RYA * Fund £20k per year (guaranteed for first two years at least) 14 2011 actual Net deficit £21k per annum * RYA have tentatively indicated that they would be willing to seed fund the regional coaching activity with £20k for 2 years

15 Financial plan – income & expenditure* 15 Income by category Expenditure by category Net income and reserves * Including RYA funding

16 Financial plan - detail 16 Source: Ian Jarman

17 Risks & mitigation Risks Roles – Inability to recruit roles at proposed salaries Cost management – Inability for Training and Teams to breakeven (£20k per annum) – Regional Coaching role does not deliver coaching and member revenues (£18k per annum) Revenue miss – Inability to find additional sponsorship (£18k per annum) – Inability to recruit more members (£12k per annum) Plan delivery – Inability for changing committee to deliver consistently to plan Total of all risks £68k per annum which is 19% of current income. RYA potentially sharing this risk Mitigation Roles – Increase salaries offered – Share with other classes Cost management – Regional coaching role on fixed 2 year contract to match RYA funding – Admin role reduced to part time again Revenue miss – Secure longer term RYA funding Plan delivery – Careful succession planning of committee and serious handovers 17

18 Next steps Decision – Option A: stay as we are – Option B: implement the strategy If Option B – Secure RYA funding (asap) – Develop implementation plan (by May meeting) 18

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