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4 Year Plan Growing Christian Leaders. What happened to Class of 2013? Grand Total of Money offered $2,331,670 for 1 year $1,098,146 accepted! Includes.

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1 4 Year Plan Growing Christian Leaders


3 What happened to Class of 2013? Grand Total of Money offered $2,331,670 for 1 year $1,098,146 accepted! Includes scholarships, grants, loans, etc.

4 Profile Class of 2013 96.66% going on to higher education 77% directly to four year college 7.5 % Community College & transfer to four year college 8.3% Community College 3.33% military/work

5 Summary 2013 36 to CA. Christian colleges 2 to CA. Private colleges 16 Cal State Univ 12 Univ of Calif 21 Out of state Christian colleges 6 Out of state public 3 International College 1 Out of state Private 9 Comm. College transfer 10 Community College only 4 Trade School 2 Military 2 Employment

6 2013 Colleges selected UC Irvine; UC Riverside; UC Santa Barbara; UC Berkley, UCLA; UC Santa Cruz CSUF; CSULA: CSUSB: CSUMB: CSULB: CSUP Arizona State Univ Portland State Boise State Claremont McKenna USC Univ of Redlands Fisk Univ Wheelock College Ferris State Univ So Univ New York Plattsburgh Azusa Pacific Univ Cal Baptist Univ Loyola Marymount Pepperdine Univ Vanguard Univ Biola Univ

7 Colleges 2013 Westmont College Holy Names, Oakland Univ of LaVerne Univ of Pacific Masters Univ Point Loma Grace College Calvin College Warner Pacific Grand Canyon Univ Seattle Pacific Univ Dordt College Pepperdine Concordia Portland LeTourneau Univ Baylor Univ Texas Christian Univ Pacific Lutheran West Point

8 3 Hungers 1.What is my purpose? 2.What is true? 3.What difference do I make? Only 1 in 5 people ages 12-22 have a clear vision of where they want to go in life and why.

9 Class of 2017 Where is God calling you? What excites you? What interests you? What experiences have you had that felt fulfilling? Does someone you know have a job or career that intrigues you? What do you like to do in your spare time? Can you envision a job related to your hobbies or interests? Do you prefer working with people, things, tools, or ideas best?

10 High School Counts!! Courses help you explore, identify and cultivate your interests and abilities. Courses can fulfill graduation requirements, elective credits and college entrance requirements. Each semester grade gives you units of credit toward graduation if you pass. D grades pass BUT should be repeated if you want to go to college

11 Does Every Year Count? YES!!!! ALL GRADES COUNT UC/CSU uses gpa from grades 10-12 when you apply BUT 9 th graders take courses in A- G pattern and must have C or better grades. AND Colleges ask for complete 4 year transcripts for final acceptance Other colleges look at the TOTAL gpa from grades 9-12 (most OC students go to private colleges) YES, IT ALL COUNTS!!

12 Graduation Units of Credit Required Social Studies: 40 English: 40 Math: 30 Science: 20 Fine Arts: 10 Computer App: 5 Voc Art: 5 PE/Health: 20 Religion: 20 Elective: 45 Total: 235 (taking 7 classes each semester = 280)

13 A-G Pattern – what is it? Calif. public universities have standardized their entrance requirements, and call them the A-G Pattern Entrance requirements are generally the same for ALL colleges but it is wise to check private and out-of-state colleges requirements as they may differ from UC/CSU OCHS follows the A-G because it is standardized, not because we are recommending UC/CSU

14 Grad.& A-G Pattern of College Req A: Social Studies OC Grad Req. World History- 1 yr Christ. Leadership – 1sem U.S. History – 1 yr Government- 1 sem Economics – 1 sem Psychology – 1 sem College Entrance World History – 1 yr U.S. History – 1 yr Government – 1 sem

15 Grad. & College Requirements OC Grad Req. English – 4 yrs. Math – 3 yrs. Science – Biology 1 yr 1 yr. Physical Sci or Chemistry College Req. B-D English 9, 10 or Hon 10, 11 or Hon 11, 12 or AP12 Math – Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2; (4 recommended) (Pre-Calc, Statistics, Calculus) Science -Biology 1 yr; and 1 yr. Chemistry or Physics

16 Grad. & College Req. cont. OC Grad Req. Foreign Lang. – none Fine Arts – 2 sem. Voc. Arts – 1 sem Computers – 1 sem PE/Health – 2 yrs Religion – 4 sem College Req. E-G Foreign Lang. – 2 yrs. (3 recommended) Fine Arts – 1 yr.: Band, or choir, or Art A&B, or Music Apprec. A&B or Art His. A&B or Photo A/B Academic elective – 1 year (Psych, Econ, more math, science, for. lang.)

17 NCAA (see notebook) DIV I Core Courses English 4 yrs Math 3 yrs Science 2 yrs 1 yr more Math, Sci. or English Social Science 2 yrs 4 yrs from above areas and/or for. language DIV II English 3 yrs Math 2 yrs Science 2 yrs 3 yrs more Math, Sci. or English Social Science 2 yrs 4yrs from above areas and/or for language

18 Suggestion: Foreign Language – 3 or 4 years of high school foreign language might exempt you from college foreign language. College or Community College foreign language : 1 semester = 1 year high school foreign language

19 Suggestion Science – many colleges want 3 years: Biology, Chemistry, AND: AP Biology, AP Chem, Physics, Anatomy,or Marine Biology (sem), Earth Science (sem), or Physical Science (1 or 2 sem)

20 9 th Grade 1. English: English 9; 2. Math: Algebra A; Algebra 1; Geometry; Algebra2 (T) 3. World History 4. PE/Health

21 9 th grade cont. Enter courses for sem 1 & 2 5. Old Testament/ (other semester) Earth Science 0r Biology for the year 6. (sem 1 and 2 ) (Spanish) 7. (sem 1 and 2) ( Fine Art)

22 Choices for 9 th grade Fine Arts: –Band –Mens Chorus –Una Voce ( Women) –Art Design A & B –Art History A & B –Music Apprec A & B Spanish 1,2,3* Biblical Languages * Meets NCAA elective requirement Earth Science 1 sem Biology (T approval, 1 yr Computer App 1 sem Social Studies: –Geography *– 1 sem –World Cultures *– 1 sem –Calif History – 1 sem Study Hall (no credit) Study Skills (T approval)

23 10 th Grade Enter the courses for next year 1.English 10 or Honors 10 2.Math: Algebra B; Geometry; Algebra 2; Pre- Calc (T) 3.Biology (Chemistry if Bio was taken in 9 th ) 4.Church History/ Christian Leadership 5. (Computer App ?)/ (Old Testament?) 6. (Spanish) 7. Elective (Spanish (1or2); Band, Music, Art, Science, Social Studies etc.) (NCAA requirements)

24 Electives for grades 10-12 Fine Art Band Mens Chorus Una Voce – women Chorale (audition) Music Appreciation A & B Art Design A & B Drawing & Painting (p) Ceramics A & B (p) Photography A & B (p) Vocational Art Foods 1- sem Child Development - sem Textiles - sem Woods 1; Adv Wood (p) - sem Const.Home Imp (p) - sem Graphic Design (p) - sem Media Literacy - sem Business Enterprise yr/sem Journalism * (T)(school newspaper) Yearbook (T)

25 Electives for grades 10-12 Social Studies electives - Geography * -World Cultures * -Visual Lit/History - Calif. History Foreign Language * Spanish 1,2,3, Honors 3, 4 Religion elective - Biblical Languages - Revelation Science electives* - AP Biology (11-12) * - AP Chemistry ( 11-12) * - Physics (11-12) - Anatomy (11-12) - Marine Biology – sem (10-12) - Earth Science – sem (9-12) - Physical Sci A & B (10-12) Math electives * - (12 th after 3 year requirement is met) - Algebra 2 - Statistics - Pre-Calculus - AP Calculus AB - AP Calculus BC - Financial Foundations Creative Writing * - 12th

26 Electives grades 10-12 PE electives - Weights for men -Weights for women - Advanced PE (cross training) - Advanced PE Team activities * Meets NCAA requirement T – Teacher approval needed P – pre-requisite Chapel Leadership (T) ASB Leadership (T) Study Hall (no credit) Study Skills (T) TA/Office Aid/Library Aid (T) Elem TA – 2 periods (12 th only)

27 11 th Grade Enter the courses for 11th 1.English 11 or Honors English 11(T) 2.U.S. History or AP U.S. History (T) 3.Math: Math 11; Geometry; Algebra 2; Pre- Calculus; Statistics; AP Calc AB; AP Calc BC 4.Science: Chemistry; Physical Science A/B; AP Chemistry; AP Biology; Anatomy & Physiology 5.PE/Health

28 11 th Grade cont. 6. Reformed Perspectives/ Elective 7. (Spanish 1,2,3, Hon 3, r; Music; science, etc) (Options: take Reformed Perspectives in 10 th grade, summer before 11 th grade, summer after 11 th or 12th; Chemistry in 10 th, in summer or move to 12 th grade)

29 12 th Grade - SENIOR!! Enter the courses for 12th 1.English 12 or AP English 2.Economics or Honors Econ/ Government or AP Government 3.Religions Today/Psychology 4.(Academic elective): Math: Science:; Spanish; Social Studies; Fine Art (check NCAA requirements)

30 12 th Grade cont. 5. (elective) 6. (elective) 7. (elective) Colleges dont want to see seniors slacking. Colleges ask if students cut back the schedule they reported on applications It is important to keep good study habits and self- discipline in the 12 th grade.

31 Options for Seniors- who have completed grad & college req. College course – concurrent enrollment at Community College – Chaffey, Mt. SAC; OR dual enrollment on OC campus with Christian Community College- check course list when you are a senior OC Elem/Middle School TA for 2 periods ROP class Work Release – no credit, must apply and maintain employment OC does not permit early or mid yr. graduation

32 Planning Your High School Years Notebook Who Goes to College & Why? Types of colleges: Private/Christian CSU UC Community Colleges How do I decide? 2.College major 3.College size 4.College location 5.College reps. on campus 6.College Fairs 7.VISIT colleges

33 Tests to help you Prepare as you go! EXPLORE – given at OC the end of 9 th PLAN – given at OC the end of 10 TH English; Math; Reading; Science; - composite average; also has career interest section Tests given on campus; Feedback on benchmarks of preparation for college; Results are mailed home. Curriculum based

34 PSAT Test PSAT – all 11 th graders (10 th if space available) –Given at OC on national date in October –Can be taken in 10 th but score wont be used for National Merit Scholarship screening –Critical Reasoning; Math; Writing (no written essay) –Feedback on benchmarks of preparation for college and areas to improve –Predictor of SAT score –Access to My College Quickstart

35 College Entrance Test: ACT ACT – recommend taking it the end of 11 th ; can repeat it Sections: English; Math; Reading; Science Composite Score: average of the above Optional writing section with an essay – required by UC and some private colleges (always check with the colleges of your choice) OCHS is a test site for the ACT

36 College Entrance Test - SAT SAT Reasoning – recommend taking it the end of 11 th ; can repeat in 12 th Sections: Critical Reading; Math; Writing (includes a written essay) Reasoning based, (how you think or reason out the answer) SAT Subject tests req. for some majors or to validate competency in areas such as foreign language, math, science, etc. OC is a test site for SAT

37 Preparation for ACT/SAT Take Challenging Courses Get good grades!! Online prep programs:;;;;;; OC has prep classes each Fall & Spring after school & Saturdays before major test dates

38 Register for Tests ACT: SAT: Be sure to put the OC CEEB code 052278 so OC will receive your scores (Taking a test prep class at OC does not register you for the test)

39 Colleges & employers are looking for well- rounded students who look beyond themselves and their own world. Colleges take a holistic view when evaluating applications – YOU ARE MORE THAN TEST SCORES AND GPA Explore, develop, and experience interests & opportunities to help you develop your God given talents & abilities. The Total Picture

40 BRAIN PREP: 1.College prep courses 2.Summer enrichment activities 3.Work on writing skills 4.READ 5.SAT question of day. 6.Watch educational TV – expand your mind!

41 Be Active! On or Off Campus School clubs or activities Sports – on or off campus Drama and music programs Church Youth Group Volunteer! Get a JOB!

42 Sample of OC Activities Student Leadership Chapel Leadership Yearbook Journalism Athletics; Cheer Athletic manager; stat recorder; game film Drama productions Music productions Dance Committee Renaissance Team LOFT for men & women Mock Trial Team Clubs for bowling, hiking; surfing; chess; fishing, golf; etc. Mississippi Trip Tutoring Team Elementary school tutoring Math Club Peer Counselor Multi-cultural Club Foreign travel: Europe, China; College Visit Trips

43 Clubs for the Grades You Earn CSF – Calif. Scholarship Federation State organization based on points earned for As and Bs. (See your notebook) Apply EVERY semester NHS – National Honor Society Based on B average, character, community service Apply once, maintain B average, 25 hrs yearly service hours Renaissance – program promoting academics, attendance, improvement. Can earn your academic letter Apply EVERY semester Academic letter awarded

44 Summer Possibilities Summer School: OC, Public school; Comm. College; Options for Youth; ROP; Online –Make-up grades –Lighten the load –Take course of interest – Art, Graphics, Computer READ – AR books, BOOKS magazines, Visit Colleges – local and distant Visit places to inspire your career interest – National parks; athletic facilities medical facilities; career fairs; museums; galleries; newspaper offices; courts; county offices; political offices; agriculture industry; food industry; Jet Propulsion Laboratory; observatories;

45 Summer Possibilities cont. Attend Leadership opportunities: Medical, Legal, National Security, Business, Youth Internships; Political; Military; Upward Bound; People to People Participate in College seminars for high school students: CSU Fresno; Cal Poly; UCR; UCLA; Cornell, etc.

46 Community Service Suggestions 25 hrs req for grad; 25 per yr for NHS Hospital volunteer VBS helper/church projects/nursery help Public Library helper Mission trip OC opportunities Animal Rescue/Humane Society Pre-School helper Special Olympics Scouts/ YMCA Youth Group projects 3-Way Thrift Store Retirement/Nursing Home Homeless outreach

47 Keep a Record of What You Do Activity log at the back of the notebook Keep marked calendar pages Scrapbook Keep a journal or diary of the activities or events most important to you; note the impact they had on you. Essays, school projects, art projects, music/drama programs, award certificates

48 Eligibility to Play College Sports NCAA or NAIA

49 Be eligible! Basic requirements for NCAA & NAIA – graduate from high school Take college entrance / NCAA approved courses with grade of C or better Acceptable SAT or ACT score (sliding scale with gpa) Scores sent directly to NCAA or NAIA REGISTER with NCAA and/or NAIA

50 Division1& 2- 16 Core-Course Rule English (Eng 9,10,11,12) Regular, Honors, or AP Math (Algebra 1 and higher) Natural/physical science More English, math, or natural/physical science Social science Additional courses from any area above, foreign language or non-doctrinal religion or philosophy

51 OCHS Courses to fulfill NCAA 4 years English: 9,10 or Hon 10,11 or 11 Hon, 12 or AP Eng 3 years math: Alg 1, Geom.; Alg 2; Statistics; Pre-Calculus; AP Calculus 2 years science: Year long courses: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, AP Chem, AP Biology Semester courses: Marine Bio, Earth Science, Physical Science A/B

52 OC Courses continued Additional English, math, or science: choose from math, science, or Creative Writing Social science: Year courses: World History, US History, AP US History, –Semester courses: World Geography, World Cultures, Government, AP Govt, Hon. Economics, Economics, Psychology

53 3-4 yrs additional courses Spanish 1-4 Math Science Social Science Creative Writing OC Courses cont.

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