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Town of Sutton Fiscal Year 2009 Transfer Station Operations.

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1 Town of Sutton Fiscal Year 2009 Transfer Station Operations

2 How it Works Purchase sticker at Town Hall $30 Buy bags at Town Hall, Center Store, Nicks Variety, & Heritage supply $1.25 small $2.50 large

3 Cost to Avg. Family $290 Annual cost of 2 Large bags per week plus annual sticker and recycling Allied $456/yr- 95 gallon barrel Berkowitz $420/yr no recycling pick up in Sutton. Can drop off.

4 How it Works

5 Recycling Area

6 Plastics

7 Metals recycling

8 Trash Compactors

9 Trash Compactor

10 Compliance

11 Enterprise Funds MGL Ch 44 section 53F ½ sets up Enterprise Funds in the Town of Sutton Revenues must equal Expenses

12 FY 2007 vs FY 2008 20072008 YTD Stickers$34,656$28,621 Bags$100,285$84,165 Special Per $80$3,579 Recycling$750$8,000 Total Rev$135,691$124,365 Expenses$171,238$136,000

13 Trash Transfer Station Has been operating at a deficit Recent Changes Hauling contract competitively bid out Increase in recycling revenue Wheelabrator Reductions in staffing

14 Transfer Station cont. FY2008 budget = $205,752 FY2009 budget = $144,300 With new hire budget = $138,000 30% reduction Anticipated revenues $35,000 Stickers $90,000 Bags $8,000 Recycling $3,500 Permits $136,500

15 Actions Maintain fees at current levels Increase enforcement of Bag usage Increase enforcement of special permits Reduce staffing on Saturdays Market the benefits of the Transfer Station

16 FutureActions if necessary Reduce the number of days of operation Increase fees Close the transfer station Privatize

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