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James Lambert Year 3 MBBS Student Feedback: Year 3 GP.

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1 James Lambert Year 3 MBBS Student Feedback: Year 3 GP

2 What makes students unhappy? What makes students happy? Summary Quotes from Year 3 GP Autumn 2013 Whats coming up?

3 Most issues are logistics-related Overcrowding (>2:1) Patient fatigue/rehearsal On the whole, students are happy – brilliant! What makes students unhappy?

4 … What makes students happy?

5 We were met and introduced to the practice well … we felt at home and comfortable Access to staff facilities Aims for the placement … Introduction

6 We had teaching sessions … about a certain condition and the doctors had organised patients to come and see us with the condition so that we could take a history, formulate management plans and practice presenting … this placement has been my best GP placement to date … Histories

7 The chance to clerk patients every week significantly enabled me to improve my history taking and examination skills GP was very good at teaching both with clinical knowledge, but also with communication skills … Skills

8 Each doctor gave feedback after each history and examination, and at the end of the week individual feedback was given Doctor was able to … give more comprehensive feedback which otherwise we wouldn't normally get in an acute hospital setting … Feedback

9 Focused teaching on topics relevant to met3a Clinical teaching was useful for consolidating knowledge … however the insight into the ethical, legal, clinical and interdisciplinary dilemmas which face GPs was extremely useful … Relevance

10 Was difficult filling out the 4 histories in the GP section of the logbook The tutor was aware of our student needs including signing off in our log books … Logbook

11 He also provided us with extra homework … which has been extremely useful It was good that we were always asked to go away and do set work before the next session … Extra work

12 Morning with the district nurses was really good Able to see how different GPs work differently … Different staff

13 Flu jabs Longer consultations with students present Emergency list Use of Haikus for reflection Summary sessions … Other bits

14 A good introduction Chance to practice history-taking and examinations Relevant and refreshing topics Regular feedback Variation Summary

15 Thank you Any questions?

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