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My Newbery Year: The Burden and the Boon Jean Hatfield Wichita Public Library.

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1 My Newbery Year: The Burden and the Boon Jean Hatfield Wichita Public Library

2 What to expect from this presentation Many questions answered and possibly some secrets revealed Why is it a burden? Why is it a boon?

3 What is the Newbery Medal? ALA/ALSC Award Since 1922 Named after John Newbery Most distinguished book for children ages 0 - 14 Criteria

4 Who is on the committee? 14 members and a chair 7 members and chair elected by ALSC membership 7 members appointed by president-elect of ALSC 2007 committee: 2 retirees, 3 professors, 2 school librarians, 3 heads of youth services, 3 youth services librarians, 1 branch manager, 1 reviewer

5 2007 Newbery Committee

6 How Do You Get on the Committee?

7 How do you get on the committee? Be a member of ALSC –Must join ALA first ($110 per year after 3 years) –Join ALSC ($45 per year) Volunteer to be on ALSC committees Say yes when asked to run Be willing to lose Know lots of people, publish, contribute to discussion lists, go to conferences, be on committees

8 What do you do when you find out you are on the committee? tell your boss, co-workers, family and friends clear off your bookshelves clear your calendar for the coming year take vacation early in the year and plan on taking off time in December or early January for reading plan on attending 2 Midwinter and 2 Annual conferences

9 make sure you can receive boxes at your mailing address do some research put away your hobbies lose 10 pounds get organized

10 What I did Told my boss, co-workers, family and friends Arranged to have boxes sent to my mothers house Planned my vacation for early March Developed spread sheet for tracking books

11 Changed jobs (made sure I could attend conferences) Moved (decided NOT to unpack my books so the bookshelves were cleaned off) Talked to friends who had been on the committee before and asked their advice Stopped reading adult books, going to movies, doing crossword puzzles Gained 10 pounds

12 Learn the Rules! Newbery manual Confidentiality Committee eligibility Soliciting books

13 F.A.Q (You arent the only one to wonder…)

14 What most people ask me How many books did you get and how many did you read? How did you keep track of them? How many times did you meet? What was it like to call the winner?

15 How many? Books received – over 600 –Like Christmas! –Duplicate copies –Self-published Books read, reviewed, looked at once – about 500 Books read, reviewed, looked at twice (or more) – about 100


17 Keeping Track AuthorTitlePubRecListRateNotes Holm, Jennifer Penny from Heaven RandomMar.

18 For instance AuthorTitlePub.Rcd.RedListRatNotes Redford, Robt The StingRando m Mar.XJun e 4Liked the mystery – two con men Karloff, Boris Frankenste in FSGSept.X3Old-fashioned feel, no color, story plodding Wahlberg, Donnie Saw IIScholas. AugMa y Sequel – icky cover Smith, Suzy My Summer Vacation Suzys House Nov.X1Who is she kidding? Not worth the time.

19 Other ways to keep track Notebook Computer files Note cards Post-its in books Stacks and piles

20 Other peoples opinions Reviews Discussion Lists Blogs Mock Newberys

21 The Meetings

22 How many times did you meet? Met once at 2006 Midwinter in San Antonio Met three times at 2006 Annual in New Orleans Met 3 days at 2007 Midwinter in Seattle (new member) Will meet again at Annual conference in Washington DC





27 The Voting

28 Voting procedures Proscribed by Newbery manual Each suggested book is voted on at least once Initial votes (by show of hands) are taken to reduce the number of books discussed – once taken off the table can no longer be discussed Nominated books are discussed carefully - everyone has a say When list is narrowed and members are comfortable a ballot vote is taken

29 Ballots Each member selects 3 choices listed by preference 1 st place = 3 pts, 2 nd place = 2 pts, 3 rd place = 1 pt Votes tallied and committee looks at totals and number of 1 st place votes Voting continues until one book gets 8 1 st place votes Honor books are those that received the next highest numbers (can be more than one – natural break)

30 Its Over - Almost


32 The Call VERY EARLY in the morning Committee goes as a group into a small room to make the conference call and committee chair knows what to say

33 Are the authors waiting? Everyone cries and cheers


35 Committee gets reserved seats at the front of the room for announcement program Cheers vs. silence

36 Personal effects

37 Learned some stuff Read books and authors I would not normally read Saw trends in publishing for kids Able to compare genres and styles Saw how desperate self-published authors can be

38 New Rules (as developed by the 2007 Newbery Committee) RULE # 1 Keep new friends from the 2007 Newbery Committee. RULE# 2 Revel in what we have accomplished together. RULE # 3 Savor the thoughtful contributions of each committee member. RULE #4 Chocolate makes most decisions easier. RULE #5 Treasure the books always. RULE #6 There are no accidents in the universe. RULE #7 Laughter is very important. RULE #8 Take a nap! RULE #9 Enjoy becoming friends! RULE #10 Feel free to break the rules.

39 Some secrets It takes a lot of snacks to get through the meetings Choose your room mates carefully Dont spill the beans at parties My secret top ten – kept changing A sense of humor helps, but staying centered helps even more Remember why you are there


41 The Burden BIG responsibility – the whole world is watching and waiting The medal winner will stay in print for a very long time – means $$$ for author and publisher Takes a huge chunk of time from your life – have to give up a lot, especially the last two or three months Cant reveal what goes on in committee – hard to keep secrets Sometimes have to compromise Gained another 10 pounds

42 What I gave up Doing crossword puzzles Doing the crypto-quip Reading the newspaper Reading e-mail Going to movies, plays, concerts, etc Watching TV (especially basketball) Christmas shopping A clean living room Sleep

43 The Boon Part of the history of childrens literature Get to experience the excitement of letting the winners know Make new friends Get LOTS of new books Get lots of invitations to lunch and dinner at ALA conferences Learn about childrens literature and discuss it with people who also love it

44 The 2007 Newbery Medal Winner

45 2007 Honor Books

46 Miscellany ALSC decisions My favorites (other than the winners) School presentations What happens to all those books? Scrotum-gate

47 NY Times article – Feb. 18, 2007 LM-Net Blogs and discussion lists Editorials News articles Interviews Miscellany

48 Any Questions? Thank you for coming and stick around for the door prize

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