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OUR YEAR, OUR VOICE 12 August 2010 to 11 August 2011.

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1 OUR YEAR, OUR VOICE 12 August 2010 to 11 August 2011

2 International Year of Youth: Dialogue and Mutual Understanding

3 International Year of Youth official webpage:

4 UNs Framework Approach Commitment and investment Participation and partnerships Greater involvement in MDGs Inter-cultural understanding

5 UNs Framework Approach - institutionalize youth participation in decision- making processes - support youth-led organizations and initiatives - strengthen networks - Promote youth interactions, networks and partnerships across cultures - Empower and support youth as agents of social inclusion and peace Commitment and Investment - youth development as a smart investment - inequalities amongst youth - foster research and knowledge - recognition of young peoples contributions to national and community development and to achieving the Millennium Development Goals Participation and partnerships InInter-cultural understanding Greater involvement in MDGs

6 Approach to Advocacy Framing issues negatively: – Discrimination – Exclusion – Misunderstood – Problem-focused, e.g. HIV/AIDS, violence, etc Framing issues positively: – Diversity – Inclusion or citizenship – Dialogue or connection – Developmental focus – building skills, assets, voice

7 World Youth Conference Fifth World Youth Congress - 31 July - 13 August: Istanbul *World Conference for Youth 24 -27 August: Mexico City –

8 Calendar of Events

9 Participate! Form or Join a National Committees Plan an event Suggest low cost activities for the International Year of Youth Join the Facebook page

10 Join our Facebook page and post your ideas

11 Put Rural Youth Issues on the Agenda Putting issues into World Conference Declaration Drawing links to MDG Agenda & post-MDG agenda Highlight in National Preparations Raise in Youth Discussions

12 Resources For Youth – Making Your Voice Heard

13 Voices of Youth: Rural Voices

14 Speak Africa brings together youth activists to fight for the rights of African youth

15 Food & Agriculture Organisation – Rural Youth

16 ILO Youth Employment Network

17 Current Youth Products Youth Campaign Kit 5,000 En, Fr, Sp, global distribution – Action Guide Posters Stickers Brochure – Creates community of young activists MDG Campaign – For Youth


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