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Year III Clinical Curriculum …and other essential information The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

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1 Year III Clinical Curriculum …and other essential information The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences

2 Special Issues Hepatitis B immunization status 7/1/07 – must complete series by 7/1/07 – provide documentation to student health – if you fail to do so, must sign a waiver OSHA Recertification- Mandatory April 15 – Must be completed on Blackboard by April 15 HIPAA Certification-done in Year I

3 Special Issues IV-Phlebotomy training sessions – Dates to be announced

4 Third Year Curriculum and Scheduling SEVENSIX SEVEN Core Clerkships, SIX completed during the third year Medicine(8wks) Surgery: (8wks) Pediatrics(8wks) Primary Care (8wks) Psychiatry(8wks) Obstetrics and Gynecology(8wks) Neuroscience(4wks)/Elective-Vacation(4wks) Must be completed YIII

5 Internal Medicine Must Be Completed in the Third Year All 8 weeks are done on the inpatient services 2 one month rotations – one month at GWUH – one month at Fairfax, or the VA

6 Primary Care 8 week clerkship 2 clinical sites, 2 days per week for 8 weeks – Internal medicine faculty practice in ACC – Community practices in IM/Peds/FP – Community clinic practices- various sites – Primary care apprenticeship revisit if desired/feasible

7 Psychiatry 2 one month rotations Mostly inpatient sites – CNMC- child/adolescent units – 6-South GWUH – St. Elizabeths Hospital – Northern Virginia Mental Health Institute – Psychiatric Institute of Washington – Arlington Hospital

8 OB/GYN 2 One month rotations Sites – GWUH – Fairfax Hospital – Holy Cross Hospital

9 Surgery Must Be Completed in the Third Year One month of General Surgery – GWUH – Holy Cross Hospital 2 Two week surgical subspecialties – Orthopedics, ENT, CT, Peds Surg, Urology, – Anesthesiology (space available basis)

10 Pediatrics One month of inpatient service – Childrens National Medical Center – Anne Arundel Hospital – Holy Cross Hospital One month of outpatient – various CNMC clinics – various community/private practice offices

11 Neuroscience Elective/vacation Neuroscience (4 wks with Multiple options) – Adult or pediatric neurology – Adult or pediatric neurosurgery – A mixture of two of the above

12 Vacation/Elective 4 weeks 2-4 weeks of an approved elective (most) – (Not EMED) or 2-4 weeks of vacation 13 – If you take all as elective, you have 13 weeks of vacation in year 4. 11 – If you take 2 weeks as elective, you have 11 weeks vacation in year 4. 9 – If you take no elective, you have 9 weeks of vacation in year 4.

13 Important Dates/Issues Mandatory Orientation – July 2 nd ALL DAY – July 3 rd ALL DAY Vacation – two week winter break 12/14/07 through 1/1/08 – one week spring break 4/18/08 through 4/27/08 – Up to four additional weeks if you select neuroscience/elective/vacation block

14 Guaranteed Holidays Labor Day Thanksgiving – Thursday and Friday – NOT – NOT Saturday and Sunday MLK Day Presidents Day Memorial Day

15 Scheduling Clerkships Step 1: Clerkship Order Lottery March 19 th - March 29 th Enter preferences for ORDER of 6 clerkships Step 2: Site Match Lottery April 9 th -April 19th Enter preferences for SITES within clerkships (not Primary Care or Neuroscience)

16 Special Strategies (it really doesnt matter!) However, if you want……… Dont schedule hard rotations back to back (eg. surgery, internal medicine, OB) Dont schedule things you think you are interested in first or last

17 Why do Neuroscience Clerkship in Year 3 instead of Year 4? If you think you might be interested in neurology or neurosurgery as a career choice If you want elective time to try out other specialties that you dont see in Year 3 (eg. Radiology, Surgical specialties, Pathology, etc. but NOT emed) If you need more vacation time in year 3 for something (eg. Weddings, babies, etc.)

18 Disadvantages of Doing Neuroscience in Year 3 You commit yourself to an 8wk clerkship during the 4 th year that must be completed by Jan/Feb of your senior year It could clutter up important parts of Year 4 (eg. Specialty surveying, application period, extramural electives, interviewing, board study, etc.)

19 POM III/IV POM III is composed of 6 full day sessions during the year, one during each clerkship block. POM III/IV requires a research project – start in Year III – finish at time of POM IV in Year IV (March)

20 The EEEEEs E-value – An electronic program designed for multiple purposes including tracking the diagnosis of patients you are seeing and procedures you are performing – An LCME requirement! Evaluations of Clerkships – Provides invaluable information – Has resulted in many curricular changes over the years Evaluations of Students – Shelf exams/Practical exams/quizzes – Faculty evaluations

21 Clerkship Evaluation Form Cognitive Skills Clinical Skills Information Presentation Professionalism – Honesty/Integrity – Responsibility/Reliability/Dependability – Teamwork – Empathy – Commitment to Competence and Excellence – Respect for Patients Global Rating

22 What else do you want to know?

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