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Ulidia Integrated College an introduction to the Transition Year.

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1 Ulidia Integrated College an introduction to the Transition Year

2 The Transition Year Purpose Improve student choice/pathway Cater for SEN students Increase pupil numbers at sixth form Utilise available resources more efficiently

3 The Transition Year Aims Caters for those students who are not quite ready for normal sixth form study Allows students the opportunity to increase their GCSE/level 2 profile and start taster courses at AS/level 3 Ensures optimum use of staff and classroom resources Provides for a more inclusive and accessible sixth form

4 The Transition Year Logistics Students are integrated into existing level 3 courses/classes Students choose 2 subjects from a selection of 5 AS/level 3 courses Students resit English and Mathematics and get the opportunity to enhance their existing ICT skills through a BTEC level 2 diploma. Is a one year transition

5 The Transition Year Courses currently offered in Transition Year GCSE/Level 2-Resit English & Mathematics BTEC Diploma in ICT AS/Level 3-Art & Design BTEC Certificates in Health & Social Care Travel & Tourism Sport Studies Performing Art

6 The Transition Year The selection process for all students Interview by a senior member of staff Meet the published criteria Pass Maths and English – normal sixth form studies Grade D (high E) in Maths and English - Transition Year – with references from other teachers

7 The Transition Year Current situation 13 students started September 2012 Currently 12 students completing Collating of predicted grades Conducting interviews to find progression plans

8 The Transition Year Drawbacks Mixed ability classes at sixth form Immaturity of some students Finding suitable enrichment courses after transition Have to wait until August before you know if the student can proceed

9 The Transition Year The Future? Will we continue with Transition Year? Has it been productive? (for school & pupils) Have we learned lessons? Did it fulfil objectives? Modifications for 2013/2014? Progression path?

10 The Transition Year Conclusion: These men ask for just the same thing, fairness, and fairness only. This, so far as in my power, they, and all others, shall have. Abraham Lincoln

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