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Scholarship Programs New Jersey Advocates for Education.

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1 Scholarship Programs New Jersey Advocates for Education

2 NJAE was founded in 2004 to assist high school graduates from Newark, East Orange, Irvington, and Orange in achieving the goal of a college degree. History NJAE offers academic and monetary support to high school graduates entering a four year NJ college or university or a four year historically black college or university. What We Do To date, NJAE has awarded over $1.7 million in scholarships to over 200 students. Awards We are located at: 71 Valley Street, Ste. 303 South Orange, NJ 07079 Our Office ABOUT US

3 The Greater Newark Scholarship is designed for students who have been accepted to either a four-year Private College or a four-year Public College (as defined by the State of New Jersey) located in the state of New Jersey. NJAE Scholarships NJAE offers two scholarships: The Sybil Mobley Scholarship is designed for students who have been accepted to a four-year undergraduate program at one of the colleges and universities included on the U.S. Department of Educations list of Historically Black Colleges and Universities and who meet certain eligibility criteria.

4 Have a minimum 3.0 GPA in their core curriculum. Core curriculum includes: Math, Science, English, History, and Foreign Language Be attending either a four year college/university in the state of New Jersey or a four year historically black college/university. Be a resident of Newark, East Orange, Irvington, or Orange. Eligibility Requirements for Prospective Students Applicants must: Be a recipient of a Pell Grant.

5 All scholarship awards are based on financial need. All scholarship recipients must have an unmet need of at least $1,500 per semester. Note: Scholarship Awards Greater Newark Freshman - up to $5,500 per year Sophomore – up to $5,000 per year Junior – up to $4,000 per year Senior – up to $3,500 per year Sybil Mobley Freshman - up to $7,000 per year Sophomore – up to $6,500 per year Junior – up to $5,500 per year Senior – up to $5,000 per year

6 All items must be received by the NJAE office by May 14. 1.Completed application filled out by you and your guidance counselor where applicable. Applications can be downloaded from our website. 2.A copy of your high school transcript including senior year third quarter grades. Must contain raised seal from your guidance counselor. 3.A 850 word essay that answers the question: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? How do I apply for an NJAE Scholarship? There are three main components to your application:

7 May 14 – Application due at NJAE Office. Scholarship applications must be postmarked by this date. August – Freshman Orientation held. June – Interviews are typically held within first two weeks of the month. If your phone number or email changes, please notify the NJAE office so you dont miss any important messages. Application Process Timeline Keep this timeline in mind when applying. September – Scholarship Awardees Announced.

8 Unlike most scholarship programs, NJAEs goal is not to just finance your education but to assist you in meeting the ultimate goal of completing a college education. Each student who enters the NJAE program is paired with a advisor for the duration of their collegiate experience. Students have found this academic advisement to be a key to their success in college. of students who have participated in one of NJAEs scholarship programs have graduated from a four year college/university. Since 2004 87 % The NJAE Difference

9 Students will meet with their advisor on campus on a regular basis. For freshmen, meetings are weekly; sophomores are bi-weekly, juniors are monthly, and seniors are on an as needed basis. NJAEs advisement program is tailored to meet each students specific needs. By building a relationship built on trust and honest communication, students discover tools to help them succeed. Advisement with NJAE

10 Meet minimum GPA requirements for class year. Freshman – 2.75; Sophomores - 2.85; Juniors and Seniors - 3.0 Be a recipient of a Pell Grant Renewal Requirements for Current Students Scholarships are renewable each semester. Students must: Must demonstrate a financial need of more than $1,500 per semester. Be attending either a four year college/university in the state of New Jersey or a four year historically black college/university.

11 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) How many students are accepted into the program? We accept approximately twenty-five (25) freshmen into the program each year. If accepted, will I have the chance to meet other students in the program? You will meet other NJAE scholars during our Freshman Orientation program and also during our Annual Winter Reception. What if Im not going to a NJ school or an HBCU? At this time, scholarships are only available to students attending a NJ four year college or a four year HBCU. We urge you to apply if you are considering either. Am I required to have a certain major? No. NJAE students have a variety of majors.

12 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Are NJAE scholarships renewable? NJAE scholarships are renewable on a semester (fall/spring) basis for four years. What if it takes me more than four years to complete my degree? At this time, NJAE scholarships only cover four years of your college education. Do I have to submit an application every time I renew my scholarship? No. You will only submit required financial and academic documents. What if I dont make the requirements for renewal? If you do not make the standards for renewal (ex. low GPA, lack of financial need), you will remain a part of the program but will not receive financial assistance. You will still receive academic advisement services. If you become eligible for an award at a later date, you will be considered for reinstatement.

13 I plan on attending a NJ school for two years then transfer out of state. Can I take my scholarship with me? NJAE Scholarships are portable if your new school is either a four year college/university in the state of NJ or a four year HBCU. I plan on taking a year off before starting college. Can I still be considered for a scholarship? NJAE students must begin college the fall semester after their senior year of high school. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

14 Facebook - Twitter - For up to the minute information, you can also visit us on Facebook or Twitter. Visit us on the web!

15 Phone : 973-313-3101 THANK YOU! FOR YOUR ATTENTION For more information contact Danielle L. Green NJAE Program Director Email :

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