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Constructing Home Network System and Integrated Services Using Legacy Home Appliances and Web Services International Journal of Web Service Research, January-March.

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1 Constructing Home Network System and Integrated Services Using Legacy Home Appliances and Web Services International Journal of Web Service Research, January-March 2008


3 Introduction Home Network System(HNS) HNS Integrated Services Networked Appliance Networked Appliance Not Spread Adapts Legacy Appliances to HNS Smart Adaptor

4 Home Network System (HNS) TVs, DVD players, lights, ventilators, refrigerators, air conditioners, blinds and curtains, to be connected with a local area network at home A system consisting of such networked appliances

5 HNS Integrated Services DVD theater service lights become dark curtain is closed 5.1ch speakers are selected sound volume is adjusted contents are played with the DVD player

6 Networked Appliance Equipped with smart embedded devices A processor and storage A network interface In order to provide and execute the appliance features required for various HNS application and services

7 Networked Appliances Not Spread The network appliance are still quite expensive Types of available appliance are limited Lack of programmatic interoperability Users want to keep using the legacy appliances

8 Adapts Legacy Appliances to HNS Legacy appliances with the conventional infrared remote controllers (IrRC) Smart adapter on a PC Web service layer Service layer IR device layer Service-oriented architecture(SOA)

9 Smart Adaptor Web service layer Services are deployed in the HNS as Web services Service layer Aggregates multiple Ir-API call within self- contained services IR device layer Ir-APIs : PC can send any infrared signals to appliances

10 PRELIMINARIES Home Network System(HNS) Home Server Service-Oriented Framework for HNS Software Controller for Legacy Appliances

11 Home Network System(HNS) One or more networked appliances connected to LAN at home Each network appliances has a set of control APIs The user or software agents can control the appliance via the network

12 Home Network System

13 Home Server An application server which manages various value-added services Plays a role of the gateway to the external network

14 SOA for HNS Service layer Export the features to the network as the self-contained services with open interface Aggregates the control APIs according to the logical features of the device Device layer Hardware control APIs

15 Architecture of Networked Appliance Based on SOA Service with open interface Logic feature

16 Software Controller user can control legacy appliances from a PC or a handheld device

17 Soft-controller for a legacy TV UI : user interface IrRC : Infrared Remote Controller for home appliances IrRC I/F : IrRC interface

18 Software Controller Use Case user controls a single appliance at a time Not supposed to be invoked by other applications To be orchestrated by other appliances via the network The same controller cannot be used directly for other appliances

19 ADAPTING LEGACY HOME APPLIANCES TO HNS Requirements Proposed Architecture IR Device Layer Service layer Supplementary Service Web Service Layer HNS Integrated Services

20 Requirements Achieve easy creation of HNS integrated service Using generic PCs and IrRC devices Applicable to a wide range of types and vendors of the appliances

21 Proposed Architecture for Adapting Legacy Appliances

22 IR Device Layer Ir-APIs on the top of the IrRC driver A set of generic interfaces Relatively low-level but generic APIs Typical Ir-APIs must include Initialize IrRC Set signal type Send signal Start sending burst signal Stop sending burst signal

23 Conventional HNS Architecture

24 Proposed HNS Architecture

25 Service Layer The service layer aggregates several Ir- API calls within a service method Every service method must be self- contained

26 Service Method Condition Method is executable by itself, independent of the context of other services or appliances Method achieves by itself a consistent logical feature of the appliance

27 Service Method ON() for TV A

28 Service Method setVolume() for TV A

29 Supplementary Service Stores the current state of the appliance according to the history of service execution Every appliance have a database(state DB) When a service method is executed updated in the state DB Return the current state upon the request from the external applications

30 Web Service Layer Standard SOA framework The interface definition by WSDL An external application first interprets the interface definition and invokes a Web-API via network

31 HNS Integrated Services The legacy appliances is Distributed components A client application consisting of invocations of the Web-APIs and a control flow among the APIs

32 Integrated Service (DVD theater)

33 IMPLEMENTATION: NAIST-HNS Legacy Appliances Used Implementation of Legacy Adapter NAIST-HNS Integrated Services User Interfaces

34 Legacy Appliances Used Plasma display: NEC PX-50XM2 DVD/HDD recorder: Toshiba RF-XS46 Wireless LCD TV: Sony KLV-17WS1 Ceiling light: Panasonic HHFZ5310 Curtains with actuator: NAVIO Powertrack Air cleaner: Hitachi EP-V12 Air circulator: MORITA MCF-257NR Power plug with IrRC: HORIBA IS-100 Climate monitor (sensor): IT Watchdogs WxGoods-1

35 Implementation of Legacy Adapter PC: Celeron, 512MB, 80GB, WinXP Pro IrRC I/F: Sugiyama Electron – Crossam2+USB IrRC Driver: Serial COM library for Crossam2+USB Ir-API: Java Native Interface(JNI)Wrapper Service Layer: J2SE 5.0 Web Service Layer: Apache AXIS 1.3

36 NAIST-HNS Implementation Ir-APIs Crossam Serial COM Library States Log Crossam Programmable Remote Controllers

37 NAIST-HNS Integrated Services DVD Theater Air Cleaning Wakeup Support Auto illumination

38 HNS Experimental Room

39 User Interfaces for NAIST HNS

40 Response Time of Integrated Services STR: service response time DRT: device response time

41 CONCLUSION A framework that adapts the legacy home appliances to the emerging home network system Features of the legacy appliances are exposed as self-contained Web-APIs with Web service Future work includes the security issues and the feature interaction management

42 END !!

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