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Georgia Perimeter College Enrollment Management Team Three-year Strategic Enrollment Management Plan 2011-2014.

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1 Georgia Perimeter College Enrollment Management Team Three-year Strategic Enrollment Management Plan 2011-2014

2 Welcome Dr. Vincent June VP of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services Lisa Fowler Assistant VP of Enrollment Management and Student Success


4 Introduction

5 Enrollment Management at GPC is an integrated, holistic, and collaborative approach that supports our commitment to continuous improvement in serving students We believe that the ultimate success of our enrollment effort rests with every member of the GPC community Introduction

6 Provides proactive vision, leadership and strategic direction to enrollment efforts Moves GPC from simply counting numbers of students and credit hours to an intrinsic process revolving around those we serve, our students Strives to create and exceed benchmarks of excellence and quality SEM Plan 2011-2014

7 Supports the vision, mission, goals and core values of the GPC Strategic Plan 2008-2012 Supports the strategic plan of the Board of Regents Requires the talents and energy of all to take on enrollment challenges in a time of limited budget dollars Mission and Goals

8 Enrollment Management at GPC Historical Perspective Enrollment Management Team Organizational Chart Enrollment Management Suite Business Intelligence (BI Tools)

9 GPC has transformed into a premiere first choice two- year institution through significant work over the past four years Fast acting task teams examined, made recommendations and implemented positive change in the following areas: Admissions Recruitment Financial Aid Enrollment and Registration Online Data Driven Decisions Planning and Governance Communication Historical Perspective

10 Rapid enrollment growth followed the many improvements in business processes GPC experienced historic high enrollments each year since 2007 It became clear that managing the rapid enrollment growth was a top priority Historical Perspective

11 EMT formed to proactively project, plan for and manage enrollment EMT is a standing, ongoing committee with representation from key areas of the college involved in enrollment activities

12 22K 20K 18K 16K 14K 12K 10K 17,573 18,986 20,316 20,461 19,995 21,473 24K 22,808 24,549 13,400 25K 25,275

13 Chair – Asst. V.P. Enrollment Management V.P. Student AffairsV.P. Academic Affairs Asst. V.P. Financial Affairs Executive Director GPC Online Director of Records/College Registrar Director of Recruitment and Admissions Director of Student Financial Services Director of Marketing & Public Relations Director of Institutional Research & Planning Director of Enterprise Information Services Enrollment Management Team

14 Enrollment Management at GPC EMT developed the 2011-2014 Strategic Enrollment Management Plan (SEM) to guide enrollment activities over the next three years SEM has goals and objectives that reflect and complement our focus on student success

15 SEM uses many sources and methods to achieve enrollment goals: Data collection and analysis Best practices from colleges throughout the country Feedback from our students about their experiences Recommendations from our internal and external communities Enrollment Management at GPC

16 Goals and Objectives in SEM will optimize enrollment as well as the services and resources available to our students, increasing their likelihood of success through: Continuous improvement Integration of services, practices, policies, and procedures

17 Enrollment Management Suite: Tools for Managing Enrollment GPC is committed to providing an educational experience that will transform the lives of our students from the first time they inquire through graduation and transfer In 2009, GPC Executive Team made the decision to acquire and implement SunGard Enrollment Management Suite, a set of strategic reporting tools to proactively manage enrollment

18 GPC is the first college in Georgia and one of the few in the nation with the foresight to implement these tools EM Suite allows GPC to accomplish the following: Captures data on prospective students Personalizes communication campaigns to prospective students Provides workflow tools for customized follow-up communications Provides charts and dashboards to accurately monitor the admission funnel Enrollment Management Suite: Tools for Managing Enrollment

19 Recruiting and Admissions Funnel 500 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 Prospect Recruiting (SRBRECR) record exists for specific term and level. e.g. data purchased from College Board Inquiry Specific interactions initiated by the prospect (college fair, campus visit, called for more information, etc.) Admit Institution has extended an offer of admission Number of people in each funnel status Applicant An admissions application has been submitted for a specific term and level Confirm The applicant has accepted the offer (paid a deposit, signed up for orientation, accepted financial aid, etc.) Enroll An active General Student record exists and at least one active course registration exist for the term and level of entry

20 Recruiting Funnels and Communications Campaigns 2,250 2,300 2,500 3,300 12,100 28,000 Recruiting Funnel Statuses For GPC, they are: Prospect, Inquiry, Applicant, Admit, Confirm Registration-Ready, Enroll Campaigns are workflow tools to designed to increase yield Prospect Inquiry Applicant Admit Registration Ready Enroll Sample workflow from the Campaign Modeler Fall 2005 Recruiting Funnel

21 Business Intelligence Tools Business Intelligence Tools enable GPC to do the following: Provide reports to meet institutional as well as departmental needs Provide point-in-time, comparable reporting statistics through daily snapshots Provide comparative reports – slicing historical data for longitudinal students and trend analysis

22 Provide comprehensive data model where data accumulated over time is stored Provide one accurate and consistent source of enrollment data Business Intelligence Tools

23 Data Analysis Enrollment Projections Competition Analysis Student Satisfaction Engagement Brand/Image Capacity Analysis

24 Enrollment Projections Data Patti Gregg Baseline enrollment projections developed in October each year for the following 3 fiscal years Enrollment Projection Model is based on 3 major components Enrollment: Actual GPC enrollment for previous 3 years Metro Area Economic Indicators: Atlanta MSA population changes and unemployment rates GPC Capacity: Currently measured by Plan Operations annual operations expenditures

25 Enrollment Projections Data The model is refined, using the average error over a 3-yr period to determine OIRP Baseline Projections The Model Predictions and Accuracy for FY2011 SemesterOIRP Baseline Projection (before Impact Factors GPC Official Enrollment (at BOR Census Date) Fall 201024,55925,113 Spring 201126,41525,674

26 Plan for continuous review and refinement: 2010 Census Data Expand economic indicators to specific countries or geographic area of interest Additional measures of capacity Enrollment Projections Data

27 Enrollment Trends and Factors Note: Darker areas indicate higher growth while white areas indicate no growth or a decline in enrollment.

28 Competition Analysis Summary Sheletha Champion-Booker Overview Goals Template Design/Data Collected Competitors Identified GPC Data Next Steps

29 Student Satisfaction Engagement Patti Gregg The Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE): administered during the Spring semester as part of a USG consortium every 3 years CCSSE data analyzed by campus, student characteristics and student level 80% attending GPC to transfer to a 4-yr institution: 52% attending to earn Associate degree 92.4 % would recommend GPC to friends or family

30 In a typical 7 day week 72% spent 10 hours or less preparing for class 32% spent more than 30 hours working for pay 16% spent more than 30 hours caring for dependents 35% spent more than 5 hours commuting to/from class 80% of survey respondents said they never participated in college-sponsored activities CCSSE administered on campus only - in 2011 began Survey of Online Student Engagement (SOSE) pilot CCSSE and SOSE results provided in August 2011 Student Satisfaction Engagement

31 Brand/Image Marketing Analysis Barbara Obrentz 2007 survey results: 40% heard through family and friends, 15% researched GPC website before applying, 63% attracted by affordability and convenience 22% (5,000 students) are first in the family to attend college 2009 -2010: GPC only GA institution with top 100 producers of associate degrees nationwide

32 Brand/Image Marketing Analysis GPC STEM programs provide partnerships with business and industry GPC Dental Hygiene program is the largest associate degree program in Georgia GPC has eight prestigious Jack Kent Cooke scholarship winners receiving up to $90,000 for a four-year degree

33 Capacity Analysis Summary Phil Smith Classroom utilization above national norms, surpassing all USG institutions Classroom space limited Monday-Thursday. Space still available Friday-Sunday Additional Science Lab space is needed to support enrollment growth Implementation of college scheduling software (R25) Campus growth limited without additional buildings

34 Three-Year Enrollment Targets Unit Tactical Plans Introduction OIT Supporting the Infrastructure Enrollment Goals/Impact Factors/Targets Unit Tactical Plans/Resources Needs GPC EMT Planning Calendar

35 Overview of Enrollment Targets The Enrollment Management Team cannot develop accurate enrollment targets without considering internal and external Impact Factors that influence enrollment growth Key units at GPC directly involved with enrollment have developed Unit Tactical Plans with Action Strategies, Key Performance Indicators, Evaluation, and Accountability/Responsibility Parties to support and achieve enrollment targets Key Performance Indicators will be our quantifiable measurements to determine effectiveness of enrollment management plans and our long-range success

36 OIT-Supporting Infrastructure Ken Quattlebaum OIT serves a critical support role BRM allows targeted communications with students BI allows better access to data and longitudinal studies COGNOS is more secure and robust reporting solution DegreeWorks will improve academic advising

37 Enrollment Goals/Impact Factor/Targets Doug Ruch Proactive vs. Reactive Planning Allows the College to make intentional decisions regarding marketing, scheduling, human resource management, budgeting, etc. that are tied to the Strategic Enrollment Plan Impact Factors that affect enrollment targets Internal External Enrollment Targets Baseline Enrollment ± Impact Factors


39 Unit Tactical Plans/Resource Needs Academic Affairs College-wide Records GPC Online Marketing and Public Relations Recruitment and Admissions Student Financial Services

40 Unit Tactical Plans/Resource Needs Overview SEM enables GPC to create action plans that turn our vision and concepts for the future into reality. Through this new enrollment planning process, GPC can make clearer choices about growth connect the budget, scheduling, staffing and marketing processes develop long-range planning for programs, space, etc. define clear lines of responsibility in the enrollment process move to a precision scheduling model put all resources to work

41 Strategic Enrollment Target FY 2011-2014 Academic Affairs New programs and courses 2 + 2 partnerships College preview Supplemental instruction Teacher training Engaged learning Hybrid and online

42 Strategic Enrollment Target FY 2011-2014 College-Wide Records Training for ERS staff Admissions requirements Admissions processing Graduation workshops for students Additional staff for online ERS

43 Strategic Enrollment Target FY 2011-2014 GPC Online Students taking online courses Online courses and degree options Infrastructure and capacity of GPC online Opportunities for student support and engagement

44 Strategic Enrollment Target FY 2011-2014 Marketing and Public Relations Focus on attracting new students to Alpharetta, online, and new programs Increase touch points and advertising frequency: international and military, local media, local chambers, Marta and social media New Communications Campaigns: video, TV, YouTube, Facebook Recruitment Efforts: promotion of open houses, college fairs, sports games, churches, dual enrollment Fresh Web Content: refresh web content, new areas of study, success stories, GPC in the news

45 Strategic Enrollment Target FY 2011-2014 Recruitment and Admissions Communication has proven to be critical Outbound communication is probably the #1 key factor to success this summer Stable, trained outbound CS staff required Additional skill sets with Admissions/problem resolution Creation of a dedicated Customer Service Unit in Admissions

46 Strategic Enrollment Target FY 2011-2014 Student Financial Services SFS Tactical Plan Technology enhancement Student centered financial customer service Financial Aid leveraging Enhanced analytical process review Community outreach initiative

47 GPC EMT Planning Calendar Robin Winston and Richard Beaubien Planning calendar serves two purposes Keeps the entire unit on track with strategic processes and tasks that have to happen on a scheduled basis Provides us with regular points in time to reflect back on the EM plan within the context of the processes and tasks in the calendar Common calendar (and following it) removes a huge element of variability in long and short range forecasting

48 EM Planning Calendar Robin Winston and Richard Beaubien Common calendar prevents departmental tasks from becoming impact factors Common calendar will improve upon the communication between EMT departments Common calendar should identify stages in the enrollment cycle for evaluation of impact factors and how enrollment is being affected


50 Accountability and Stewardship Dr. Alan Jackson VP Academic Affairs

51 ProcessSteward(s) Enrollment Planning and Target Establishment Enrollment Management Team Enrollment TrendsDirector of Institutional Research and Planning, Director of Recruitment and Admissions Competition AnalysisAVP Financial Affairs, Director of Institutional Research and Planning Student Satisfaction/Engagement Analysis Director of Institutional Research and Planning Financial Aid PlanAVP Financial Affairs, Director of Student Financial Services Registration ManagementAVP Enrollment Management, College Registrar, Director of Enterprise Information Services Payment ManagementAVP for Financial Affairs, Director of Student Financial Services Enrollment FunnelDirector of Recruitment and Admissions, College Registrar Capacity AnalysisExecutive VP Administrative and Fiscal Affairs Technology and InfrastructureDirector of Enterprise Information Services Financial Analysis, Revenue, and Budget Planning AVP Financial Affairs Course/Program Completion Performance VP Academic Affairs Program Review Trends and New Academic Program Development VP Academic Affairs, VP Student Affairs, Executive Director of GPC Online Accountability/Stewardship Chart

52 Summary Dr. Vincent June VP of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services Lisa Fowler Assistant VP of Enrollment Management and Student Success

53 Summary SEM is a comprehensive vision and working model that aligns functional processes to identify recruit and retain a community of GPC students rich in intellectual and cultural diversity for the purpose of enhancing student growth, satisfaction, and success SEM moves GPC forward to a position of proactively planning for and managing enrollment

54 EMT Guiding Principles Effective Strategic Enrollment Management Represents an active responsibility of everyone at GPC Requires an understanding of institutional culture Requires learning from what works and what does not Strives for effectiveness and efficiency through assessment and planning

55 Intentionally links marketing and recruitment strategies, academic programs, enrollment and student financial services, and information technology to the EM process Evaluates processes, procedures, and policies to improve service Evaluates recruitment and retention strategies and tactics Improves access to information Continually improves service delivery and student experiences EMT Guiding Principles

56 Next Steps EMT is now equipped with the technological tools, data and plan to accurately plan for and manage enrollment at Georgia Perimeter College

57 EMT Operating Model Annual Enrollment Management Team Review Draft Annual Enrollment Plan with Targets – EMT EMT Refines Annual Enrollment Management Plan; incorporates: Impact factors Goals/objectives Desired outcomes Timelines Responsible agents SEM Annual Plan recommended to Executive Team for approval SEM Plan incorporated into college strategic plan Monthly status review and revision on the SEM Plan – EMT New Ideas/Strategies Captured Throughout the Year Ideas impacting multiple areas brought to the EMT for review and implementation

58 Thank You!!!! From the Enrollment Management Team

59 Questions ? ? ?

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