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Professional Training at Surrey The University has one of the highest graduate employment rates in the country Professional Training develops students.

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1 Professional Training at Surrey The University has one of the highest graduate employment rates in the country Professional Training develops students professionally and personally Attracts students to the University

2 finding and getting the right placement year 1 workshop

3 why should I do a placement year?

4 The killer reasons why enhance your future job prospects build a great CV acquire new, transferable = marketable skills learn how to succeed in an organisation = soft skills earn some money improve your final year performance have a better idea what career to pursue apply the mathematics you have learned have fun

5 why wouldnt you want to do a professional training placement? ?

6 the competition is fierce The placements are there but you have to find them and compete for them The more effort you make the stronger your prospects You can improve your prospects the earlier you start the better your CV and covering letters the better your on-line applications the more research you do the better you perform in interviews

7 What can you do? You can improve your prospects The earlier you start The better your CV and covering letters The better your on-line applications The more research you do The better you perform in interviews Its not too late to build your CV! volunteer, interests, societies, languages….

8 Some Recent Placements Pharmaceutical - GSK/Pfizer/ Quintiles/ Roche Finance – Bank of England/Lloyds TSB/HSBC/HFC/Goldman Sachs/Disney Actuarial – RSA/AXA/Mercer/AVIVA Computing – Microsoft/IBM/ Intel Education – HEFCE/AQA Government – Civil Service/Customs and Excise/DTI/ONS/DSTL/ National Vetinary Labs/LOCOG Car Industry – Rolls-Royce/ Ford/ Peugeot/Citroen Marketing - Marks and Spencer/ Reuters/Nestle/Kimberley Clark Statistical/Mathematical - Datalytics/ Broventure/NATS

9 Professional Training Results July 2012 degree classifications: All students (84) Prof. Training (29) First class 43%55% Upper second 31%38% Lower second 24% 7% Third/Ordinary 2% 0%

10 what is the process of finding a professional placement? attend workshops and other sessions designed to help you complete the PTY form and give it to Steph Evans in PTY Office on BB 04 or give it to her today write your CV and e-mail it to John Rayman for comments use the resources available to research sectors/companies and placements be ready to start applying late summer 2014

11 complete the professional training form information youll need for your CV information for the professional training office

12 creating your CV the purpose of a CV structure content cover letter resources to help you

13 assess this CV would you select this applicant for interview? how many mistakes can you find?




17 spelling

18 purpose of a CV from your point of view to get the interview, not the job demonstrate in the CV that you have the skills, experience and motivation to sell yourself from the employers point of view weed out unsuitable candidates quickly make a short list

19 imagine that you are the product and the CV is your advertisement get your unique selling propositions (USPs) across only have a few seconds attention from the reader your particular strengths unique combinations of attributes what do you have that the competition doesnt?

20 things to think about first impressions are critical in job hunting as in life. the CV and the covering letter are your first contact with a potential employer. your CV is competing with all the other CVs the CV needs to show immediately that you have the relevant aptitudes, skills and knowledge the necessary experience the motivation these features can be demonstrated by your CV how the CV is written is as important as what it contains

21 structure Up to you – its your CV must be logical and easy to follow no repetition everything the reader needs must be clear and easy to find typical example education employment (work experience, volunteering) skills and aptitudes interests bio data references two pages of A4 – also be able to produce a one page version explore internet for examples/templates

22 style sharp, positive and focussed most space given to most important aspects make every word count reverse chronological order for education and employment bullet points – short and punchy, not prose active verbs – e.g. organised, managed, presented dont use the word I dont repeat yourself

23 education give your overall marks for first semester (then year 1 when you have them), dont list modules studied individual module marks if very good and relevant to the job A levels and year list GCSEs briefly but mention specifically English and foreign languages awards, scholarships and prizes (most emphasis on university)

24 possible education template Education 2012 – present University of Surrey BSc Mathematics year 1 first semester mark 68% 2010 – 2012St Johns College, Wigan A level Maths (A*) Biology (B) Physics (A) 2005 – 2010Templecourt School, Warrington GCSE 7 A, 3 B, 1 C including English (A), French (B)

25 employment company name, location (not address), job title, dates e.g. 6/11 – 9/11 describe companys business list what you did and the results you achieved and any achievements describe any training given include volunteering or internships in same detail briefly mention short work experience dont cover skills used or developed employment experience is probably the most important elements employers are looking for

26 possible employment template Employment 4/10 -9/10 Courtaulds Ltd, Coventry Artificial and Synthetic Fibres Division Laboratory technician o set up apparatus for preparation of novel compounds o carried out syntheses and tested resulting products using mass spectrometry o wrote up reports of work carried out o presented verbal report on work at weekly meetings

27 skills and aptitudes developed from studies, employment, volunteering, interests … either integrate into sections with the activity - but risk of repetition or a specific section give evidence for each claimed skill no clichés select your key strengths where you think you are better than most


29 skills and aptitudes that employers want most verbal communications team working integrity intellectual ability self-confidence organisational skills interpersonal skills writing ability numeracy analytic skills/decision making

30 interests demonstrate breadth of personality if you dont have interests – get some! socialising with friends doesnt count current/recent most important sports, clubs, charities, cultural activities.. interesting travel, projects… be specific – what, when, what level, where… be aware of current affairs listen to radio 4, Today programme read a quality newspaper

31 bio data addresses, phone (mobile) and non-quirky e-mail ? much better d.o.b., nationality optional two referees academic, employment/volunteering not references supplied on request

32 a reader friendly CV logical structure all key information clear and easily available no jargon, no acronyms professional looking presentation text balanced over 2 pages good use of white space very good quality paper if printed single conventional font e.g. verdana ariel times new roman 11 or 12 point size, but headings can be larger, use bold, italic and underline appropriately CAPITALS CAN BE UGLY

33 putting the CV together sweet spot – middle of first page – should have your best aspects get someone else to check it before you send it – especially if English is not your mother tongue never rely on spell check e.g. hobbit never tell lies everything on the CV must be true not everything that is true must be on the CV blow your own trumpet but no hyperbole

34 some signs of a bad CV more than 2 pages long, poorly word processed or printed, section breaks over page gaps in chronology spelling or grammar mistakes irrelevant, trivial details gimmicky fonts quirky presentation

35 some employers pet hates typos61% inappropriate e-mail addresses35% no section on key skills30% more than two pages22% decorative paper20% with a photo13%

36 personal statements? I have a real passion for learning and I approach all tasks with great enthusiasm. I am a responsible and reliable student who is willing to work hard in order to develop my career. actual statement from a student with 72% overall I have a real passion for learning (obvious – you got a first) and I approach all tasks with great enthusiasm (where is the proof?). I am a responsible and reliable student (repeated what you just said in the first sentence) who is willing to work hard in order to develop my career (can you imagine someone saying that they are not willing to work hard to develop their career?).

37 use the not test I am a hardworking and honest individual and an excellent timekeeper I dont work hard, Im not particularly honest and I am a poor timekeeper but when might these three attributes be worth putting down?

38 sending CVs to employers use original print hard copies not photocopies electronically use a PDF, not Word document send/e-mail to named individual with cover letter

39 cover letters grab the readers attention and interest highlight the relevant skills and experience in your CV show you have done your research on the job/activity and employer demonstrate why you want to work for that employer Could be applying for a vacancy or speculative

40 writing the cover letter no more than ¾ of a page of A4 addressed to a named individual specific for particular application even with a template written in formal business style well laid out, clear and easy to follow perfect spelling and grammar good quality paper

41 cover letters are formal written English is not spoken English written down some words to avoid dont, cant, Id, Dad, shouldnt, its (which only means it is!) dont start sentences with and, but … typed, not handwritten but signed by hand short sentences each with a verb, subject and object not bullet points

42 typical structure of cover letter Your address and the address of the company subject e.g. professional placement/ job title para 1 introduce yourself, what you are applying for, where you saw it para 2 why do you want to work in this job/activity? para 3 why do you want to work for this company? para 4 why you are a suitable candidate, what relevant skills and experience you bring positive ending your signature your name

43 can I improve what goes into my CV? during the semester get actively involved with clubs/societies develop an existing interest or take up new interests go to evening classes to learn something useful volunteer use the long vacation this summer get a paid job do an internship volunteering at home or overseas major project learn to drive travel somewhere interesting, do something useful there dont just sit back, your competitors are on the case already



46 resources – summer activities orkandworkexperience orkandworkexperience work.htm work.htm ments/vacation-work.html ments/vacation-work.html

47 what should I do now to prepare for applying for a placement? fill out the PTY form and return to Steph Evans get your CV written and send it to John Rayman

48 useful resources tools-downloads tools-downloads applying for jobs abroad: m m

49 more useful resources……

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