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Your One-Year Marketing Plan Lifelong Learning 2007 Presented by Greg Marsello.

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1 Your One-Year Marketing Plan Lifelong Learning 2007 Presented by Greg Marsello

2 The Three Most Essential Marketing Practices To Do 1.Think Marketing 2.Have a Written Plan 3.Everyone Executes Plan

3 Why You Need a One-Year Marketing Plan Financial pressures and increased accountability and competition mean you cant afford to just do it. Increased capability in database, target, market mapping, relationship and Internet marketing have changed the game. Five- or ten-year plans focus on vision, while a one-year plan focuses on action and todays customers.

4 A One-Year Marketing Plan… Is a blueprint for action Is more than dates, numbers and dreams Integrates all the different aspects of your organization Must involve all in creation Must be used by all in planning and acting

5 One-Year Marketing Plan Timeline Start 6 months prior to the start of your next fiscal/program year The Plan should be complete and approved 3 months prior to the start of your next fiscal/program year End-of-Year Report to be completed 3 months after the completion of your fiscal/program year

6 Whose Role is it to be the Marketing Leader CEO/DIRECTOR

7 One-Year Marketing Plan Report Executive Summary Annual Objectives (tied to budget) Unit/Division Objectives 1. # events 2. new vs. old 3. kinds/market niches By Session/Quarter Promotion Strategy Timeline Who

8 Executive Summary Organizational Goals –Redesign Brochure –Add Online Registration –Revamp Pricing Strategy –Start Capturing Demographic Information –Define 7 Primary Market Segments

9 Annual Objectives Budget & Benchmarks Budget –Income$300,000100% –Promotion$45,000 15% –Production$135,000 45% –Direct Costs$180,000 60% –Operating Margin$120,000 40% –Administration$105,000 35% –Net$15,000 5%

10 Annual Objectives Budget & Benchmarks Benchmarks 01. New Programs20% 02. Operating Margin40% 03. Cancellation Rate15% 04. Staffing Percentage20% 05. Program Divisions 8 06. Participant Evaluations 4+ 07. Repeat Rate50% 08. Net/Surplus5% 09. Customer Surveys6 10. Brochure:Participant Ratio50:1

11 Unit/Division Objectives A.Income - Operating Margin Budgets per Unit/Division B.Total Events to be Offered per Unit/Division (LERN Key Formulas) C.New vs. Old Events to be Offered per Unit/Division D.Specific Market Segments to be Targeted

12 By Session/Quarter A.Income per Session/Quarter B.Total Events per Session/Quarter C.New vs. Old Events per Session/Quarter D.Specific Market Segments to be Targeted per Session/Quarter

13 Promotion Strategy Promotions to be Developed: Brochures, Flyers, E-Zines, E-mails, Web-based, Advertisements, PR Distribution Strategies: Mail, Street, Radio, TV, Internet Retention Strategies: Tracking, Newsletters, Benefits, Gimmicks

14 Timeline Production/Promotion Schedule A.Production/Promotion Start Date B.Information Prepared by Date C.Promotion to Printer Date D.Promotion Distribution Dates E.Other Promotion Strategy Dates F.Event Start/Date

15 Who Staffing Structure Operations Professional Programming Professional Sales Professional CEO/Director Programming Staff Instructors Sales Staff Operations Staff Front Line Staff Information Specialist Promotions Professional

16 End-of-Year Report 1. One-Year Marketing Plan Final Report Executive Summary 2. End-of-Year Financial Statement 3. Timelines (Did you meet?) 4. Promotion Performance Analysis (against plan) 5. End-of-Year Statistics

17 Detailed Elements of One-Year Marketing Plan End-of-Year Report A.Executive Summary: 2 Pages –Listing of Goals in Final Report Executive Summary –Evaluation of Success/Failure Reaching Goals B.End-of-Year Financial Statement: 1 Page and 1 Page per Unit/Division –Actual/Budget/Last Year –Total and by Unit/Division

18 C.Timeline: 1 Page. On-Time Report Comparing Programming and Operations. D.Promotion Performance Analysis: 4 Pages per Promotion & 1 Page for Chart –Promotion Analysis Report –Profit/Loss Report –Half-Life Report –Participant Analysis Report: Demographics E.End-of-Year Statistics: 3 Pages. Report on All End-of-Year Statistics.

19 Good Luck!

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