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Selected list of fields for scientific disciplines

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1 Selected list of fields for scientific disciplines
Biology Ecology Microbiology Medicine Biochemistry Earth Science Geology Hydrology Meteorology Chemistry Inorganic Organic Physical

2 Physics Astronomy/Astrophysics Mechanics Electricity and magnetism Optics Nuclear Particle Condensed matter Solid state Biophysics Quantum Mechanics Geophysics Engineering Mechanical Electrical Computer Optical Nuclear Environmental Civil Chemical Industrial Agricultural Aerospace Architectural

3 Top 20 Engineering Disciplines
Posted by Celeste Baine on April 25, 2011 Engineering is a diverse and challenging field of study. With more than 25 major branches of engineering and 100 specialties, there is something for everyone who pursues the field. Aeronautical / Aerospace Engineering - Aeronautical/aerospace engineers design and develop technology for commercial aviation, national defense and space exploration. They may help design and manufacture military aircraft, missiles, helicopters, and spacecraft. Within this field, they may specialize in the structure of the aircraft, aerodynamics, guidance and control, propulsion and design, manufacturing, or a certain type of aircraft. Commercial airliners, military aircraft, space shuttles, satellites, rockets, and helicopters are all within reach for talented aeronautical engineers, who may also be referred to as astronautical, aviation or rocket engineers. Agricultural and Biological Engineering - Biological and agricultural engineering, two closely integrated disciplines often called biological systems (biosystems), bioresources, or natural resources engineering, are concerned with finding solutions for life on a small planet. Our swelling world population places great demands on our limited natural resources, and biological and agricultural engineers work to ensure that we have the necessities of life: safe and plentiful food to eat, pure water to drink, clean fuel and energy sources, and a safe, healthy environment. Architectural Engineering - Architectural engineers apply engineering principles to the design and technical systems of buildings - mainly their structural, mechanical, plumbing and lighting/electrical design. Engineers need to be aesthetic as well as technical, creative as well as practical. They need to know if what looks good on paper is also technically possible. Biomedical Engineering - The objective of biomedical engineering is to enhance health care by solving complex medical problems using engineering principles. Those who specialize in this field want to serve the public, work with health care professionals, and interact with living systems. This broad field allows a large choice of sub-specialties. Many students say they choose biomedical engineering because it is people-oriented. The field includes many branches: biomechanical, bioelectrical, biochemical, rehabilitation, clinical, and genetic engineering. There are also many sub-specialties within biomedical engineering such as surgical lasers, telemedicine, nuclear medicine, and clinical computer systems.

4 Chemical Engineering - Everything that our senses enjoy consists of chemicals in one way or another. Chemical engineers have worked on creating the purple rose that has no thorns, the caramel on a caramel apple, and even your tennis shoes. The chemical engineering profession has improved water and waste systems, created new drugs and drug delivery systems, and improved the crop yields for farmers. Most chemical engineers work in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, design and construction, pulp and paper, petrochemicals, food processing, specialty chemicals, microelectronics, electronic and advanced materials, polymers, business services, biotechnology, and the environmental health and safety industries. Civil Engineering - Traditionally, civil engineers planned and designed such things as roads, bridges, high-rises, dams, and airports. Because of population growth and a booming economy, however, the civil engineer now also designs new things such as underwater tunnels, new and better wastewater treatment plants, solutions for highway congestion, and special tracks for the magnetic levitation trains of the future. Computer Engineering - Computer engineering deals with the many aspects of computer systems. These engineers may design computer systems, networks, operating systems, or software. They may design the future automobile dashboard computers that will monitor engine functions. Engineers in this field design computer chips, circuits, equipment, and systems; plan computer layouts; and formulate mathematical models to solve technical problems on computer. They design, develop, and test computer hardware and peripheral equipment. They also design, develop, and maintain software programs and software systems. Electrical Engineering - The developments of electrical and electronic engineers are everywhere. There are thousands of electrical devices and systems available today that electrical engineers have somehow touched. Anything you plug into the wall – stereos, computers, microwaves, televisions, power tools, air-conditioners, and major appliances – has been touched by an electrical engineer. Even things you can't plug into the wall – satellites, cellular phones, and beepers – have been designed, manufactured, or modified by electrical engineers. Environmental Engineering - Environmental engineering focuses on the development of a sustainable future, preventing pollution, assessing the environmental impact of everything, water distribution systems, recycling methods, sewage treatment plants, and pesticide prevention. This fast-growing field offers a challenging and satisfying chance to protect the health and safety of people and our environment. These earth-friendly professionals concern themselves with preventing and fixing problems caused by industrialization. They concentrate on delivering better environmental conditions for the public through knowledge, research, a caring attitude, and common sense. Heating, Ventilating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineering - Heating, ventilating, refrigeration, and air-conditioning (HVR&AC) engineers have dramatically improved our lives. HVR&AC engineers develop systems to create and maintain safe and comfortable environments. Airplanes, trains, schools, cars, and computer rooms are only a handful of the environments that depend on HVR&AC engineers.

5 Industrial Engineering - Industrial engineers figure out how to improve everything. They work with people to help them do things better. Industrial engineers save employers money by streamlining systems, often making the workplace better for employees too. They improve productivity and quality while saving time and money. Industrial engineers work on all type of businesses. They see the big picture and focus on what makes a system perform efficiently, safely, and effectively to produce the highest quality. Manufacturing Engineering - Just as the mechanical engineer designs parts, the manufacturing engineer designs the processes that make them. Wherever there's a production process to be designed and managed, you'll find manufacturing engineers at work. They work with plant managers, production supervisors, CNC programmers, quality managers, product designers, and R&D staff on issues ranging from evaluating new technology and choosing equipment and suppliers to leading industry-wide standards development to reorganizing a plant into a more efficient production system. Materials Engineering - Materials engineers design, fabricate, and test materials. They may work to make automobiles lighter and more fuel efficient by creating stronger and lighter metals. They may help to create artificial knees and elbows using special polymers, or they may design new materials for the space ship. A materials engineer can work with any type of material – plastic, wood, ceramic, petroleum or metals –and create completely new synthetic products by rearranging molecular structure. Mechanical Engineering - Mechanical engineers is one of the broadest and most diverse disciplines. Mechanical engineers design, develop, and manufacture every kind of vehicle, power system, machine, and tool: jet engines, steam engines, power plants, underwater structures, tractors for food production, hydraulic systems, transportation systems, medical devices, sports equipment, smart materials, materials and structures for space travel, measurement devices, and more. Any type of machine that produces, transmits, or uses power is most likely the product of a mechanical engineer. Metallurgical Engineering - Metallurgical engineers turn raw materials into useful products. Metallurgical engineering includes processing mineral and chemical resources into metallic, ceramic or polymeric materials; creating new high strength or high performance materials; or developing new ways to refine and process materials for new consumer applications. Nuclear Engineering - Nuclear engineering falls into three major areas of benefit to mankind: nuclear medicine, agricultural uses and pest control, and nuclear energy. Nuclear engineers search for efficient and beneficial ways to use the power generated from splitting an atom, and they research peaceful ways to use nuclear energy and radiation.

6 Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering, and Ocean Engineering - Naval architecture, marine engineering, and ocean engineering are professions that integrate disciplines such as materials science and mechanical, civil, and electrical engineering. These engineers and architects design, build, operate, and maintain ships such as aircraft carriers, submarines, tankers, tugboats, sailboats, and yachts. They also develop underwater structures, underwater robots, and oil rigs. They develop transportation systems, plan new uses for waterways, design deep-water ports, and integrate the land and water transportation systems and methods. They are concerned with discovering, producing, and transporting offshore petroleum as sources of energy and developing new ways to protect marine wildlife and beaches against the unwanted consequences of offshore oil production. Software Engineering - Software engineering is on the cutting edge of technology. Software enables us to use computers. It is the translator between humans and computers. Without software, a computer would be nothing but ones and zeros. The current demand for software engineers far exceeds the supply. The largest employers of software engineers include familiar names such as Microsoft, Motorola, Autodesk, Netscape, Adobe, Symantec, Nintendo, and Corel. However, there are thousands of software manufacturers that hire software engineers. Structural Engineering - Structural engineering focuses not only on the design and development of structures, such as houses, coliseums, bridges, and shopping malls, but on the design and development of materials that will create these structures. The structural engineering profession offers exciting challenges and potential for growth. Each day brings new and more sophisticated materials that will change the shape and the future of structures. Structural engineers must be creative and resourceful. They must visualize the framework of a structure and determine what forces will produce what loads upon it. Many structural engineers in California design buildings that are able to sustain ground-shaking (earthquake) loads. Transportation Engineering - Transportation engineering is a branch of civil engineering that aims to allow people and goods to move safely, rapidly, conveniently, and efficiently. Transportation engineers design streets, highways, and public transportation systems. They design parking lots and traffic flow patterns that will prevent major congestion at busy intersections, shopping malls, and sporting events. They are involved in planning and designing airports, railroads, and busy pedestrian thoroughfares.

7 Attributes Employers Value Most in Candidates* In order of importance:
Communication skills (verbal & written) Teamwork skills (ability to work well with others) Interpersonal skills (ability to relate well to others) Strong work ethic Motivation/initiative Flexibility/adaptability Analytical skills Computer skills Organizational skills Detail oriented Leadership skills Self-confidence Friendly/outgoing personality Well mannered/polite Tactfulness GPA (3.0 or better) Creativity Sense of humor Entrepreneurial/risk-taking skills Employers Rate Importance of Experiences* In order of importance: Relevant work experience Internship experience Any work experience Co-op experience Taken from *Source: JOB OUTLOOK 2002 National Association of Colleges and Employers

8 Curriculum Average Salary Offer
BETHLEHEM, PA—New college graduates with degrees in the engineering and computer science fields boast the highest average starting salaries, according to a new report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). The Spring 2008 issue of NACE’s Salary Survey shows that chemical engineering graduates are currently pulling the highest average starting salary offer—$63,616—followed by computer engineering graduates at $59,962. (See Figure 1.) “There is competition among employers for many graduates in the technical disciplines, and the high salary offers we’re seeing reflect that,” says Marilyn Mackes, NACE executive director. Figure 1: Top-Paid Majors for Bachelor’s Degree Graduates* Curriculum Average Salary Offer Chemical Engineering $63,616 Computer Engineering $59,962 Computer Science $59,873 Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering $58,252 Aerospace/Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering $57,999 *Source: Spring 2008 Salary Survey, National Association of Colleges and Employers. All data are for bachelor’s degree candidates and reflect majors for which 45 or more offers were reported. More comprehensive list from Department of Labor: Department of Labor Ocupation Finder Tool: Taken From:

9 Who Is Hiring Physics Bachelor's?
Taken From:

10 Building Physics Mechanical Engineer
About the Job The RMH Group is looking for an experienced (minimum 5 years or the equivalent combination of education and experience) building physics engineer to join our sustainable design team.​ The ideal candidate has a comprehensive understanding of thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer, HVAC system design and/​or analysis, and how building design and architecture impact energy use, as well as the ability to utilize software models to evaluate energy use and space conditions.​  Software experience should include DOE2, EnergyPlus, Transys, MathCad, CFD, and other similar tools.​  Good writing and general communication skills and Bachelors Degree in Engineering, Physics or related field a must.​  LEED AP and advanced degree preferred.

11 Test Engineer, Staff Do you want to work for one of the best performing Tech companies in the world? In 2008, ManTech was selected by Business Week magazine as one of the Top 100 Tech companies in the world and named one of the Top 50 military friendly employers by G.I. Jobs Magazine. We are looking for a Staff Test Engineer with a SECRET level security clearance! ManTech SRS Technologies is seeking a Staff Test Engineer, who can support the evaluation of systems in the research & development or developmental/operational test phases. As part of the Test & Evaluation Team, responsibilities may include: §   Support the evaluation of systems in the development and operational test phases. As part of the Test & Evaluation Team, responsibilities include: §   Provide requirements and verification expertise to the government-led, multi-disciplinary team to ensure contracted system developers meet established Entrance/Exit criteria during design reviews, Technical Interchange Meetings and system test events. §   Assist in Key Performance Parameters definition /allocation and requirements verification. §   Represent the government via on-site verification during the conduct of vendor executed testing. §   Assist in the development of program documents to include Test and Evaluation Master Plan, and review of contracted system developer’s test plans and reports. §   Support Mission needs analyses and perform user needs/requirements analysis §   Prepares Test & Evaluation documentation as required (i.e. test plans). §   Supports major test reviews, milestone decisions and briefings, and assists in the resolution of major issues Requirements §   SECRET level security clearance §   Requires Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, and two to four years of related experience (Nuclear, Systems, mechanical, or electrical engineering) §   A strong physics and math background is desired.  Should be proficient in the use of MatLab, MCNP, Peakeasy, and other analysis tools? ManTech SRS, a subsidiary of ManTech International Corporation, provides a variety of C4ISR system engineering and information systems support to government customers. Their diverse expertise ranges from award-winning and innovative polymer products used in experimental satellite solar sail propulsion systems, to providing system analysis, modeling and testing of technologies being deployed to identify and detect nuclear and radiological sources which are attempting to enter the U.S.

12 Sales Engineer About the Job Leading company in the rapidly growing photonics industry is seeking motivated individuals for a technical sales position.​  Candidates should be personable, organized, and self motivated, who is comfortable with scientific concepts.​  Fundamental understanding of Laser technology is helpful.​  Responsibilities: ·         Implement sales strategies for assigned territory/​market segments.​ ·         Call on prospects, present sales materials and presentations, and make product demonstrations.​ ·         Coordinate Company presence and attend trade shows and conferences to promote company products.​ ·         Develop data and information relative to sales forecasts and results, market trends, competitive products and pricing, etc.​ ·         Serve as a liaison between the customer and the Company.​ ·         In conjunction with Product Managers, examine and analyze customer needs, prepare specifications, design modifications, recommendations, etc.​ pertinent to the proposed application.​ ·         Prepare price quotations.​ Qualifications: ·         Bachelor's Degree in related technical field, such as Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Physics or Applied Physics, or equivalent in education and experience.​ ·         Three to five years technical sales experience preferred.​

13 Engineer Description: Westinghouse Electric Company Nuclear Fuel, located in Monroeville, PA is seeking a Licensing Engineer in its Quality & Licensing Programs department. The Licensing Engineer can expect the following responsibilities: Provide Regulatory and Licensing support to Westinghouse Fuel Engineering. Support efforts to license fuel products and services with the NRC. Coordinate NRC interactions including meetings, audits and written communications. Provide consultation and information as needed to technical engineering groups regarding regulatory and licensing requirements and ensure compliance with these requirements. Develop, process and implement license amendment changes. This activity requires excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. Interface with customers and NRC. Qualifications: A successful candidate would be familiar with and/or have experience with the following: *Sufficient experience and logic/problem-solving capabilities to participate in development and implementation of solutions to complex (possibly system level), loosely defined technical / licensing issues. *Coordinate and integrate licensing of technical projects across multi-functional groups. *Provide periodic updates and recommendations regarding the nature and status of work/projects to all appropriate internal and external personnel. Develop and deliver presentations to communicate status, problem resolution, recommendations, and / or promote business-related products. *Provide expert knowledge within specific engineering discipline to peers, vendors, and customers. *Develop procedures, processes, and methods for implementing technical requirements. *B.S. Nuclear Engineering *Knowledge of nuclear physics processes and commercial nuclear reactor operation and design * NRC licensing requirements and licensing documentation * Nuclear fuel and services * Commercial Nuclear Experience a plus

14 Data Analyst New-York-City-Based Fitzgerald Analytics, a management consulting firm, is seeking quantitative analysts with 2+​ years experience in consulting, investment banking, financial analysis, or similar roles.​  The ideal candidate will have a background in economics, business, statistics, physics, engineering, computer science, or another quantitative discipline.​  He/​She will be: Honest and ethical Effective when working independently or in teams Comfortable with ambiguity Clear-thinking and effective despite stressful or unusual situations Entrepreneurial and comfortable with risk.​ ​​  Key Responsibilities of New Fitzgerald Analytics: Articulate for clients the strategic role analytics and data management can play in high-stakes decisions Interact with clients and teammates at all levels Perform analytic work for clients, including: Complex spreadsheet models Predictive database analytics Scenario analysis and illustration Assist with data governance and infrastructure development, including: Design and implement data management processes to enhance analytic results Support and execute data infrastructure development projects Prepare and deliver presentations containing actionable insights Conduct custom research and investigation to resolve client problems, incorporating critical analysis of quantitative and qualitative information Quickly take on increasing levels autonomy and responsibility for client interaction and project work Skills Required: Excellent written and verbal communication skills Ability to work well in teams and with clients Ability to balance and prioritize multiple tasks in an ambiguous environment Comfort with quantitative analysis; Experience using Enterprise tools (for example SQL Server, Microsoft Analysis Services, Tableau, Excel, and/​or SAS) preferred Ability to design data structures and database schemas to support analytical goals Familiarity with best practices to audit and ensure data quality Experience extending MSOffice products with VBA preferred

15 Flight Engineer About the Job Support the Flight Dynamics group in software implementation.​  This is an entry level position and carries out work assignments of limited scope and complexity.​  Uses a variety of standard engineering methods and techniques in solving problems.​  Assists more senior engineers in carrying out technical tasks.​ Minimum of four year degree in engineering, physics, or mathematics; or practical experience in technical field.​ Technical areas of expertise must include current software development methodologies and tools.​ Related skill areas should include technical writing and presentation skills.​  Secret security clearance is a plus.​ Incumbent must be eligible for DoD Personal Security Clearance.​ Working under close supervision is responsible for code, test, and documentation of flight software designs, requiring the application of current industry design concepts and utilization of basic technical writing skills.​ The learning process in this position is expected to take a minimum of one (1) year.​  Particular emphasis will be placed on schedule, performance, budget, and other skills not normally attained in college.​  Assignments will be geared towards learning real-time programming techniques for flight simulation applications.​ Good interpersonal skills are required in this position as interfacing with fellow group members and other engineering group members is essential to the learning process.​  The person in this position will be expected to report work status concisely and accurately to the Group Leader as requested.​ Must be able to perform effectively as part of the project "team".

16 Position:                               Process Contact Engineer
Location:                              Bayway Chemical Plant, Linden NJ Organization:                      Manufacturing Summary: The Process Contact Engineer provides technical expertise to assigned manufacturing unit(s) to ensure compliance with environmental regulations, product quality and processes/performance activities. Identify and monitor potential problems and develop a plan to effectively apply continuous improvement methods. This role provides an excellent development opportunity and prepares successful candidates for more senior roles in the organization. Responsibilities:             ·        Serve as unit(s) technical consultant providing technical leadership and support to the plant to ensure reliability, sustain product quality and enhance unit performance ·        Monitor unit production and unit capacity by utilizing batch size, cycle time, log sheets, machine performance and process control data ·        Solve operating problems that require technical assistance, and make sure manufacturing process is under control ·        Analyze machine performance, track equipment problems, optimize cycle time and modify the process to improve process control ·        Develop projects that foster continuous improvements ·        Determine incentives to work on individual projects/problems, and participate in setting own priorities for working these problems ·        Ensure supply reliability/quality ·        Improve safety performance by observing and correcting unsafe acts/conditions ·        Ensure compliance of Chemical Quality Assurance policies including maintenance, SQA charting, process logs and Key Operating Variables (KOV) ·        Assist in training unit personnel as required ·        Establish and maintain personal contact with the unit(s) Supervisor Qualifications:         ·        B.S/M.S. Chemical Engineering ·        Knowledge of Chemistry (heat and material balance, kinetics, etc.) ·        Experience with unit operations and operating procedures/control scheme/on-steam analyzers ·        Effective communication and interpersonal skills ·        1-2 years experience or recent B.S./M.S. graduate

17 Entry Level Civil or Geotechnical Engineer (0-2+years)
About the Job Civil & Environmental Consultants, Headquartered in Pittsburgh PA, currently has an opening in our Cleveland Ohio office (located in Solon Ohio) for an entry level Geotechncial Engineer.​  LOCAL candidates preferred.​ 0-2 years experience in Civil or Geotechnical Engineering with focus on Landfill projects.​ BS in Civil Engineering required.​ An emphasis in Geotechnical Engineering and/​or Masters in Geotechnical Engineering preferred.​ Candidate will perform most assignments under the direction and supervision of a more experienced staff member.​   Will be working on projects involving landfill design which will include, cut and fill slopes, slope stability, drilling test borings, etc.​.​.​.​.​  Typical duties will include monitoring of test drilling, logging soil and rock samples, developing lab testing programs, interpreting lab data, foundation design, settlement remediation, and failure analysis.​  Other activities will include CQA of landfill projects, and other duties as assigned.​ The Company:  Founded in Pittsburgh in 1989, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.​​ (CEC) is focused on providing technical consulting and engineering services to private industry Fortune 1000 companies, real estate developers, architectural firms, waste management companies, law firms, and public sector clients in a manner that embraces three core principles: Senior Leadership, Integrated Services, and Personal Business Relationships.​​  Over the course of our 20 year history, CEC has established a proven track record of providing sound, technological solutions that balance the requirements of compliance, risk management and business needs, delivered through fiscally responsible project management in five primary practice areas:  Civil & Site Development, Environmental Services, Waste Management, Water Resources, & Ecological Services.​​  Currently CEC has 11 operating offices in eight states.​

18 Electrical/Quality Engineer– EPCO
Schindler Elevator Corporation Title: Electrical/Quality Engineer Location: Wayne, NJ Assignment:  Direct Hire Position Summary: Researches, plans, and designs electromechanical products and systems and directs and coordinates activities involved in fabrication, operation, application, installation, and repair of these parts. Support Quality department in inspection and testing of electromechanical parts. Position Description: Researches and analyzes data such as customer design proposal, specifications, and manuals to determine feasibility design or application. Design electromechanical products or systems such as switches, buttons, and fixtures. May fabricate test control apparatus and equip, and develop methods and procedures for testing products. Reviews fabrication and installation activities to ensure products and systems conform to engineering design and customer specifications. Required Education: Bachelor’s degree (BA) in electromechanical engineering for a 4 year school Previous Work Experience: 3-7 years related experience. Additional Skills:  Ability to write reports, business correspondence, and procedures manuals. Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from groups of managers, co-workers, customers, and the general public. Ability to apply mathematical operations to such tasks as frequency distribution, and determination, of test reliability. Proficient in Word and Excel. Experience with SAP a plus.

19 X-Ray Physics Instructor
About the Job Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic is currently accepting resumes for the position of X-Ray Physics Instructor.​  This lecture/​Laboratory course is an in-depth study of the physics involved in the production of x-rays, its properties, and interactions with matter as well as basic x-ray machine operation, developing procedures and patient risk considerations.​  Applicants must have a Bachelors of Science degree and 5 years experience as a registered radiologic technologist.​  Part-Time.​

20 Physics Specialist - Product Support Engineer
  Full Time, Employee   Fitchburg, WI 53711 We simplify healthcare by focusing on the people in the care cycle – patients and care providers. Through combining human insights and clinical expertise, we aim to improve patient outcomes while lowering the burden on the healthcare system. Philips delivers advanced solutions for both health professionals, to meet the needs of patients, and empowered consumers for affordable healthcare whether in hospital or at home. Job Description The primary job responsibilities of the Physics Support Specialist will include phone support for customers using the Pinnacle3 Radiation Therapy Planning (RTP) system and physics class instruction to prepare new customers for beam data collection and modeling. Analyze and resolve customer support issues via phone and remote access. Determine if the problem is hardware, software, user error or other. Utilize depth of application knowledge to analyze and resolve issue. Execute procedures to analyze and resolve customer problem. Track metrics to analyze improve customer support issues. Must be able to provide on-call support. Exercise good judgment within scope to solve problem. Notifies management via specified escalation process. Requirements The position requires a M.S. degree in physics or related field with at least two (2) years experience in a radiation therapy clinical setting or equivalent. Familiarity with the Pinnacle3 system in a clinical setting and any commercial experience in the RTP industry, including beam data collection and modeling. Good written and verbal communication skills are required. Knowledge of Unix and networking basics is a plus, and PC skills are required. Ability to work under pressure, in a timely fashion utilizing specified procedures. Good verbal communication skills. Ability to follow established practices and procedures to address problems. Good teamwork skills. Excellent phone skills. Previous remote customer support experience is a plus. Advanced computer skills are required for PCs, Unix (Solaris preferred) and Networking techniques. Technical writing skills to create technical documents to be used by customer support.

21 Problem Solver / Technical Services / Engineer / Math / Physics / IT / MIS
Location: Madison, WI What You’ll Do – Problem Solver/Technical Services Epic’s Technical Services team is responsible for our clients’ happiness after the systems are installed. They create valuable relationships by listening well to customer concerns and championing clients’ needs. They work with IT staff at customer sites to quickly resolve technical issues and perform necessary programming, helping to ensure that every customer gets the most out of an Epic software investment.   Candidates should have a bachelor’s degree or higher in engineering or hard science, a history of academic success demonstrated by a minimum 3.4 cumulative GPA, strong analytical and reasoning skills, programming experience, and be eligible to work in the U.S. without sponsorship.  Relocation to Madison, Wisconsin is required and reimbursed. What We Do (Company Profile) Improving healthcare is one of the biggest challenges of our time. Epic rises to this challenge by creating award-winning software that helps healthcare organizations provide better care and reduce costs. Our software is designed to support all the functions that orbit around the patient. The systems we create work in unison to dissolve the informational boundaries that create inefficient, and sometimes dangerous healthcare. Epic has established itself as the vendor of choice for large and complex healthcare organizations; our client base consists of privately held organizations and public facilities, including universities and local government healthcare organizations. We have set records for size, scope and amount of data integration per organization. Epic continues to be at the forefront of real-time, patient record interoperability and is leading the revolution in giving patients access to their own electronic medical records. We're searching for smart, passionate people who want to achieve great things. You'll be in a world-class learning environment, where we make sure you get the education you need to do something extraordinary. You will work hard, collaborate with the brightest minds, and do things that make a difference, all while enjoying great benefits and a casual work environment (jeans, shorts, sandals). Located in Madison, Wisconsin, Epic is proud to be a privately-held software company with 30 years of success.

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