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2 It is a terrific message, such as all threats
It is a terrific message, such as all threats. What really could make determine us to pass at action ?! How look the people that are in condition to set in motion the mechanisms of efficient decrease of pollution ?! I think the world would be a better place if we all stopped and said, "I will not be a part of this madness”. Watch this presentation only if consider that you are determined to take concrete attitude for decreasing of pollution, otherwise you will become sad vainly !

Our Earth is in trouble, and it needs your help!

4 Very little people realize that pollution is very harmful because they don't think of the enviroment, themselves and other people and what it can do. Pollution is gradually destroying our planet and is gradually killing ourselves too.

5 Nature is everything that is around us, which sustains us and gives us the air we breathe, the food we eat, and land we live on. Help us protect it for the sake of ourselves and our future. After all, the future is where we will spend the rest of our lives.

6 Further, anything we do now will consequentially effect future generations.
We must avoid compromising future land use potential. We need to learn from the past, apply current solutions and protect the future.

7 In other words, we as humans are responsible for conserving our planet
In other words, we as humans are responsible for conserving our planet. Our actions do impact our environment. Our decisions can either save our earth or completely destroy it.

8 Man is the only animal who destroy your own environment
and all that live around this.

9 Our Earth is in trouble, and it needs your help
Our Earth is in trouble, and it needs your help! Our air is being poisoned everyday by car fumes, our oceans polluted with toxic wastes, and our beautiful rainforests are being destroyed. Everyone can help make the Earth a better place to live for our children.

10 Stop the degradation of the planet's natural environment and build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature, by conserving the world's biological diversity, ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable, and promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption.

11 Pollution is a dirty world !

12 Examples of Air Pollution
Emissions from Factories and Industry: The industrialization of society ,factories by production processes releasing a number of harmful contaminants (carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, synthetic compounds) into the atmosphere,are the major sources of air pollution Exhaust Gases of Vehicles: Pollution from exhaust gases of vehicles is reponsible for 60% of all air pollution and in cities up to 80%. There is a large variety of harmful chemicals present in these gases, with lead being one of the most dangerous. Smoke: Other components of smoke include gaseous air pollutants such as hydrocarbons, oxides of nitrogen, and carbon monoxide. Sources of smoke may include fossil fuel combustion, agricultural burning, and other combustion processes.

13 Air Pollution Causes and Effects
The main environmental effects of air pollution: Acid rain, Global Warming, Greenhouse effect , Ozone loss, Smog

14 Acid rain is caused when sulfur and nitrogen dioxides from industrial smokestacks combine with atmospheric moisture to produce highly acidic rain, snow, hail, or fog. The resulting rain is acidic which destroys natural ecosystems ands buildings.

15 "Global warming" refers to the increase of the Earth's average surface temperature, due to a build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

16 Human activities-particularly burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas), agriculture and land clearing-are generating more greenhouse gases. Greater concentrations of greenhouse gases will trap more heat and raise the Earth’s surface temperature.

17 The depletion of the ozone layer has been caused largely by the emission of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) from refrigerators, air conditioners, and aerosols, supersonic aircraft. This can increase the amount of ultraviolet radiation reaching the earth, where it damages crops and plants.

18 Smog, a contraction of the words smoke and fog, has been caused by water condensing on smoke particles, usually from burning coal.

19 Air and water are life's most valuable resources, without them no living thing on earth can survive. Free the air and water from pollutants.

20 The air around us is getting more and more polluted.
We have the capability, and the responsibility. We must act before it is too late." --The Dalai Lama



23 Air pollution, is a major cause of global warming.
We are all contributors to global warming and we all need to be part of the solution.

24 Together, we can solve the Global Warming !
Air pollution is a major problem effecting the entire world esspecially when we start burning forests which are the main source to oxygen (O2). Together, we can solve the Global Warming !

25 Air pollution is very harmful it is destructive to living organs.
We all contribute to air pollution in some way or another.

26 Take Action! and reduce carbon dioxide emissions now.

27 Rapid industrialization is the main cause of environmental pollution.

28 Time to act: clean up our atmosphere.
Quality of air means quality of life.

29 The flares are used in many types of plants, for example oil wells, refineries, chemical industries, and landfills.

30 Atmospheric nuclear explosions produce large amounts of radiation and radioactive debris. Radioactive dust from atomic explosions float sometimes even 7 years in the atmosphere. The smoke and dust produced by a large nuclear war would result in a prolonged period of cold on the earth, defined as nuclear winter.

31 No one can save the world alone, but each one of us can contribute his or her own piece to the whole. Future generations are entitled to a diverse environment.


33 Examples of Water Pollution
Industrial affluents . Water is discharged from after having been used in production processes. Mining and Agricultural Wastes . Mines, especially gold and coal mines, are responsible for large quatities of acid water. Agricultural pesticides, fertilisers and herbicides may wash into rivers and stagnant water bodies. Sewage Disposal and Domestic Wastes . Sewage as wel as domestic and farm wastes were often allowed to pollute rivers and dams.

34 Oil spill is harmful to the marine ecosystems.

35 Oil pollution also detroys the habitats of many species of fish and other animals.

36 Oil spills are one of the most damaging forms of water pollution.


38 Oil spewed into one of the most bountiful marine ecosystems in the world, killing birds, marine mammals, and fish, and devastating the ecosystem in the oil's path.

39 Help identify, report and stop polluters.

40 The ocean can get contaminated with nuclear waste by illegal dumping, atomic bomb tests or accidents aboard nuclear powered vessels or at nuclear reactors near coastlines.

41 The toxic waste leaks into our water supply.


43 Toxic substances and residues, solid and dangerous waste products

44 Time to Act: Cleaning up water pollution


46 Overexploitation of the earth’s natural resources greatly impacts on the poor who suffer the most from resource depletion and environmental degradation.

47 Examples of Soil Pollution and degradation
Poor agricultural practices by using chemicals fertiliser,herbicides and pesticides. Mining exploitation and urbanisation Massive deforestations for industrial exploitation and agriculture Industrial waste dumping, and disposal of urban wastes .

48 Nature: Is it a Priority? Save on Planet Earth for your Home .

49 Deforestation is one of the most infamous human-generated environmental disasters.

50 Deforestation can cause soil erosion which results in the loss of moist fertile top soil.
Trees soak up carbon dioxide, one of the greenhouse gases, from the air.

51 Another major cause of deforestation is commercial agriculture.

52 Nature, whose real nature it is to rise again, was transformed into dead and manipulatable matter - its capacity to renew and grow denied.

53 The many forests found on this planet are rapidly being destroyed.
Whether it is because of agriculture, industry or mining and for living space, deforestation is occurring all around us and many people chose to ignore it.

54 It may take Centuries to re-grow a forest that was cut down by humans or destroyed by fire, and many of the world's severely threatened animals and plants live in these forests.

55 However, when changes occur at a fast pace, there is little or no time for individual species to react and adjust to new circumstances. This can create disastrous results, and for this reason, rapid habitat loss is the primary cause of species endangerment.

56 Many people in the past also saw nature as inexhaustibly sustainable, which we now know is the case only if we care for it.

57 The mining and smelting industries sometimes use very poisonous chemicals like mercury or cyanide in their treatment processes. The mining change radical the aspect of surroundings, destroyng the fertile soil.

58 Natural resources considerated initially inexhaustible, was ascertained that are limited. Consumption growth of natural resources lead to exhaust and limited many of they.

59 Modern agriculture frequently requires chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides, herbicides that can upset the balance of life in productive natural environments.

60 Salinisation. Associated with irrigation
Salinisation . Associated with irrigation. The water used for irrigation has dissolved salts that are left behind as the water evaporates , Affects 25% of farmlands.

61 Attention , the desert advance !
Massives deforestations, global warming and intensive agriculture exploitation destroys the grounds and lead to deserts extending.

62 In the grand towns naturals landscapes are restricting very much.
Urban sprawl, population growth -- defined as irresponsible, planned development that destroys green space. In the grand towns naturals landscapes are restricting very much.

63 Urbanization centralizes population, and may affect the environment in a certain area. Population increase led to more consumption of resources, and increased the amount of waste. At the same time, environmental resources and capacities are limited.

64 Urbanization change radical the environment by overlapped highways, deep foundations of block of flats, underground passages, subway tunnels, sewerage network, water and gases pipelines.


66 The generation of dangerous waste products creates a serious problem of environmental contamination and public health.

67 Don’t throw rubbish in public places such as streets, parks, picnic areas, at bus stops and near shops. .

68 Keep environment clean !


70 Would you like your children to grow up near this place ?

71 Recycle and dispose of all trash properly.

72 Time to Act: Reduce the Waste You Produce

73 Defending indigenous peoples - and therefore their territorial, social and cultural rights, their ways of life and civilization and the use of their natural resources should be ensured. Preserving their cultural survival .

74 Time to Act: Conserve Our Biodiversity.

75 Radioactive pollution by dust from atomic explosions and by disposal of radioactive waste from atomic station destroyed the environment and all life forms over an extended period ranging from hours to centuries, and over both nearby and thousands of kilometers away.

76 We're working to fulfill your hopes for nature.

77 “In turn, the restored ecosystem may be able better to support humans,”

78 Working for a sustainable future…

79 Reduce, reuse, and recycle.
Help preserve our world for all generations to come.

80 Protecting our planet, will proctect our life.
Your actions today will decide the quality of tomorrow's world.

81 Helping the world breathe easier !

82 The primary function of a filter is to reduce or eliminate undesirable contaminants from fluids prior to their flow through sensitive system components.

83 The best way to stop water pollution is to keep potential pollutants from getting into the water, or if the waste is the result of washing or some other use of water, to treat the water to remove the pollutants before it is released back into the natural environment.

84 Water-epuration stations represent the main means for treating polluted waters principally the house waters.

85 Water,life’s spring and health

86 Our health is at risk from the excessive contamination of our air, water, and soil. We have a right to breathe safe, clean air. We deserve uncontaminated water and soil.

87 …is expected to restore forests, stop flooding and aridity, and turn the deforested land back to green.

88 Restoration of Natural Ecosystems
Preservation of Natural / Green Spaces

89 Save Land for FREE! Protect wilderness land, Plant a Tree for Free , Reduce Pollution

90 Benefiting Greenhouse & Nursery Growers
Modern greenhouse and nurseries are usually condensed, highly populated, intense growing environments.

91 Develops and manages continuing reforestation
Reforestation is the restocking of existing forests and woodlands which have been depleted, with native tree stock.

92 Only you can help to save our earth, and hopefully, with care give it a rebirth.
Plant a tree. Trees take carbon dioxide out of the air and give us oxygen to breathe.

93 Helping conserve, preserve and care for the earth is everyone's best interest.

94 We as citizens and human beings
have an obligation to our children and each other to conserve and sustain these environment resources for the future. Just think how poor we would be without them.

95 You can take attitude by sending farther
this slide show to many people.

96 What you can do to save the earth:
Use less polluting technologys, that don’t affect the environment. Exploit the environment this way that can regenerate and preserve oneself permanently. Use purifyng filters of emissions, for retaining the solids from the technological gases. Treating used waters in the water-epuration plant, before is released back into the rivers, lakes or sea. Use an ecological agriculture,who maintain a healty environment Reafforestation of ground area about that is remove the vegetation, with quick growing tree. Walk if it's close, or take a bus or subway or train. Cars pollute a lot - if you have to go by car, try the premium gasoline. Recycling prevents useful material resources being wasted, reduces the consumption of raw materials and reduces energy usage. Clean up. If you see trash lying somewhere, pick it up and dispose properly. And throw away your own trash in the proper places. Establish protective forms such as national parks, natural reservations, refuges, declare of some remarkable landscape “nature’s monuments” Be an activist. Join in an organisation concerned with  the protection & conservation of the environment.

97 To be continued … Conception and realization : Renard
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