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Genus Electrotech Ltd.

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1 Genus Electrotech Ltd.

2 All EMS Solution Under One Umbrella

3 Genus Profile Genus Electrotech Ltd., part of Kailash Group, is an ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004 certified company. Genus has proved itself as the first Indian venture having total backward integration right from bare board PCB to EPS & Corrugation boxes for manufacturing of electronic products and consumer durables. Genus is one of the fastest emerging company in the Electronics/Electrical sector in India. We have state of art manufacturing facilities with dedicated professional team. Genus has an Capital Investment of 25 Million USD. The plant has built up area of 35,000 sq meters on a total available land area of 70,000 sq meters.

4 Manufacturing Facility PCB Plant (Single side & Double side) Automatic component (Radial/Axial) Insertion Line Fully Automatic SMT Line F/A Line for CTV, Washing Machine and other products. Cable Plant, LT cables and power cords for all products. Injection Moulding Shop Sheet Metal Shop Powder Coating & liquid painting Automatic 5 ply corrugation Plant EPS (Thermocol)

5 Milestones Incorporation of the CompanyJul – 03 Collaboration with LG, India for CTV Oct – 03 Collaboration with LG, India for Washing MachineOct – 04 Commencement of production ofMar – 05 ISO CertificationApr – 05 Commencement of production of PCBJun – 05 Collaboration with Onida for CTVJan – 06 UL approval for pcbsMar – 06 Commencement of Corrugation & EPSJul – 06 ISO 14001:2004 CERTIFICATIONAug ,000th CTV rolls outMar – ,000th Washing Machine rolls outMar - 07

6 Sale Performance Turnover in Million USD ( Figures for , are projected) Our Group moves with the belief that there are no dead ends, only beginnings. With this spirit, today our group having brand name Genus has turnover of more than 250 Mn. USD.

7 Location 5 Kms from Kandla Airport 50 Kms from Bhuj Airport 17 Kms from Kandla Port 67 Kms from Mundra Port 10 Kms from Railway Station International Airports: Ahmedabad 300kms & Mumbai 700km

8 Graphical Advantage Kandla / Mundra Ports are adjacent Proximity to Kandla / Mundra Special Economic Zones (SEZs) Sea Transportation within India (Cochin, Tuticorin) reduces cost & time. Rajkot – 200 kms, one of the major engineering hub. Jamnagar – 350 kms, biggest manufacturing hub for brass parts. Reliance & Lanxess – 400kms, biggest manufacturers for PP & ABS

9 Vibrant Growth Prospects: Greater Value Addition Bare PCB AI / MI / SMD Inj. Moudling Sheet Metal Cutting Paint Shop Powder Coating EPS Corrugation Semi Finish Final Assembly Line

10 PCB Plant Manufacturing capacity of 250, 000 sqm of Single Side, 60,000 sqm of Double Side per annum.

11 PCB Plant

12 PCB Plant

13 PCB Plant

14 AI / MI Line Eyelet Mounting machine - Mulserter, Korea Jumper wire insertion machine – Universal, USA Axial component insertion machine – Universal, USA Axial component sequencer machine with 120 stations – Universal, USA Radial component inserter with 80 stations – TDK, Japan In Circuit Testers – Okano, Japan Wave soldering machine – Solmac, Korea

15 AI / MI Line

16 Fully Automatic SMT Line Automatic Loaders and Unloaders – Nutek, Singapore. Automatic Solder Paste Printer – Ekra, Germany. Glue Dispensing Machine – I-pulse, Japan. Chip Shooter ( cph ) – Juki, Japan. IC Placer ( cph ) – Juki, Japan. Solder Reflow Oven – BTU, USA.

17 Surface Mount Technology Chip Shooter Automatic Paste Printer

18 Lead Free Support We are the process of installing Lead Free compatible wave soldering machine for PCB assemblies and HAL ( Hot Air Leveling ) for PCB manufacturing which is expected to be completed within two months. We are also in the process of getting approval for RoHS.

19 Service at AI/MI / SMT CTV Board

20 Energy Meter Inverter Network Card Service at AI/MI / SMT

21 Three complete automatic conveyorised lines for Final Assembly of products Like Televisions, Washing Machine, etc. with automatic tray return system. Final Assembly Line

22 250T Press ( Erfurt – Germany ). 110T Press. 50T Press. Liquid Paint Shop

23 Sheet Metal Shop Automatic 4P Bending Machine

24 Automatic Powder Coating A fully automatic powder coating plant with 9 tank pre-treatment system to manufacture products like Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Air conditioners, Mircrowaves, Computers CPUs, DVDs, etc….

25 Liquid Paint Shop Conveyorised Liquid Paint Shop for Painting Plastic Component

26 Injection Moulding Shop 17 imported Injection Moulding machines. 90T : 2 150T : 1 210T : 2 250T : 2 350T : 2 450T : 2 Gas Injection Facility. In-House Tool Room for mould maintenance. 600T : 2 850T : T : T : T : 2

27 Injection Moulding Shop

28 Injection Moulding Shop 1800 Ton with Robotic Arm

29 Cable Plant Design, Manufacture, Test and Supply of armoured / unarmoured PVC/ XLPE / HRPVC / FRLS-LT Power and Control Cables, Arial Bunch Cables, Flexible Cables and Conductors. Power cords for consumer durables.

30 Cable Plant

31 Cable Plant

32 Automatic 5ply Corrugation Plant Corrugated Boxes for Refrigerators, Televisions, Washing Machines, Computers, Monitors etc… with automatic printing line.

33 EPS ( Expandable Polystyrene ) Automatic Hydraulic Shape Moulding Machines

34 Why Genus ? 1.Complete Backward Integration All manufacturing facilities from Soul to Sealing are situated at one place to provide most cost effective solutions. 2.Geographical Advantage Well connected by major Sea Ports (Kandla & Mundra), Air Posts (Kandla, Bhuj, Rajkot, Ahmedabad & Mumbai), Road (NH 8A) and Rail. Proximity to Kandla / Mundra Special Economic Zones (SEZs). Facility for Sea Transportation within India. 3.Technical Strength More than 75 Engineers and 200 Trained supervisors & Operators. Developed its own products like Energy meters, Set-Top Box, Hybrid Micro Circuits, Inverters, etc … R&D lab at Jaipur is recognized by the Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India.

35 Why Genus ? 4.Technical Competency Capable to manufacture 0.80 mm to 3.20 mm of single side & double side PCBs. Good Manufacturing set up for SMT with RoHS compatibles for components from size 0.6 mm X 0.30 mm & Max mm diagonally, Radial & Axial line. Capable of Moulding Plastic component from fraction of grams to 6500 grams. Can process wide range of plastic materials (Commodity & Eng. Plastic) like PP, ABS, HIPS, POM, NYLON, PMMA, etc … Liquid paint shop to give extra gloss finish over the plastic components. In-house corrugation Plant & EPS plant. Excellent Tool Room for maintenance of Moulds up to 20T. 5.Quality Awards Quality Awards from LG. Q – Achiever Award From Onida.

36 Why Genus ? 6.Quality Certification ISO 9001 : 2000 ISO : 2004 UL for PCBs BIS for Cables 7.Exporting PCBs to Spain, Italy, South Africa, USA. 8.Professional 9.Fiscal Benefits Central Excise Duty exemption for 5 years. Sales Tax exemption for 10 years. 10.Can Plan New Project at Uttranchal / Himachal (Excise Free Zone up to 2020) as per requirement.

37 Why Genus ? 11.Financial Strengths Enjoying trust & supports of India's leading Banks viz State Bank of India, State Bank of Saurastra, Bank of Baroda, ICICI Bank and UTI Bank. Enjoying very high Financial Safety Health Code of AAA from Bank of Baroda. Adequate Equity support by Promoters. 12.Sound Customer Base Cable manufacturing capacity booked for another 2 years. Have strong Tie-Ups for Washing Machine & CTV Plant capacity with largest selling Brands like LG & Onida. Overseas Customers for PCBs.

38 Potential Opportunities 1.Consumer Electronics (CE) Color Television Audio Systems DVD Player Set-Top Box 2.Domestic Appliances Products (Dap) Woodstove Water Purifier 3.Lighting Division Electronic Ballast CFL PCB & Assembly 4.Medical Division Can Explore Possibility 5.Sourcing of Corrugation paper from our 250 TPD Plant at Moradabad - UP

39 Valuable Clients LG Electronics Onida (Mirc Electronics) Future Group (Big Bazzar) – Koryo Brand State Electricity Boards Pricol Telenet Gran Electronics Zelemers - South Africa IM-EX – Italy Circuitronix - USA

40 Contacts For All Communications: For Offers and Quotes for EMS: For Offers and Quotes for PCB : For Offers and Quotes for CABLES : To Discuss with Top Management:

41 Thanks For Visiting First Indian venture, having total backward integration right from bare board PCB to corrugation boxes (from soul to sealing)

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