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Air Quality in Hong Kong

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1 Air Quality in Hong Kong
By Tess Lo 8M

2 How bad is the air quality in Hong Kong?
The air quality in Hong Kong is usually quite high, but it is higher in certain places, for example, Mong Kok and Central, as there are many cars passing by each day. The level of air quality can also depending on which way the wind is blowing. Air quality in Central

3 How much has the air quality changed from around ten years ago?
As the two charts show, the air pollution in 1999 was better than in 2008.

4 What causes the bad air quality?
Major causes include; local car exhaust pollution produced from power plants. Power Plants in Lamma Island

5 What effects has the air quality caused?
The bad air quality in Hong Kong has affected mainly the health of residents in Hong Kong. Many more people are getting Asthma and bronchial infections. The visibility is less than eight kilometers for at least 30% of the year.

6 How is the government reacting?
The Environment Protection Department has started a program called “Action Blue Sky”. Its aim is to get not only the public, but also business community’s support in improving the air quality levels. "Every small step taken by each individual to support the clean-air initiatives in our daily lives can help reduce air pollution." The Chief Executive, Mr Donald Tsang The logo for the program.

7 How can we improve the air quality?
You can improve the air quality by simply; Driving less and taking more public transport. Cut your car’s engine while waiting. Turn off lights,fans,air conditioners etc. when not using. This can save energy,money, and pollution from power stations. Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse.

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