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Korea-Azerbaijan Industry & Tech Cooperation Two Map 1.

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1 Korea-Azerbaijan Industry & Tech Cooperation Two Map 1

2 CONTENTS o Introduction o Trade Landscape o Investment Landscape o Current Focus Toward New Horizon o Industrial & Tech Tie-Ups by Sector o Conclusion 2

3 Introduction Korea.. Azerbaijan.. Introduction 3

4 Korea.. - Azerbaijan.. 4

5 Introduction Milestones in Azerbaijan-Korea Relationship March 1992Established Diplomatic Relations May 2005Korean President Roh Moo-Hyun Made Official Visit to Azerbaijan - Cultural Cooperation Agreement signed - Aviation Cooperation Accord signed April 2007Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev Made Official Visit to Korea - Accompanied by six ministers and other officials - More than 30 cooperation agreements covering economic sectors signed May 2008Korean Prime Minister Han Seung-Soo Visited Azerbaijan - Double Taxation Avoidance Cooperation Agreement signed - Korean firms sign US$530 million in contracts to build infrastructure and develop natural resources April 2012Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev Visited Korea for Seoul Nuclear Security Summit 5

6 Trade Landscape Trade Volume Soars, Still Huge Potential o Jumps From US$32 million in 2005 to US$282 million in 2012 o Azerbaijan offers promising export items for Korea - Crude oil - Aluminum - Copper - Others Source: Korea International Trade Association Azerbaijan-Korea Trade Trend Two-Way Trade Volume (Jan.-Aug. 2013): US$191 Million 6

7 Trade Landscape Made-in-Korea Brand Gaining Popularity in Azerbaijan o High quality & moderate price driving competitiveness o Key items lead in Azerbaijan market share Azerbaijans Top Ten Imports From Korea (2012)To Ten Automobile Importers to Azerbaijan Korea-Turkey Top 10 Trade Items in 2012 Source: Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) - Automobiles, TVs, refrigerators, others RankItemAmount (US$1,000)Change (%) 1Passenger cars] 166, Synthetic resin 19, Cargo vehicles 18, Valves 2,195 7, Heavy construction equipment 14, Air conditioners 5, Electronic medical devices 1, Automotive parts 5, Steel structures 2, Lubricating oil 1, RankCountryVolume (cars) Share (%) 1Korea14, % 2Russia12, % 3Germany8, % 4Japan7, % 5U.S.A.2,1024.0% 6China1,3852.6% 7India1,0912.1% 8United Kingdom1,0282.0% 9Thailand7391.4% 10Spain4760.9% Source: 7

8 8 Investment Landscape Investment Exchanges Remain Low Despite Potential o Korean investment in Azerbaijan reached US$4.2 million in 40 cases as of March 2013 o 10 Korean companies operating in Azerbaijan Korean Companies Active in Azerbaijan NameBusiness LineAddress & Website AZKOR Khan Shushunski 72A, Nasimi Region, Baku, Azerbaijan GP ( · ) 28 May str, 13-13, Baku, Azerbaijan - Gloria Eurasia ( · · · ) Mir Qasimov str., 10-12, Azerbaijan - Daewoo International · Caspian business center 5th floor, C.Cabbarly 40, Baku, Azerbaijan Samsung Electronics · 13th fl., Caspian Plaza, Jabbarli Str., 44, Baku, Azerbaijan Ultra Construction · 2nd Floor Caspian Plaza C. Cabbarli 44, Azerbaijan Peongwha E&C · Tibilisi avenue, Ministry of Transport of Azerbaijan Republic, PEC office, Azerbaijan Heerim Architects & Planners · International Trade Center 208, Heydar Aliyev 95, Baku, Azerbaijan SK C&C 12th Floor Caspian Plaza, Azerbaijan UNICO Logistics Baku · 3rd floor of Prime Plaza, 12 Basti Bagirova str., Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ

9 Industrial & Tech Tie-Ups by Sector Oil & Gas Oil & Gas Exports Key to Azerbaijans Economic Growth o Proven Reserves: 7 billion barrels, 0.6% of worlds total o Daily Oil Production: 931,880 barrels - Domestic Consumption: 85,320 barrels - Export: 846,560 barrels o Gas development at Shah Deniz field - Capacity: 565 Bcf (plus 315 Bcf in Phase I) - One of the largest gas fields in the world 9

10 Industrial & Tech Tie-Ups by Sector Oil & Gas Korean Interest in US$15 Billion OGPC Project o OGPC: 1,500-hectare oil & gas processing and petrochemical complex o Construction Period: o Project Detail: Consisting of 3 block o Location: 60 kilometers from Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan - GPP: Gas processing plant - REF: Oil refinery, including, inter alia, reformer, hydrocracker and FCCO unit - PETR: Petrochemical plant, including stream cracker and polyethylene-polypropylene units - Management: State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) o Protect Details: 10

11 Industrial & Tech Tie-Ups by Sector Growing Infrastructure & Construction Demand in Line With Azerbaijans Rapid Socio-Economic Development Construction & Infrastructure Korea Ideally Positioned to Participate in Azerbaijani Projects Based on Extensive Experience & Technology o Korean financing capacity complements expertise, experience & technology Major Infrastructure Projects Awarded to Korean Companies in 2013 CompanyProjectAmount Samsung Engineering Hirim Architecture Halla Construction 11

12 Industrial & Tech Tie-Ups by Sector Information & Communications Azerbaijans Expansion of ICT Infrastructure o Development of broadband Internet access - Envisions fiber-optic cable network for countrywide high-speed broadband Internet service - Continuation of Trans-Eurasian Information Superhighway Project Koreas Proven Record in World-Class ICT Development 12

13 Industrial & Tech Tie-Ups by Sector Information & Communications Major ICT Cooperation Projects o Agreement on US$3.7-million grant for establishment of e-government training centers in Azerbaijan - 15 training centers supported by Korean experts - Integral part of broad Electronic Azerbaijan vision o Establishment of state-of-the-art ICT demonstration venue for e-learning - Sharing of Korean expertise & experience in digital education o Establishment of KIPOnet - Korea-developed electronic intellectual property support system - Online platform for patent applications & receipt, active technology database with search function, online payment of patent-related fees o SK C&C engaged in ICT system & solution establishment - Address registration information system - Intelligent transportation system (ITS) 13

14 Industrial & Tech Tie-Ups by Sector Agriculture Azerbaijan Plan to Double Agricultural Production by 2020 o 6-7% growth projected for Essential to improving living standards Potential Cooperation with Korea in Various Areas o Training of skilled manpower o Grants & technical assistance o Development of e-agriculture system Increased Agro Machinery Demand o Expanded farmland and greater mechanization fuel demand o Various products, ranging from motorized tractors to hand-operated shovels 14

15 Industrial & Tech Tie-Ups by Sector Defense Industry Agreement to Sign Korea-Azerbaijan Defense Exchange MOU o Bilateral Deputy Defense Ministers Meeting (August 2013) - Agenda: Exchanges in defense education, defense industry cooperation Water Korean Support to Improve Water & Sewage Service for Absheron District o Grant: US$26.18 million o Facilities: Two water reservoirs, sewage treatment o Construction Period:

16 Conclusion 16

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