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Ball-Tech Energy Ltd. Present the BallTechnic® System

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1 Ball-Tech Energy Ltd. Present the BallTechnic® System
Air Conditioning and Industrial Heat Exchangers Cleaning Systems Products line Prese. Ball Tech Energy Ltd.

2 Ball-Tech Energy Ltd. ·. Established in 1989 as an R&D company. ·‏
Ball-Tech Energy Ltd. · Established in 1989 as an R&D company. ·‏ Reorganized in 1994 with new investment and management.specializes in the field of water treatment. · Main product line The BallTechnic System. Patented throughout the world. ·‏ Installed in air conditioning or industrial water piping. Keep heat exchanger tubes permanently clean. ·‏ Enables heat exchanger nonstop operation at its optimum design condition. ·‏ Over 1700 Installations in Israel, Italy, France, Mexico, S. Africa Thailand, India, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and the Philippines Located in the modern Industrial Park in Rosh Ha’ain, Israel.

3 A total solution for Air-Con
A total solution for Air-Con.& Industrial cooling system’s Scale Fouling and its Environmental problems.

4 Keeping Air Conditioning Systems in Full Capacity & Efficiency
The Problem Keeping Air Conditioning Systems in Full Capacity & Efficiency The Solution Keeping the Heat Exchanger Tubes Always Clean

5 Central Air-conditioning System -Block Diagram

6 The Problem Cooling capacity of The majority of medium to large central air conditioning systems are designed around a re-circulating open water cooling systems. Water flow in the tubes of Shell & Tube heat exchanger and remove the heat from the coolant gas. Water contains low solubility salts and sediments that deposit and build a stony scale on the inner tubes surfaces, causing fouling of the heat exchanger unit. Fouling of the heat exchanger unit is causing reduction of the Air Conditioning C.O.P ·1mm of scale can be deposited in 2000 hours of operation. ·1mm scale reduces the the system by 45%

7 What is Causing Fouling? Why? How Fast ?
Water contain minerals of Magnesium and Calcium that tend to deposit on hot surfaces. Scale, fouling sediments can be found after operation hours Mg(HCO 3 ) 2 MgCO + CO + H O Ca(HCO CaCO heat Deposit

8 Coefficient of Performance (COP) of A/C systems
Cooling Rate of A/C Systems T.R Q L W C C.O.P = = Electrical power required to generate above T.R

9 The Problem A/C system stoppage due to compressor high head pressure.
Accumulation of stony deposits on the tube inner wall has a heat insulating effect that results in: ·‏ Reduction of system C.O.P and overall capacity ·‏ Lower C.O.P requires extra installed capacity resulting in higher installation cost ·‏ Lower C.O.P means higher electricity consumption and maintenance costs. A/C system stoppage due to compressor high head pressure.

10 The Effect of Scale on A/C Performance
Clean Regular 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 C.O.P 4 5 6 7 No of operational months 100% Refrigeration Months Minimum Another unit added Electricity in Kw

11 Current Design Consideration to Compensate Fouling
· Add more capacity per unit · Add units as backup during disassembly and cleaning Current Operational Consideration to Compensate Fouling ·Use more electricity for the required cooling ·Operate another system earlier ·Special maintenance to disassemble and clean the heat exchanger


13 Keeping Heat Exchanging Tubes Always Clean Existing Solutions
Chemical cleaning by acids. Shutting down and chemical-acid cleaning of the heat exchanger tubes. Frequent mechanical disassembly and acid cleaning of the heat exchanger tubes require excessive maintenance time. Acid can damage the tubes and the system. An additional backup unit is required to provide cooling while cleaning the system. Loss of production and cooling for days. Environmental problems due to the disposal of the chemicals.

14 Ball Tech system It is an hydro-mechanical system,
circulate Sponge Balls through condenser's tubes and keep them permanently clean.

15 Ball Tech system installation

16 Ball Tech system Cleaning Concept
Features *·The system injects and collects the soft balls in seconds 100% reliable system * Inject and Clean the tubes every 40 min (adjustable) totally avoids scale * The Sponge Balls made of natural rubber with special wear resistance additives * The sponge ball’ls diameter is 1 mm larger than that of the heat exchanger inner tube’s diameter.. * Sponge Ball’s and condense water specific weight are identical. * Sponge Ball has Excellent Flexibility * The sponge balls enter and moves through the heat exchanger tubes by the water flow * The sponge balls wipe off the inner tubes walls without disturbing the condense water flow. * Balls replacements - Every 1500 Hrs of the chiller works.

17 Ball Tech system installation

18 Ball Tech Injector and Sponge Ball rinsing

19 Ball Tech system advantages
It is a simple, reliable hydro-mechanical system. It keeps heat exchanger’s tubes permanently and absolutely clean. It is simple to install and requires no modification to the heat exchanger. The ball flow does not disturb the condense water flow. It does not impair environmental quality. It preserves heat exchanger’s C.O.P. as designed by the manufacturer.

20 Saving on Air-conditioning’s energy consumption about 15% and more.
Reduce maintenance and chemicals cost. It is one-time investment recoverable within one year. It prevents accelerated chiller’s compressor wear. Clean and simple procedures for supervision by any maintenance technician.

21 Patent Protection Ball-Tech Energy Ltd. has patented its BallTechnic System products throughout the world Patents No ·‏ US · Israel 96802 ·‏ US · Israel 94289 ·‏ US · Israel 79885 ·‏ US · Europe B1 Patents Applications in the following countries: · Israel · Japan · USA · China · Mexico · Singapore · S. Africa · Thailand · Europe · Australia

22 The Thermodynamic Cycle P-H Graph

23 Calculation of Cleaning Reliability:
The BallTechnic system is using 30 balls for every 100 tubes in a pass (30% of the counted tubes) ·‏ Can this ratio clean all the tubes? ·‏ Yes, with % reliability Some simple probability calculations ·‏ The chance of a ball not to pass through a specific tube is 0.7 ·‏ There are, however, about 40 cleaning cycle in 24Hrs and deposits are formed within 200 Hrs. ·‏ The probability of a ball not to clean a tube is reduced over 24 Hrs. at the power of 40 is: (0.7)40 = 6.3 * 10-7= ·Conclusion: cleaning reliability of every tube is proved. ·Field experience: Unnecessary disassembly of the heat exchangers of systems equipped with BallTechnic shows 100% clean tubes with no exception

24 Ball Transfer Force Balls specific gravity is the same as water Ball diameter is 1 mm larger than tube diameter Pressure drop on tube is at least 1 meter (0.1 bar) per pas Example A 20 mm tube diameter, with 0.1bar (1 meter) pressure difference per pass The force that pushes the ball through the tube is: 0.1 bar x (3.14x22 cm)/4 = Kg This pressure is much higher than is required to push the sponge ball through the tube.

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