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2 Company Background Established in 2004, Jordan TechnoTrade is a company specializing in technology & electronics trading. Jordan TechnoTrade provides you the latest cutting edge solutions in technology and electronics. Jordan TechnoTrade covers a wide range of products both hardware and software solutions through establishing strong alliances with major players in the GLOBAL IT industry. As Symantec Enterprise Solution Partner, Jordan TechnoTrade provides dealers with extensive expertise in the field of network and data security. JTT provides a first level support for Symantec products through its team of certified engineers.

3 Company Background In 2006, Jordan TechnoTrade expanded their services to provide Smart Building Consultancy, design and implementation. In the beginning of the year 2007 Jordan Techno Trade expanded its service further to include geothermal Technology. We at Jordan TechnoTrade believe that keeping up with the ever changing global technology industry requires true partnerships to strengthen the IT community and help meet its challenges.

4 Introduction to Geothermal Now a days we are living in an energy crisis period where the energy prices are getting higher each day. Fossil fuels account for 70% of all energy use globally. The price of the fuel had been risen for more than 300% among the last three years in Jordan.

5 Global energy use percentage

6 Global Energy Usage growth Expectation Projected Growth in Global Energy Use, 1995-2010

7 Petroleum Supply, Consumption, and Imports, 1970-2025 million barrels per day 54% 70% 19701980199020002010 2025 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Domestic supply Consumption History Projections Net imports

8 The conventional heating systems The central heating system is the most popular in Jordan, which mainly include a boiler, pumps, pipes, and radiators. The water temperature reaches an average temperature of 50 °C. The system efficiency does not exceed 25%.

9 Conventional cooling systems Since the buildings in Jordan are a low rise buildings, the most popular cooling systems used are the split units. Sometimes the water- cooled chiller or the packaged units are used too. The efficiency of these units does not exceed 40%.

10 What is the Geothermal Energy ? The term Geothermal comes from the Greek word "geo" which means earth and "thermal" means heat, thus geothermal energy is energy derived from the natural heat of the earth.

11 …What is the Geothermal Energy ? In fact, our home is right on the top of a major source of energy; our own backyard…

12 …What is the Geothermal Energy ? The underground temperature stays relatively constant all year.

13 …What is the Geothermal Energy ? Geothermal systems circulate a water-based solution through a "loop" of a small diameter, underground pipes.

14 Types of Loops Vertical Ground Closed Loops Open Loop System Horizontal Ground Closed Loops

15 Heating mode In Winter, its much easier to capture heat from the soil at a moderate 20°C than from the atmosphere when the air temperature is below zero.

16 Heating mode

17 Cooling mode In Summer, the relatively cool ground absorbs a homes waste heat more readily than the warm outdoor air.

18 Cooling mode

19 Energy Saving Geothermal heating and cooling systems are at least three times more efficient than fossil fuel systems. In energy consumption, Water Furnace systems use on average: 75% less primary energy than oil 48% less primary energy than natural gas 33% less primary energy than air-source heat pumps 33% of the refrigerant required by air- source heat pumps and central air conditioners

20 Energy Saving Studies show that approximately 70% of the energy used in a Geothermal Heating and Cooling System are renewable energy from the ground. The remainder is clean, electrical energy which is employed to concentrate heat and transport it from one location to another.

21 Invest in Saving

22 For a conventional heating system, assume the working hours during the five months of the winter season are 5 hours a day, therefore the total working hours of the heating system is: 5 hrs x 30 days x 5 months = 1500 hrs For an average apartment of 200 m ² It has a boiler of 40000 W capacity. The boiler fuel consumption is: 40000 W / 10000 Wh/ltr = 4 Ltr/hr How Its Free ?

23 Therefore the total energy cost during the Winter season of this heating system is: 4 Ltr x 0.33 JD x 1500 hrs = 1980 JD/Year How Its Free ?

24 The Geothermal heat pump energy consumption The geothermal heat pump consumes 0.821 Kw/hr for each ton. For running this heating system during the winter season of the same 200 m ² apartment for the same working hours (1500 hrs/season) The energy consumption cost is: 0.8 Kw/hr/ton x 40Kw/3.571 x 0.063 JD/Kw x 1500 hrs = 846.82 JD / year

25 Energy Saved The Energy saving percentage between the conventional system and our Geothermal system is: (846.82 JD/1980 JD) x 100%= 57.23% Geothermal systems are extremely energy efficient since they only need a comparably small amount of electricity to power the pump, compressor and fan.

26 The energy efficiency of heating equipment can be compared by looking at the rated COP or Coefficient of Performance of the unit. COP is the ratio of energy output to energy input thus a higher COP rating indicates a more efficient unit. Energy Saved

27 The COP of an electric furnace is 1, since each watt of electricity put into it produces the equivalent of 1 watt of heat energy out. Each watt the heat pump uses to run it's transferring mechanism enables it to draw 2 or more from the earth thus giving a total of 3 or more units out for every 1 unit put in. Energy Saved

28 When you use a geothermal comfort system you are choosing the highest quality, best- performing heating and cooling system available! Energy Saved

29 Safe and Clean No flame, no flue, no odors, and no danger of fire or fumes. You can also benefit from less dust and better indoor air quality.

30 Environment The system emits no C02 which is considered a major contributor to environmental air pollution. This is Earths natural thermal energy, a renewable resource, that Mother Nature provides us.

31 Environment

32 Environment

33 Environment

34 Environment

35 Comfort The system provides precise distribution of warmer air in Winter. Gone are the uneven temperatures experienced with ordinary furnaces. In Summer you get central air conditioning with better dehumidification. Thank You

36 Reliability Microprocessor controls and state-of-the-are components allow smooth operation and years of low maintenance and service.

37 Quiet Operation A super efficient compressor and soft-start, variable-speed fan make the system so quiet, that many people find themselves checking to make sure the systems is actually on.

38 Flexibility You get heating, central air conditioning and domestic hot water. Thats three systems - all from the same compact unit.

39 Attractive The completely self-contained unit is maintained indoors. There is no need for noisy, unsightly, outside condensing equipment.

40 comfort zoning Simple addition of a comfort zoning control allow the systems supply just the right amount of heating or cooling comfort to only the areas that require it.

41 Geothermal service includes… Equipment distribution Project Planning, Management and Quality control Heat Load Calculations and Analysis Ground Loop Design Installation of the Product

42 For More information, Please contact Jordan TechnoTrade Tel: 962 6 55248772 Fax: 962 6 55148771


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