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Hall and AMR Technology

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1 Hall and AMR Technology
Aug, 2012 Hall and AMR Technology

2 Agenda Basic theory Product Portfolio Success story Q&A Back up

3 - Theory of Operation + S N I I S Hall-Effect Sensing Mechanism
Magnetoresistive (MR) Sensing Mechanism I V=0 S N + - Current source is applied through a thin sheet of semiconductor material A magnetic field applied parallel to the element changes its resistance and creates a current change I S N V=Vhall 2SS S N Magnet 2SS A magnetic field applied perpendicular to the element creates a voltage change = Vhall N S MR is omnipolar - Either Pole will operate the Sensor Hall is generally bipolar - The output is pole-dependent, but it can be designed to be omnipolar (pole independent, e.g. next gen Hall SS351AT/SS451A)

4 Comparison of Hall and AMR

5 Digital Hall Block Diagram

6 Magnetic Sensing Types
DIGITAL Bipolar Typically requires 2 poles: One pole to turn ON, and opposite pole to turn OFF Operate point to turn ON is typically +Gauss (South), release is -Gauss (North) Although not typical, operate and release points may both be + (South) or both – (North) Note: latching is not guaranteed Bipolar Latching True latching device, always requires 2 poles: 1 to turn ON, opposite to turn OFF Guaranteed to turn ON with +Gauss (South) only, OFF with –Gauss (North) only Unipolar Only one pole required to operate and release the sensor Turns ON with +Gauss (South) for all products, except SS3xx that turns ON with North pole Will turn OFF when magnetic field is removed Omnipolar Operates with any pole (North or South) e.g. magnetoresistive sensors, or omnipolar Hall sensors ANALOG Linear Analog output proportional to magnetic field strength, operates with North or South. Offset (Output at Zero Gauss) = Typically ½ of Supply voltage +Gauss (South) will increase Vout, -Gauss (North( will decrease Vout

7 Magnetic Sensing Types
Bipolar: Typical graph is Sensor 2, but could also be Sensor 1 or 3 Latching: Typical Graph is only Sensor 2 Unipolar: Typical graph is Sensor 3, but it could be Sensor 1 in some cases Omnipolar: Typical Graph is Sensor 1 and Sensor 3 Digital ** Max OP – Gauss level which can guarantee to switch on the sensor; Min RP- Gauss level which can guarantee to switch off the sensor; Differential- OP-RP Analog

8 Bipolar vs Bi-CMOS Fab Process
Bipolar (Analog) • Used on legacy Hall designs • Improved matching (reduced offset) • Robust/rugged • Well-established Hall element design techniques • Digital circuits are possible with bipolar, but they are large and costly CMOS (Digital) • High impedance (low current draw) • Complex circuitry in small area • More precise analog switches • Analog circuits are possible with CMOS, but performance is inferior to bipolar • Competitors using CMOS fab process include Melexis, Micronas, and Diodes Bi-CMOS (Mixed Signal) •Allows the designer to choose the best from both technologies to combine high performing analog components with compact, low cost, low current digital circuitry • Competitors using Bi-CMOS include Allegro and Infineon

9 Bipolar vs CMOS

10 IC Assembly Process

11 Typical Hall IC packaging
SOT-89 TO-92 (SIP-3) SOP-8

12 July, 2012 Product Portfolio

13 Hall/MR Product Line Overview
1st Level 2nd Level SS311PT SS30AT SS340RT SS351AT SS361RT SS50AT SS500 SS59ET SS552MT VF526DT SR16 SR17 SR13 SS40 SS41 SS400A SS400R/P SS490 VF401 VF431PP VF441P SR15 APS00B SS94 2SS52M SOT-23, SOT-89, TO-92, 8 Pin SOIC, ceramic Packages

14 1st Level Hall & MR Sensors
2SS52M Digital Magnetoresistive Sensor SS552MT SMT version SS400 Series Digital Hall & VF401 20Wire MR SS400R/SS400P Series Digital Hall (New) SS490 Series Miniature Ratiometric Linear Hall Omnipolar magnetics -40 to +150°C temp range 3.8 to 30 VDC operation High sensitivity (15 G operate) allows up to 1” sensing distance Flat TO-92 type package Low-cost: R and P series -40 to +150°C temp range Sinking output w/ bipolar or unipolar magnetics (Digital) Sink/Source output (linear) Hi & lo sensitivities available Markets Applications APS00B MR ±90° Hi-res Angular Displacement Sensor Motion Control Instrumentation HVAC InfoTech Medical Var Speed Drive, RPM BDCM, Piston detection Flux, current, flow meter Valve/damper position Tape drive head position Drug dispensing control Analog response High resolution angular or rotary position sensing SS300 Series Digital Hall (New) SS94 Series High-performance Ceramic Linear Hall SOT-23 subminiature surface-mount package Low voltage 3 V operation Reverse polarity protection Low cost Laser-trimmed resistors provide accurate specs and compensate temp variations Sinking or sourcing output -40 to +125°C temp range ±100 to ±2500 G flux ranges Sensing element in CSLA2 open-loop current sensors SS500 Series Digital Hall & VF526DT Speed & Dir SS59ET low-cost Linear Hall SOT-89 type surface-mount package -40 to +150°C temp range (digital) 3.8 to 30 VDC operation (digital) Same features as SS400-Series (digital) Low-cost, good performance (linear)

15 1st Level Hall/MR Selection Guide

16 2nd Level Value-Added Hall & MR Assemblies
SR16 / SR17 Low-Cost Hall Vanes 4AV Series Hall Vane Compact, robust package, mechanically interchangeable w/Honeywell opto sensors Operated by low-cost, easy to fabricate ferrous vane for accurate pulse counting Packaged magnet & sensor protected from dust or dirt Operated by low-cost, easy to fabricate ferrous vane Tightly controlled magnetics provides accurate pulse width Lead wire, PC-board, and 4-pin connector termination options 40 to +125°C temp range Markets Applications Sinking output w/medium level magnetics for stray field immunity Industrial Surface Transportation Commercial/Medical Wheel rotation/RPM Pedal Movement Throttle Position Lever Position Suspension Gear shift position RPM in fitness equipment -20 to +85°C temp range Non-contact sensing protected from dust & dirt 1GT Series High-performance Hall Gear-Tooth sensor VX10 / VX80 Solid State Switch Back-biased Hall senses ferrous metal targets 10 to 3600 RPM, output independent of RPM -40 to +150°C temp range, +160°C short term EMI resistant - Will operate in noisy environment Built-in reverse polarity and transient protection Plunger operated, non-contact digital output w/ direct interfacing to solid state circuits Low force operation Rugged construction, reverse voltage protection, tested to >100 M operations Wide variety of std levers & actuators available UL recognized, CSA certified Rely on Honeywell’s quality and experience

17 Value-Added Hall & MR Assemblies
103SR Series Hall (Prox-Type) SR3 & SR4 Series Digital Hall (Prox-Type) Metal bushing - Rugged, sealed, threaded, aluminum housing Meets NEMA 1, 3, 3R, 3S, 4, 12 and 13 Digital sink or analog output. Unipolar, bipolar or linear magnetics, various sensitivities -40 to 100°C temp range, (up to -40° to 125° for some products) Cable / connector options Plastic housing w/color coded wires Meets NEMA 1, 3, 3R, 3S, 4, 4X,12 and 13 Sinking output w/ bipolar, unipolar (SR3) or omnipolar (SR4) magnetics Markets Applications -40 to +85°C temp range Cable / connector options Material Handling Packaging Machinery Industrial Surface Transportation Commercial/Medical Wheel rotation Conveyor control Motion encoding Gear shift position RPM in fitness equip. UPS Welding Equip SR13/SR15 Series Low-cost Hall Probes Quick-mount plastic housing Unipolar or bipolar magnetics, various sensitivities -40 to +85°C temp range Cable / connector options Inexpensive position sensing alternative.

18 Honeywell Magnetic Position Sensors
Summary – Honeywell differentiators Value-added and custom magnetic sensor capability (2nd level assemblies, packaging, cables and connectors, etc.) Availability of low-cost products w/ Honeywell quality & performance (new 1st level platform, introduced in ) Alternative magnetic sensing technologies (Magneto Resistive) Broad linear Hall portfolio (from low-cost SS49E to hi-perf SS94) Advanced products (APS00B, VF401, VF526DT)

19 Next Gen Hall Key Features & Benefits
New features Low supply voltage (most: 3Vdc, some as low as 2.7Vdc) SOT-23 subminiature SMT Package Reverse voltage protection (all except sensors w/built-in pull-up resistor) Omnipolar Hall Unipolar and bipolar sensors with built-in pull-up resistors Benefits Low voltage capability helps reduce power consumption Subminiature package supplied on tape and reel allows for a compact design with automated component placement, helping to reduce manufacturing costs Built-in reverse polarity protection protects device from potential damage during installation Omnipolar magnetics eliminates the need to know magnet polarity, potentially saving on magnet and assembly cost Sensors with built-in pull-up resistors save eliminate the need to provide an external resistor, saving on component cost and PC board real estate.

20 Honeywell Next Generation Hall Selection Guide
Rated Magnetic Specs are over full Operating and Voltage Ranges - 25°C Digital Magnetics Analog (Linear) Magnetics Operate Point (Gauss) Release Point (Gauss) Differential (Gauss) Supply Voltage (Vdc) Sensitivity (mV/Gauss) Null Offset (V) Range (Gauss) Average Current (mA) Operating Temp (°C) Description / Magnetic Type SOT-23 P/N Flat TO-92 P/N IC Technology Min Typ Max Nom 25°C @ Vs (Vdc) Reverse Polarity Bipolar SS30AT 55 170 -170 -55 50 4.5 24 4.4 -40 125 Yes Ultra Low Cost Bipolar with Built-In Pull-Up Resistor SS311PT SS411P -30 60 140 -140 -80 30 40 2.7 7 5.5 5 150 No High Sensitivity Low Cost Latching SS361CT SS461C 80 -50 -5 100 160 4 85 95 -95 190 Low Cost Latching SS361RT SS461R 120 -120 3 3.5 Ultra High Sensitivity Bipolar Latching SS360ST SS460S BiCMOS 3.0 24.0 SS360NT High Sensitivity Unipolar (Low Gauss) SS341RT SS441R 35 75 135 10 Medium Sensitivity Unipolar (Medium Gauss) SS343RT SS443R 45 205 180 Low Sensitivity Unipolar (High Gauss) SS349RT SS449R 240 305 460 225 370 Ultra Low Cost Unipolar with Built-in Pull-Up Resistor SS345PT SS445P 280 25 105 Omnipolar Hall - Regular Power SS351AT SS451A ±35 ±85 ±135 ±10 ±40 ±120 Low-Power Omnipolar - High Duty Cycle SL353HT BiCMOS Not Chopper Stabilized ±20 ±60 ±110 ±5 ±45 ±95 15 2.2 0.33 2.8 Low-Power Omnipolar - Low Duty Cycle SL353LT 0.0018 Low cost Linear SS39ET 5.0 6.5 1.0 1.4 1.75 2.25 2.50 2.75 ±1000 6

21 SL353 Micropower Hall-Effect Sensor ICs – Features/Benefits
Energy efficient Supply voltage as low as 2.2 Vdc, combined with very low average current (1.8 µA typ. for SL353LT), reduces power consumption, provides extended battery life, and promotes energy efficiency Versatile Omnipolar capability with high and low duty cycle options allows for use in many potential applications with low power requirements and/or battery operation, including motion control, lid closure detection, presence-absence, metering, and displacement sensing Non-chopper stabilized design Does not use chopper stabilization, eliminating noise generated by products using this technique No unnecessary filters are needed to compensate for the noise, which minimizes board space, parts counts and costs Stable Thermally balanced integrated circuit provides for stable operation over a wide temperature range, from -40° to 85 °C [-40° to 185 °F] Subminiature size SOT-23 subminiature package size requires less PCB space, allowing for use in smaller assemblies

22 SL353 Micropower Hall-Effect Sensor ICs – Features/Benefits
Price competitive By using BiCMOS technology, Honeywell has been able to design a reduced size integrated circuit, saving on manufacturing costs while still meeting customer requirements; these savings can result in lower costs to customers Helps reduce total system cost Because these sensors can be operated by a North or a South pole, they do not require the magnet polarity to be identified, thus making installation easier and potentially reducing system cost Reduces manufacturing costs Supplied on tape and reel, often allowing for automated, lower-cost pick and place assembly which can help the customer reduce manufacturing costs Simplifies interfacing Push-pull output allows for easy interfacing with common electrical circuits without the need for a pull-up resistor Compliant RoHS-compliant materials meet Directive 2002/95/EC

23 SL353 Micropower Hall-Effect Sensor ICs – Competition
Key competitors include Allegro’s A3211ELH and A3212ELH sensors, and Diodes’ AH180N-W sensor Honeywell’s key competitive advantages include: Honeywell’s slightly lower minimum supply voltage capability improves flexibility of use within the application and can help reduce power consumption Honeywell’s lower active mode time, lower sleep mode current, and average current help to reduce power consumption and extend battery life Does not need external capacitor to filter out chopper noise, potentially saving PC board space and cost Push-pull output does not require external pull-up resistor, potentially saving PC board space and cost

24 Low Power Hall Sensor Current Consumption

25 July, 2012 Applications

26 Magnetic Sensors Market & Applications
Hall/MR Type Major Applications Digital / Bipolar Brushless DC Motors Axial fans E Bikes HVAC (Air Conditioners) Digital / Latch Automotive – Window lift motors Industrial motors Appliance motors Digital / Unipolar Appliance – Lid detection Door position Digital / Omnipolar Flow control – water softners Speed sensing for fitness equipment Proximity sensing Cylinder position sensing Analog / Linear Throttle controls – E Bikes Current sensing Liquid level sensing Linear displacement Electronic power steering Rotary/angular position sensing

27 Potential Markets and Applications for New Platform
Potential Applications Customer Needs Products Medication bin and drawer monitor on portable drug carts, anemometer, electronic balance sensor, door latch on medical carts, fluid level float location; motor assemblies for medical equipment Material handling, automation, machine control, variable speed drives Speed detection of blower motors, brushless DC motors, pressure transducer bellows, damper / valve positioning (variable air volume) Valves, flow meters for utilities/petro-chem, chemical, oil/gas, food/bev Steering angle position, window lift control, rotary position sensing, vehicle motor control, speed/RPM sensing, position control Motor control, flow control, RPM sensing in fitness equipment, door lock sensing in appliances, lid closure detection in laptop computers and office equipment Hospital Hardware Accurate position monitoring Access control Low audible noise Value Stability over temperature Small footprint Accurate flow monitoring Enhanced reliability, reduced repair costs Easy integration Enhanced energy efficiency Enhanced durability, reduced maintenance Enhanced reliability, reduced repair costs Compact size Accurate position or RPM monitoring Low power consumption Small size Lower cost SS361RT/SS461R SS311PT/SS411P SS30AT/SS40A SS343RT/SS443R SS345PT/SS445P SS341RT/SS441R SS349RT/SS449R SS351AT/SS451A SS30AT Medical HVAC Industrial Flow Control Motion Control Heavy duty vehicles, Agriculture, Construction Trans Appliances, Electric Bicycles & Scooters, Computers Other

28 Motion Control – Magnetoresistive Position Sensors
Industry Leaders Delco (AD) - USA SICK - Germany Balluff - Germany ZhangJi - China Gimatic – Italy Fritsch - Germany Embedded Control Products Digital Magneto Resistive Sensors 2SS52M, SS552MT Analog Magneto Resistive sensors – APS00B

29 DC Motor basic theory


31 BLDC clockwise Hall IC:
Detect direction and speed based on three hall IC output H3 H2 H1 N S Magnet (4-Pole Shown) clockwise Hall IC: Symmetry of high and low level output Consistence of operate and release point Good Electric strength H1 Standard H2 Behind H1 Behind H2 H3

32 Motion Control – Brushless DC Motors
Controller +V Driver Circuit Logic Command Signal Windings Hall Effect Bipolar Sensors Input Power AC or DC Logic Power Power Supply Industry Leaders Comair Rotron - USA EBM - Germany Pacific Scientific - USA Tianma - China Servo Magnetics - USA Embedded Control Products Hall Sensors – SS4 series, SS5 series, SS421 Series Speed & Direction Dual Hall Sensors – VF526DT Customised value added multiple sensor systems Major Applications Motor Controls for: HVAC Fans Computer Cooling Fans Computer Disc Drives Metering Pumps Audio & Video Equipment

33 July, 2012 Success Stories

34 Application, Performance, Customer Relationship
Success Story Product SS343RT (Next Gen Hall) Industry Industrial Application Sewing Machine’s Needle How we won Working with Design Engineer w/ full tech support Right product- performance/price Good customer relationship while compete w/ MELEXIS (US5881) Value US$50~60K/year* 2~3yrs Product SS311PT Application BLDC for toy (aircraft, car etc) How we won Good Price/performance, SOT-23 package with pull-up resister early design in support Application, Performance, Customer Relationship

35 Success Story HON Ref: Hall Sensor SS443R
Application: handspike (The hall is used to stop the treadmill when someone pulls a magnet. The application is to protect the old man in the running process) Competition: AKE, and AP local hall competitors Why won: Technical support Life size: $0.28 M SOP: Q3, 2011

36 Success Story: Next Gen Hall Sensors for Infusion Pumps
Product SS49 , SS495A1 Industry Medical/Infusion Pumps Application One SS49 is used to determine the presence/absense of the cartridge One SS495A1 is used to determine the amount of fluid delivered from the pump motor. How we won the sensor performed better in the application than the current Allegro part Right product- Omnipolar sensor , do not need to identify the poles of the magnet Good customer relationship Value US $125,000 over 5 years Internal Use Only. Not for distribution outside your organization.

37 Success Story Potential rev 200KUSD Tubular Motor Product
SS30AT (Next Gen Hall) Industry Industrial Potential rev 200KUSD Application Tubular Motor What I do Working with Design Engineer w/ full tech support Right product- performance/price

38 Success Story HON Ref: Hall Sensor SS413A
Application: E-bike motor (Tricycle) Competition: AP local hall competitors (AH product and SX products) Why won: Quality, Honeywell reputation Life size: $0.66 M SOP: Q3, 2011

39 Application, Performance, Customer Relationship
Success Story Product SS541GT Industry Transportation Application Shifter position How we won Product performance (e.g. sensitivity) Working with Design Engineer w/ full tech support Right product- performance/price Good customer relationship while compete w/ Allegro Value US$60~ 70K/year* 3yrs Application, Performance, Customer Relationship

40 Success Story Product SS59ET (Linear Hall) Industry Industrial
Potential rev 140KUSD Application Drain pump for washing machine What I do New application Working with Design Engineer w/ full tech support Right product- performance/price

41 Success Story Product SS466A (Bipolar Latch Hall) Industry Appliances
Potential rev 450KUSD Application Running machine Competitor Allegro: A3281 What I do Working with Design Engineer w/ full tech support Design and manufacture test equipment for the customer Right product- performance/price

42 Success Story Product SS59ET (Linear Hall) (12pcs per set) Industry
Appliances Potential rev 100KUSD Application Money Counter What I do New market and application Working with Design Engineer w/ full tech support Design and choose right magnet for the customer Right product- performance/price

43 Success Story HON Ref: Next Gen Hall SS466A
Application: Brushless DC Motor for fan Detect the position of the rotor to control and switch the power supply Competition: Allegro Why won: lead time and phase out of the Allegro’s product Life size: $ 3.12 M SOP: 4Q 2011

44 Project of design in-won
Product: SS526GT Amount rev: 100KUSD Application: Tubular motor What I do: Working with Design Engineer w/ fully tech support. Provide right product to customer. Product: SS543AT Amount rev: 116KUSD Application: Cash register What I do: Working with Design Engineer w/ fully tech support. Provide right product to customer. Product: SS413A Amount rev: 158.4KUSD Application: Speed sensor What I do: Working with Design Engineer w/ fully tech support. Provide right product to customer. Product: SS41 Amount rev: 100KUSD Application: Micro motor What I do: Working with Design Engineer w/ fully tech support. Provide right product to customer.

45 Project of design in-won
Product: SS443R (2pcs per set) Amount rev: 280KUSD Application: Massage machine What I do: Working with Design Engineer w/ fully tech support. Provide right product to customer. Product: SS495A1 Amount rev: 480KUSD Application: ATM What I do: Working with Design Engineer w/ fully tech support. Provide design of magnetic field for customer. Provide right product to customer. Product: SS40AF Amount rev: 921.6KUSD Application: PG motor What I do: Product training for the customer. Provide right product to customer. Product: SS49F Amount rev: 180KUSD Application: Handle bar What I do: Provide right product to customer.

46 Potential Application
Product SS361RT Industry Transportation Application Shifter position How we won Product performance (e.g. sensitivity) Working with Design Engineer w/ full tech support Right product- performance/price Good customer relationship while compete w/ Allegro Value US$30~ 50K/year* 3yrs Typical customer ECS (2~3pcs per set) *Source- sea/pac sales team

47 Potential Application
Mouse wheel controller 2pcs unipolar hall sensor at each side Intelligent mouse example Plus another 2pcs linear hall intelligent mouse-Hall Hongshi Industrial intelligent mouse SS495A $       0.55  $            1,056,000 2011/12/31 $           264,000.00

48 Q & A

49 Back Up - Tools / Selection Guides

50 常见的几种磁铁材料 铁氧体是一种具有铁磁性的金属氧化物。铁氧体硬磁材料磁化后不易退磁,因此,也称为永磁材料或恒磁材料。如钡铁氧体、钢铁氧体等。它主要用于电信器件中的录音器,拾音器、扬声器,各种仪表的磁芯等。这类材料在较弱的磁场下,易磁化也易退磁, 因此在铁氧体软磁材料通常用于电子元器件和磁记录材料。 钐钴磁铁主要是由金属钴、钐和其它一些稀土元素构成的一种高性能的永久磁铁,其优点是最高工作温度可达300摄氏度,矫顽力大,同时具有很强的抗腐蚀和抗氧化性。因此钐钴磁钢通常不需要作电镀处理,且被广泛应用在马达、仪表、传感器、探测器、发动机、雷达及其他高科技领域。 钕铁硼(NdFeB)磁铁也叫钕磁铁,是在80年代开发的第三代稀土磁铁, 是目前磁力最强的稀土磁铁。极好的磁性和稳定性使得钕铁硼得以迅速的发展及广泛的应用。在很多领域比如仪器仪表, 汽车工业, 石油化工产业和磁性医疗保健产品方面,它取代了传统的铁氧体,铝镍钴,钐钴。

51 SR4 Selection Guide

52 103SR Selection Guide

53 线性产品 SS49E/SS59ET(低成本) SS494B/SS495A/SS496B/SS491B SS94A1/SS94A1F
应用举例; 电流传感 变频器 电动机控制、保护、指示 位置传感(电动车的调速把手) 旋转编码器 振动/倾斜传感器 磁盘驱动 压力膜片/膜盒/重量传感 无电刷的非接触电位计 风门机械位置 – HVAC 零售店防窃装置 售烟机 肾析设备 阀门位置检测 SS49E/SS59ET(低成本) 灵敏度(mV/G):1.4+/-0.3 工作温度:- 40C C 封装:TO-92/SOT-89 供电:3V—6.5V SS494B/SS495A/SS496B/SS491B 灵敏度(mV/G):5,3.125,2.5,50 工作温度:- 40C C/- 40C-- +85C 封装:TO-92 供电:4.5V—10.5V SS94A1/SS94A1F 灵敏度(mV/G):5+/-0.1,25+/-0.1 工作温度:- 40C C 封装:陶瓷基底(带厚膜电阻) 供电:6.6V—12.6V

54 其他几种特殊的磁传感器 电流型产品 VF431PP/VF441P 常温动作点:60G/-60G, 135G/28G 工作温度:- 40~150C, 0~85C 封装:TO-92-2 供电:3.8V ~ 24V 主要应用:需要长距离传输信号,能很好的抑制干扰。 磁阻电流型产品 VF401 常温动作点:7G/-7G, 工作温度:- 40C C 封装:TO-92-2 供电:4.5V ~ 18V 主要应用:高精度旋转位置测量,高灵敏度/长距离检测,轮边检测,电动门窗,发动机管理 互补开关霍尔 SS42R 小尺寸(四只引脚) 锁存型霍尔,互补型 有源高/有源低双输出,有效减少外部电路 带电压反向保护电路 输出电流大,4.7mA 主要应用:马达换向和速度控制,加热和制冷风扇,输送线马达,计算机制冷风扇,汽车点火正时,直线或旋转位置测量,转速测量 双霍尔开关位置传感器 VF526DT/SS526GT 小尺寸(四只引脚,贴片和直插) 每个小型塑封内包括2 个独立霍尔传感器,加逻辑电路运算 频率速度输出,逻辑电平(高或低)方向输出 相对于零点对称的动作/ 释放点(双极锁存),温度补偿磁特性 宽工作电压范围(3.8~30VDC),低功耗(常温下7.5mA) 主要应用:防夹电动马达控制系统,用于电动门窗,电动椅头枕、电动滑门、电动天窗、仓库开门,电子驾驶系统磁编码,滑轮、皮带的运动控制,位置、皮带的运动控制,位置和速度检测,风扇控制,旋转轴监测,线性位移测量(异性磁极相间的磁带)

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