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2 Recession We all know that we have been in a recession since 2008. Minorities has been hit the hardest. According to Bureau of Statistics, Since Sept. of 2008, the black unemployment rate has jumped from 11.2 percent to 15.9 percent this year. In Sept. of 2008, Hispanic unemployment stood at 7.6 percent, but jumped to 12.2 percent on year later. 49.1 percent of black teens are unemployed, a rate that is 21.6 percentage points higher than the unemployment rates of white teens and 10 percentage points higher than the rate for Hispanic teens.

3 Unemployment Insurance Benefits If you are terminated, laid off etc. you are eligible for benefits. Once you finish a two week process including a interview, online questionnaire and contacting your old employer, you receive a benefit card. You have to file every Sunday and the money is on the card on Tuesday. It is a percentage on what you were receiving at your job. For example, If you were making around $210 a week from your old job, you will probably get around $130 from the benefits. Every month you have to attend meetings with a counselor that checks your progress. You also have to attend workshops in the Career Service portion of the building which helps you prepare for an interview, fix resumes' and set up interviews.

4 Face of Unemployment This is Andrew Berga and his daughter Kayla (4) who I met at Church of God in Christ Jesus. Located on South Road, Jamaica Queens. Every Monday and Wednesday morning, It operates as a food pantry for the homeless and anyone in need.

5 Interview with Andrew Me: How long have you been unemployed? AB: I have had a few jobs in the past six years. They have been at a gym, packing chips, and fixing air conditioners etc. Me: What happened to them? AB: I always get fired whether they dont have money in the budget or something stupid. Me: So its never your fault? AB: Nope, a job cant keep. Me: How long have you been coming to the food pantry? AB: Three months, I used to go to the one on Guy Brewer but this one is better and they give you a variety of stuff. Me: What would happen if unemployment benefits are cut off. AB: Oh God, I dont even want to think about it. I will be assed out. I need that money to pay for my room and Kayla. I dont know.

6 Inside Christ Church The food pantry opens at 9 am. People begin to line up at 6 am said Yvonne Stennett, coordinator of the program. It is one bag per person and the person has to be there to get it. She says that she has seen a large increase in the unemployed coming down because the government has made it harder to receive food stamps. Canned goods are mostly given. Chef Boyardee, vegetables (been sprouts, corn, potatoes, Vienna sausage) ramen noodles, tuna fish etc. The program runs solely off donations, so to donate call this number (718) 739-5415.

7 Future President Obama spoke strongly of the need to extend benefits as soon as possible and of his willingness to work across party lines to achieve this goal. Here is an except: Im not willing to see 2 million Americans who stand to lose their unemployment insurance at the end of this month be put in a situation where they might lose their home or their car or suffer some additional economic catastrophe. The American people didnt send us here to wage symbolic battles or win symbolic victories. As a result we have arrived at a bipartisan agreement. Now, under this agreement, unemployment insurance will also be extended for another 13 months, which will be a welcome relief for 2 million Americans who are facing the prospect of having this lifeline line yanked away from them right in the middle of the holiday season.

8 What you can Do? You can write an unemployment appeal letter and sent it to UNEMPLOYEDWORKERS.ORG You can also Sign a petition that goes to Congress to continue the Federal Unemployment Insurance Programs. 150, 0000 people have already signed the petition, join them. Same website as above.

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