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Clustering Strategy Development for İzmir Region Çetin Haşar (Chat in)

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1 Clustering Strategy Development for İzmir Region Çetin Haşar (Chat in)

2 Clustering Strategy Development: Outline Introduction to the İzmir Region İZKA: İzmir Development Agency – Regional Development Plan Clustering Strategy of İzmir – Strategy Development Process – Potential Sectors and Mature Clusters: Industrial Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Cooling Appliances Cluster Fruit and Vegetable Processing Cluster – Lessons Learned

3 Located on the west of Anatolia by the Aegean Sea Turkeys 3rd most developed city Second largest commercial center in Turkey Covers an area of 12,012 km 2 Population of 3.7 million A warm climate, 300 sunny days a year Fertile agricultural hinterland fed by 3 main water basins A significant industrial base, realizing ~9 % of Türkiyes total industrial production An investment attraction center with its 18 Organized Industrial Zones, 2 Free Trade Zones, One Technology Development Zone and 4 Main Trade Ports

4 İzmir Development Agency MAIN ACTIVITIES: Producing Regional Development Plans and Strategies Investment Promotion and Support Implementing Grant Schemes and other financial support mechanisms VISION: A forerunner and effective Agency in sustainable local development with an international reputation

5 Regional Development Plan Competitiveness for Enterprises Employment and Social Integration Sustainable Environment Strengthened Infrastructure and Superstructure

6 Competitiveness for Enterprises: 1.Developing Regional R&D and Innovation Capacity 2.Increasing Institutionalization, Production and Marketing Capacity in Enterprises 3.Establishing Clusters and Realizing Planned Industrialization 4.Strengthening the Production and Service Infrastructure 5.Increasing Clean Production Applications in SMEs 6.Providing Productivity and Economic Diversity on Sectoral Basis 7.Promoting the Region

7 İzmir Development Agency and Clustering – Determination of potential clustering sectors – Initiating clusters and supporting existing ones – To create national and international networks for clusters – Supporting clusters with various financial and technical tools for their development and success

8 Strategy Development Process Clustering Committee Statistical Analyses Field Research Roadmaps

9 Clustering Committee

10 II. Phase: Statistical Analysis 1 Review and Verification of Sectoral Data 2 Integration of the data acquired from different sources 3 3-Star Analysis to determine the clustering potential 4 Improvement of the analysis using other indicators 5 Statistical Research Report

11 Statistical Analysis Accepted clustering parameters: – Size, Dominance, Specialization Other Performance criteria: – Pareto Distribution in Employment – Chance in Exports – Chance in Total Sales, – Change in number of companies – Change in trademark registrations – Level of benefits from R&D and investment supports

12 Spatial Agglomerations at the District Level

13 Sectors Selected for Field Research Main Activity GroupNACE (Rev.1.1) CodePotential Clustering Group 15 Manufacturing of Food and Beverage Products 1533 - 1587 PROCESSED FRUIT AND VEGETABLES 18 Clothing and Fur Production 1810-1821-1822 WEDDING DRESSES, AND OTHER SPECIAL APPAREL 24 Chemical Materials and Products 2412-2416-2451 CHEMISTRY: PAINT AND PLASTIC RAW MATERIALS 29 General Machine and Equipment Production 2923-2924 INDUSTRIAL VENTILATING, AIR CONDITIONING AND COOLING APPLIANCES SECTOR 34 Manufacture of Motor Vehicles 3420-3430 VEHICLE MOUNTED EQUIPMENT 60-Land Transportation /63 Supportive Transportation Services 6311-6021-6321-6024 LOGISTICS

14 Clustering Committee Statistical Analyses Field Research Strategy Development Field Research Business and Needs Analysis: Evaluation of companies on their 2 vital management functions (Production and Marketing) and their needs for 5 main resources (Human Resources, Financial Resources, Fixed Assets, Knowledge and Experience Resources, Relations and Communication Network) Cluster Dynamics Analysis: Analysis for determining the main institutions that the Cluster is connected, communication nodes, densities and key actors and key institutions. Clustering Level Analysis: Under 4 main titles (Marketing Efficiency, Management Efficiency, Production Efficiency, Clustering Capacity), 10 different indicators (Level of Efficiency in domestic market, Level of Efficiency in International Markets, Quality Management Systems and Level of Certification, Level of Departmentalization, Level of R&D and Design, Employment Level, Level of Firm Size, Level of Relations with Universities and Research Institutions, Sectoral Organization Level, Level of Motivation for Cooperation) have been used for Clustering Level Analysis Analysis for Business Cluster Dynamics

15 Field Research Business and Needs Analysis Clustering Level Analysis

16 Cluster Dynamics Cluster Maps Field Research

17 Results of Field Research Mature ClusterEmerging Clusters Agglomerations with Clustering Potential Index Range 100 - 8584 - 5150 - 1 Index Value 978373605047 Cluster Sector Industrial Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Cooling Appliances Processed Fruit and Vegetables Chemistry Vehicle Mounted Equipment Logistics Wedding Dresses, and Special Apparel Policies - Programmes should be developed for needs assessment, planning and support - Programmes should be developed for improving cooperation - Clustering approach should be disseminated - Sectoral organization should be encouraged - Programmes should be developed for improving human resources quality - Institutional capacity should be improved - Clustering approach should be disseminated - Internationalization programmes should be developed University – Industry cooperation should be improved and related programmes should be implemented

18 Industrial Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Cooling Appliances Industrial and Commercial Central Air Conditioners Refrigerated Cabinets Quick Freezers Cold Rooms and Appliances Eutectic Frigorific Vehicle Bodies Commercial Air Conditioners for Vehicles Industrial Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Cooling Appliances 232 companies with 8188 employment (%17 of Turkey) 30% of annual turnover of the sector (in Turkey) 30% of annual machinery export of İzmir Expanded 7 times in last 5 years

19 Fruit and Vegetable Processing Frozen fruit and vegetables Spices Canned fruit and vegetables Dried fruit and vegetables Tomato and Pepper Paste Fruit and Vegetable Processing 52% of annual food and beverage export of Turkey 20% of total employment in food and beverage sector 120 registered companies with 5800 employment

20 Roadmaps Clustering Committee Statistical Analyses Field Research Roadmaps Research on international experiences Preliminary interviews Awareness raising and capacity building conference and meetings Workshops Finalization of the strategy


22 Thank You… Thank you for listening… Any questions?… Çetin Haşar İzmir Development Agency: Tel :+90 232 489 81 81 Fax :+90 232 489 85 05 E-mail : Web :

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