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5 Themes of Geography.

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1 5 Themes of Geography

2 Why study the 5 themes? They are a way to categorize and analyze
The world’s people The world’s physical features The world’s resources EVERY PLACE IN THE WORLD CAN BE CATEGORIZED INTO EACH OF THE FIVE THEMES!!

3 I. LOCATION Tells us where a point is on the Earth’s surface
I. LOCATION Tells us where a point is on the Earth’s surface. It also tells us how far a point is from other points. *There are two different types of location: Relative and Absolute* A. Relative = describes locations in relationship to other locations. Ex: “It’s about 45 minutes from here.” “ My Aunt Batty lives 15 miles south of Chicago.” The aliens are landing right over there by the radishes.

4 LOCATION B. Absolute = It is precise, describes the location of one place using an address or latitude and longitude. Example 1: Baghdad is located at N Latitude and 44 E Longitude. Example 2: Street Addresses (2400 Cozy Hill Circle)

5 How the people live, work, play, and move around.
PLACE Tells us special features an area might have using physical and human characteristics 1. Physical Geography: Types of landforms, bodies of water, climate weather, natural vegetation, natural resources. 2. Human Geography How the people live, work, play, and move around.

6 PLACE Are these pictures human or physical geography and why? What are other examples of each?

7 Human Environment Interaction: How people react to and sometimes change their environment
People depend on their environment! 1. Water 2. Minerals 3. Lumber

8 H.E.I. People modify their environment!
1. They build homes, freeways, golf courses, etc. 2. Sometimes it can be destructive.

9 H.E.I. C. People adapt to their environment!
1. Clothing changes with seasons. 2. Air conditioners and misting systems make Las Vegas more tolerable.

10 Positive & Negative Human Environment Interaction:
Positive’s: Planting a tree Recycling Preserving nature Negative’s: Smog Cutting down trees Being wasteful

11 MOVEMENT: describes how people, products, and ideas get from one place to another.
A. Transportation ex: trains trucks airplanes

12 MOVEMENT B. What kinds of things move in and out of a place?
1. Products 2. Ideas: clothing styles, religion, food, language, political thought, newspaper stories, etc.

13 REGIONS: areas of the earth that are alike in some way or other.
1. Regions based on physical characteristics: coastal areas, deserts, mountain ranges, forests

14 REGIONS 2. Human Characteristics ex: Beliefs Language

15 REGIONS B. Regions can change over time Example:
Regions can be based on cultural features: languages, religions, culture. Example: Neighborhoods shift from one ethnic group to another.

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