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The mission of LPPL is to provide residents of Lafourche Parish access to books and services for their educational, informational, and recreational needs.

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1 The mission of LPPL is to provide residents of Lafourche Parish access to books and services for their educational, informational, and recreational needs.

2 To rededicate one mill of library funding for the construction, operation and maintenance of a new parish jail. This will Reduce the librarys budget by $800,000 each year Take a 10-year millage & extend it for 30 years Lock the library into reduced funding for 30 years while the cost of doing business increases annually

3 FEMA Recognizes Libraries as Essential Community Organizations In 2011, FEMA amended its policy to recognize libraries as essential community organizations. Libraries are important daily, but also play an important role in helping residents recover from storms. Free Internet connections Access to applications for assistance, such as FEMA & emergency SNAP (formerly, food stamps) Free FAX services to residents faxing FEMA.

4 They start with us. Lafourche Public Libraries offer the following services: Free Internet Access 43% of Lafourche residents do not have internet. The Library provides 186 computers with internet access, which residents can freely use to: Create résumés Search for jobs Complete job applications Apply for unemployment, workers compensation, or Social Security benefits. Apply for SNAP benefits, or food stamps In recent years, weve noticed the number of people using the library for help in accessing these services has increased.

5 Community Outreach for Homebound Residents Area public & private schools & Head Start classrooms Day care centers & nurseries Senior Centers & Nursing homes Digital Resources including eBooks, audiobooks, magazines, & educational databases For those who prefer to be in the library, theres all this plus free educational & recreation programs for all ages. Community Services – A library extends beyond its walls.

6 The library has a $12 million surplus. INCORRECT By years end, well have $7.5 million in reserves. $1 million is earmarked for emergencies. $1 million is earmarked for technology advances. The other $5.5 million we are gradually incorporating into our budget, so our reserve funds are decreasing every year. We have finished with our building phase and are now focusing on increasing programming and collections and on staff development.

7 ... The fact that we are able to set money aside for a contingency fund and emergency fund is very important. Charlotte Randolph Randolph proposed $68M budget Tri-Parish Times, October 16, 2013

8 Youre not building any more libraries. Why do you need all that money? Our current budget is NOT a construction budget. The library VOLUNTARILY gave back 2 mills in 2006 when our building projects were largely complete. Our current budget is an operations & maintenance budget.

9 These are new libraries. You dont need all that money for repairs & furniture. Necessary repairs: Thibodaux Branch Thibodaux roof replacement Thibodaux air conditioners: custom made for the building, are 26 years old, and both need to be replaced Gheens branch: A temporary building Flooring & windows have been replaced once already, and the wall shelving is pulling away from the pre-fab walls Satellite Branches: ALL 6 satellite branches have reused and recycled furniture that needs replacing Wetlands Acadian Cultural Center, Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve – Library HQ Will we be able to stay there amid government uncertainties?

10 Repairs & Furniture Needs Water damage from leaking roof at Thibodaux Branch Library Dated furniture currently at the Golden Meadow Branch Shelving at the Larose branch

11 Libraries are obsolete. Quite the opposite. -Since January 1, 2013, residents made 286,273 visits to our branches. -Almost 52% of residents have library cards. -In 2012, residents checked out more than 360,000 items; from January to September 2013, they have already checked out more than 350,000 items. We will break last years totals. -Libraries are up with the times, offering electronic resources that the younger generations wants. -Since 2011, residents have downloaded more than 8000 eBooks from our libraries, and those numbers are increasing.

12 This millage will benefit the library. This is unequivocally FALSE. The library will lose more than $800,000 every year for 30 years. The need for library services will continue to increase, but our reduced funding will not be able to support those increases.

13 Parish officials have repeatedly stated that library services will not change and/or diminish if this millage is passed. This is FALSE. Our reserve funds will be quickly depleted. In Year 3, well have an $83,000 budget deficit. In Year 4, well have a $2.7 million budget deficit.

14 At least have the courtesy of giving the citizens of Lafourche Parish the truth!

15 Closure of library branches & reduction of hours at those libraries remaining open Fewer library staff members Necessitated by fewer libraries and fewer operating hours Fewer Services & Materials A reduction in books, DVDs, magazines, reference materials; a reduction in services like outreach to homebound residents, story hours at day cares, and others Fewer technology advances Fewer electronic resources such as educational databases, eBooks, etc. Fewer public access computers & technology upgrades Limited computer time & Internet access for residents Fewer Programs, Classes and Crafts for people of all ages Limited Resources for Community Outreach And more.

16 Personnel & benefit costs for 2014 are expected to be $3.1 million, or 48.5% of our budget. Library standards say that this expense should make up 70% of our total budget. We dont believe we need to devote 70% to staff costs & are not trying to do that. Reducing our millage will bring our funding down to $3.9 million each year, leaving us only $800,000 to maintain & operate our libraries. This is not possible.

17 What about the other boards who have also been responsible with their money? The library isnt the only one! If they take money from the Library to pay for a jail, which board is next? That is the question that many boards are asking right now. Will they have money taken away from their budget too? Is this the precedent we want to start?

18 Cutting libraries during a recession is like cutting hospitals during a plague. Eleanor Crumblehulme

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