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April 16, 2012 Leviton Manufacturing, Inc. Headquarters, Melville, NY Leviton Occupancy Sensor Controls.

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1 April 16, 2012 Leviton Manufacturing, Inc. Headquarters, Melville, NY Leviton Occupancy Sensor Controls


3 MULTI - TECH Sensor Technology Passive Infrared (PIR) Sense difference in heat emitted by humans in motion from background Detect motion in a field of view that requires line of sight Cannot see through obstacles FALSE OFF is the biggest concern Ultrasonic (US) Uses Doppler – transmits ultrasonic frequencies (32kHz – 40kHz) and monitor changes in the return signal in order to detect occupancy Not a line of sight device since the transmitted sound signals can bounce or wrap around objects No gaps, greater sensitivity, but more vulnerable to nuisance switching FALSE ON is the biggest concern Multi-Technology (MT) Passive infrared (PIR) and Ultrasonic (US) together Advantage : PIR turns the lights ON & US keeps them ON Eliminates the false OFF history of PIR and mitigates the false ON tendencies of US

4 MULTI - TECH PIR Lowest Cost Sensor Heads Only – 1000 SF Coverage +47 % +17 % Technology Cost Comparison This is why it is important to understand sensor technologies and applications. Multi-Tech Ultrasonic

5 Low Voltage Ceiling Sensors Technology and upgrading – it is important to understand sensor technologies and applications for layout design and operation. PIR OSC04-I OSC15-I Multi-Tech OSC05-M OSC10-M OSC20-M Ultrasonic OSC05-U OSC10-U OSC20-U Sensor Head Coverage – 150, 500, 1000, 1500 or 2000 SF

6 Low Voltage Wall Mount/Corner Sensors OSWWV-I0W OSWLR-I0W OSWHB-I0W OSW12-M0W

7 Power Base Adaptor Patented Combine Power Base Adaptor with any Leviton low voltage sensor for a Leviton stocking advantage.

8 Isolated relay allows for direct connection to the BAS or HVAC system Multiple voltages 24VAC/VDC allows for the sensor to pull power directly from AC designs control systems Multiple mounting heights allow for todays vaulted ceiling and open architecture style Leviton advantage – OSC models include both 8-12ft lens and additional 12-20ft mid-range lens True white color blends with todays daylighting trends Existing off-white sensors are color blend matched with shaded ceiling spaces and ceiling tiles Low Voltage Sensors with Isolated Relay OSC04-RI OSC15-RI OSC05-RU OSC10-RU OSC20-RU OSC05-RM OSC10-RM OSC20-RM OSW12-RMOSWWV-RI OSWHB-RI OSWLR-RI

9 Low Voltage Sensors Field of View PIR Masking Time Delay Sensitivity Photocell Auto Adapt for both Time Delay and US Walk-Through Field Configurable Walk Test

10 Correct selection of sensors and the FOV is essential for optimal occupancy sensor operation. Major Motion is large side to side movement Minor Motion is typing or conversational movement Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor with a 360 degree field-of-view (FOV) capable of monitoring and area up to 450 square feet. The sensor will detect Major Motion up to 12 feet from the sensor (24ft diameter) and Minor Motion up to 6.5 feet (13ft diameter). Each FOV must be matched to the ROOM USAGE. Example: OSC04 is better for minor motion applications (See chart Diagram 1) OSC15 is better for major motion applications (bigger is not always better) FOV for WSC04, OSC04 Dark Gray = Minor Motion Light Gray = Major Motion Field of View (FOV) Major Motion vs. Minor Motion

11 Field of View (FOV) Low voltage sensors are ideal for control of any fluorescent fixture mounted 8-10 FOV narrows at lower heights Detection zones are precise at lower heights OSC04 can be mounted higher is major motion application Mounting Height Effect on FOV

12 PIR Masking - Leviton Advantage

13 Photocell – Ambient Light Hold OFF Holds lights off unless natural light falls below a user selected level DOE indicates an average of 46% savings can be achieved when photocells are used in combination with occupancy sensors Photocells come standard with Leviton sensors Reality – market has not accepted or understood Ambient Light Hold OFF Ambient Light Hold OFF is NOT daylight harvesting Photocell

14 Auto Adapting or Self Adjusting - most efficient for energy savings Sensor has a built in adapting intelligence that changes the adapting time-out duration in response to the occupancy conditions of the room it is installed in Adjusts ultrasonic sensitivity (air flow) – Leviton Advantage decreases sensitivity when consistent U/S triggering is occurring to prevent false ONs and unwanted energy use increases sensitivity when false OFF occurs to counter end user complaints for lights turning OFF Reduces time-out duration (energy) initializes with 2.5 minute walk-thru time delay auto-adapt uses this time delay even if walk-thru is not enabled. To enable walk-thru for additional savings, A4 dip switch must be in OFF position. is decreased when no secondary motion is detected within 2 minutes of initializing this is a decrease by intellectual algorithm within firmware (7 day history in memory) (after 2.5 min) reverts to configured time delay which could be the adjustment dial time delay or a calculated auto-adapt time delay increases when lights OFF (false off) occurs and motion is detected within 30 seconds this is an increase by intellectual algorithm within firmware (7 day history in memory) Auto-Adapt

15 Adaptive Walk-Through When the lights turn on, the sensor initially enters the Walk-Through mode. Once the room is occupied for longer than 2.5 minutes, the sensor exits the Walk-Through mode and enters the Occupied mode. Walk-Through

16 Built in testing modes enable the installer to fine tune sensors faster than any other sensor on the market Occupied Operational Test Mode By using the dip switch B3, an installer can enter a 15 min test mode with Auto Exit (Leviton Advantage) where the sensor will Auto-ON/Auto-OFF every 15 sec. This is for testing the room use specifics (occupied sensitivity) to assure the lights will not shut off on a single occupant in a specific location Perimeter Walk Test Mode By reducing the time delay dial to 30 sec, the installer is able to test the true perimeter of the FOV (unoccupied sensitivity) for entry points and/or total FOV coverage Walk Test - Leviton Advantage Perimeter Walk Test Mode Occupied Operational Test Mode

17 Application & Design Tool Partition larger spaces into control zones, with one sensor/zone Ensure coverage overlaps by 20% If partitions >48 in. high, de-rate sensor range by 50% Dont reduce the optimal number of sensors! Select Coverage Pattern

18 Application & Design Tool – Public Restroom with 6 Stalls - Ceiling Sensor Ceiling mount sensor is located about 2ft out from the stall door to cover the entire space.

19 Application & Design Tool – Study Hall

20 Application & Design Tool – Private Office with Wall Switch Sensor

21 Application & Design Tool – Private Office with Ceiling Sensor

22 Application & Design Tool – Open Office with No FOV

23 Application & Design Tool – Open Office with Ceiling Sensors and FOV

24 Application & Design Tool – Open Office, Wall Mount with No FOV

25 Application & Design Tool – Open Office with Wall Mount Sensors and FOV

26 Application & Design Tool – Corridor

27 Application & Design Tool – Classroom with Ceiling Sensors

28 Application & Design Tool – Classroom with Wall Mount Sensors

29 Wall box line – least amount of SKUs to cover largest amount of applications OSSMT-MD ODS15-IDx ODS0D-IDx ODS10-IDx OSSMD-MD Additionally OSSNL adds nightlight to ODS10 OSSMD-FT is Dual and Fan time (add 10min) Select Models (-Txx) for Vacancy (ManualON) Select Models (-xQx) for AutoONLY Select Models (-xxR) for Red Which Two Wall Switch Sensors Have a Service Switch? Leviton Advantage Breath of line with least amount of SKUs Wall Switch Sensors

30 Wall Switch Sensors - Leviton Advantages Are All Sensors Really Equal…Not Even Close Robust latching mechanical relay Field configurable to single tech – OSSMD models

31 Wall Switch Sensors - Leviton Advantages Field of View PIR Masking Time Delay Sensitivity Photocell Auto Adapt for both Time Delay and US Walk-Through Field Configurable Walk Test Vacancy Confirmation Presentation Mode

32 Wall Switch Sensors - Leviton Advantages Exclusive Dual Pyrometers (PIR) Sensors Provides for largest Field of View, 40x40, 180 degrees 2x as many detection points and best in class minor motion Vandal Resistant PIR Fresnel Lens Dual Pyros allow for thicker lens, smaller profile lens and re-enforced bridge to support the lens which prevents the sensor from being poked, tampered-with or damaged Multi-Technology Sensing Combination of PIR and ultrasonic (U/S) sensing

33 Wall Switch Sensors - Leviton Advantages Internal Photocell Standard in Leviton sensors, the internal photocell prevents lights from turning on when there is ample natural light. The result, ambient light hold-off which maximizes energy savings in a low cost device. Field Configurable to Single Tech (on select models) OSSMD models can be configured to become a single tech device by turning off the PIR or U/S. This allows the sensor to be modified to fit the unique needs of an application while in the field Field of View and PIR Masking Switches designed for multiple points of view: sensors range from 20 to 40 feet of coverage, allowing customers to tailor an occupancy sensor plan to their specific needs PIR Masking: patented blinders allow for customized blocking of false-ON sensing areas (adjacent hallways, etc.) so loads only activate when necessary, preventing unnecessary energy consumption Presentation Mode - Manual-OFF occupant override

34 Wall Switch Sensors - Leviton Advantages H.I.S (High Inrush Stability) Zero-Crossing Mechanically Held Relay Return to last state (Latching) Safety and energy savings Self-Adaptive Technologies Reduced time-out durations: optimize energy savings. Sensors auto- adjust the U/S sensitivity to compensate for air flow to prevent false- ON from HVAC Walk-Through: adapts the time-out duration of the sensors in response to the most common occupancy conditions of the room it is installed in to guarantee the sensor best meets the customers needs Walk Test: To verify a correct field of view, a walk test is completed by installer walking around the perimeter of the coverage pattern, which allows the PIR technology to divide the area into detection zones. This initial test improves sensor performance and reduces labor and maintenance associated with returning to adjust the sensors

35 Application & Design Tool Private Office PIR Cost effective and reliable Ideal in rooms with direct line of sight workspace Allows masking of doorways US A reflective and highly sensitive technology Provides coverage around furniture/body obstructions Pick the correct sensor for the application usage patterns

36 Application & Design Tool Lavatories with Partitions Perfect for multi-technology solution PIR activates upon entry US detects motion behind partitions Cost effective retrofit Pick the correct sensor for the application usage patterns

37 Application & Design Tool Bi-Level Code Compliance with Dual Relay Wall Switch Sensors The left switch can control a series of lights while the right switch can control another series. Code Compliance: Relay 1 Auto-ON; Relay 2 Manual-ON Either the OSSMD or OSD0D can accomplish this. or ABAB Auto-ON/Auto-OFF Manual-ON/Auto-OFF Pro: Single Device Single Gang Existing Wires Multi-Tech Con: Poor Location ODS0DOSSMD

38 Power Pack and Add-A-Relay OSP20-0D0 Highly competitive low cost solutions Electrically held relays – Normally Open 20A Fluorescent, Regulated 24VDC, 150mA sensor control output OSP15-R30 15A 347V OSP20-RD0 Self contained transformer plus a isolated relay (HVAC) Regulated 24VDC, 150mA sensor control output OSA20-R00 (Add-A-Relay) Highly competitive low cost 2nd relay solution 20A Fluorescent,

39 Power Pack – Title 24 & Robust OSP20-RDH Leviton Advantage –Levitons Power Pack delivers the most features for todays energy management market demands. This unit is designed specifically for Energy Saving specifications. Extreme Durability – exceeds Federal Spec WS-896 duty cycle requirements 20A Fluorescent, Regulated 24VDC, 225mA sensor control output H.I.S (High Inrush Stability) Zero-Crossing Mechanically Held Relay Return to last state (Latching) Safety and energy savings Bi-level Lighting (CEC Title 24) – Auto-ON and Manual-ON Fail-Safe Circuit Load Shedding, Behavioral Timer and BAS Override – Hold-ON and Hold-OFF VAV systems, motorized damper controls and setback thermostats Self contained air conditioners Pumps, fans, motors 277V Remote Load Switching UL2043 – Plenum Rated

40 Power Pack Nipple Adapter - Leviton Advantage

41 LV Switch Power Packs ABAB Manual ON/Auto OFFAuto ON/Auto OFF Application & Design Tool Occupancy Sensor with Manual Override Power Packs Connect the OSP20-RDHs to the controlled loads, along with a low voltage occupancy sensor (ceiling or wall mount) and a low voltage switch. Pro: Large Load Single Switch Low Voltage to devices Con: More devices

42 42 wire lead reduces time and materials inside the fixture Quick-snap fits Double D knockout eliminating need for lock-nut Instant ON allows fixture wiring to be tested within 30 seconds Adjustable Time Delay (no power required) – reduces ladder time LED indicator light blinks when sensor detects motion, visible from long distance Interchangeable 360° High Bay, Low Bay and aisle lens included False Detection Circuitry – saves energy reducing nuisance tripping Auto-Temperature adjustment – increases PIR sensitively for human body temperature H.I.S. Circuitry Zero Crossing Technology Mechanical Latching Relay Return to Close and Non-Volatile Memory Safety after power outage assures lights return-to-ON if building is occupied Energy savings at night assures lights remain OFF after a power outage restore High Bay Sensor - Leviton Advantage

43 All advantages from the previous slide apply PLUS Rotating adjustable photocell for light hold-off 24 hour auto calibration for set-it and forget-it (patented) Dual relays for bi-level lighting control Alternating relay software for increased lamp life (no photocell) High Bay Sensor with Light Sensor - Leviton Advantage

44 Benefits of Daylight Harvesting % energy savings Lights turned down or OFF when not required: Code compliance Saves money and electricity Efficient design optimizes use of natural and artificial light Reduces greenhouse gas emissions

45 High Bay Sensor with Light Sensor * All models are also offered in have bulk (unique SANs) ** All models are offered with interchangeable lenses

46 Specifically designed to reduce the amount of labor required during fixture assembly process and time of installation Suitable for high bay applications ranging from 8-40 Supplied with three interchangeable lenses Most versatile mounting options in the market ½ knockout: surface mounted using the mounting nipple on the back of the sensor it can be snapped into a standard ½ knockout Keyhole slot: surface mounted using the integral keyhole slots and #8-32 pan head screws Recessed: mounted internally to the fixture using the side clips. Accommodates sheet metal from gauge Surface Mount High Bay Sensor - Leviton Advantage

47 Surface Mount High Bay Sensor

48 Feature Surface MountYesNoYes Recessed MountYes No Interchangeable LensesYes, IncludedNoYes, Sold Separately Non-Power ConfigurationYesNoYes 42 Wire LeadsYesNo Mounting Height TechnologyPIR Time Delay30s-30m30-20m15s-30m ListingUL Warranty5 Year Leviton Advantages: Multiple mounting options in one design Interchangeable lenses included in the packaging Non-power configuration, set it then forget it Long wire leads, connect to the ballast anywhere in the fixture Surface Mount High Bay Sensor – Competitive Comparison

49 Internal Fixture Sensor OSF10 Single Piece Single unit for compact installation Sensor for 8 mounting 38 wire leads Adjustable threaded mounting for any thickness Time Delay: 30s-20m No Light Sensor/Photocell OSF10 Split utilizes the same technology as the standard OSF10 Sensor Head utilizes PIR technology Fresnel lens designed for mounting at 8-10 Compact Power Pack Fits nicely inside the ballast cavity H.I.S. Technology Mechanical latching relay Zero crossing Field Configurable Time delay: 30s-20m Light sensor/photocell: 0-120FC PIR sensitivity Long 36 Wire Leads – both to the power pack and to the sensor head

50 Occupancy Sensor Product Guide

51 Light Logger Team in Tualatin! Call, or Web to start process Also good info at Part Number = LNR-ESLOG-USB RSM/DSMs Manage Approval and track sales 45 day loan with RMA included in case PO or Credit Card to order (non-Leviton dist. Ok) 25 per case Each case comes with USB cable, batteries, installation sheet, audit form, memory stick with logger manual, audit form, D&S Light Logger and Online Tools

52 MULTI - TECH Lighting & Energy Solutions Single Source for Efficient Control, Measurement and Management of All Commercial Lighting

53 MULTI - TECH Service and Support Layout Services Industrys fastest and most comprehensive layout service for end user product application ASAP Design Online Tools Enables end user system configuration with point and click ease Innovation- first tool of its kind in the industry Professional applications engineering department Highest quality layout and bill of material documents suitable for submittal packages In-House Technical Service and Field Service Team Available to assist in installation, training and maintenance of Leviton products Comprehensive support services for every aspect of facility design and operation.

54 Occupancy sensor mini site at Call, or Web to start process Tech Support (cross reference, data sheets, technical sheets) Layout and Application Services Sales Informational Website Customer Service (Order expediting) Escalate to Managers for Priority Customer Service Managers Supply Chain Managers MULTI - TECH Service and Support Who are you going to call?

55 Thank you!

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