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V. International Istanbul Insurance Conference 3 – 4 October 2013 Intermediaries Roles on Improving Risks 1.

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1 V. International Istanbul Insurance Conference 3 – 4 October 2013 Intermediaries Roles on Improving Risks 1

2 We have the right size to benefit from economies of scale… 2 Best Proxy to the Turkish Market - Winning Through Continuous Growth Total Sales / GDP Total Exports / Turkeys Exports Total Share in ISE Market Cap. 9%9% 10% 16% As of year-end 2012 …with unrivaled competitive advantages to differentiate. We are the best proxy to the growing Turkish market… Largest distribution and after-sales network Largest customer database (strong CRM capabilities for up/cross-selling) Leading brands and strong recognition Optimum portfolio diversification (Resilience against sector and geography-specific risks - Use of early warning indicators) …with leading positions in low-penerated markets. Market leader or close second in every business we operate Long-standing international partnerships Strong growth potential in line with increasing penetration levels Focus on core sectors with large investments promising for maximum returns

3 3 Continuous Leadership - Setting the Benchmarks in Core Sectors Energy Main Companies Tüpraş* / Aygaz* / Opet / Entek International Alliances AES Corporation Domestic Market Position – Market Share Sole petroleum refiner in Turkey #1 in LPG distribution – 29% #2 in petroleum products distribution – 19% * Listed companies Others Main Companies Tat Konserve* (Food) / Koçtaş (DIY Retailing) / Marmaris Altınyunus* (Tourism) / Koç Sistem (IT) Main companies Ford Otosan* / Tofaş* / Türk Traktör* / Otokar* International Alliances Ford Motor Co. / Fiat Auto S.P.A. Case New Holland Domestic Market Position – Market Share #1 in total automotive – 27% #1 in passenger cars – 17% #1 in commercial vehicles – 49% #1 in farm tractors – 50% #1 in automotive retailing Automotive Main Companies Arçelik* International Alliances LG Electronics (Air conditioner manufacturing) Domestic Market Position – Market Share #1 in refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and ovens – 50% #1 in TVs and air conditioners Consumer Durables Main Companies Yapı Kredi Bankası* International Alliances UniCredit Domestic Market Position – Market Share #4 in total banking assets among private banks #1 in credit cards – 19% (outstanding volume) #1 in leasing – 17% #1 in factoring – 15% #2 in investment funds – 17% FinanceAutomotive

4 4 Koç Holding : Strongest Beneficiary of the High Growth Environment and Strong Profitability Despite Global Turmoil Revenues – Consolidated-US$bnEBITDA – Consolidated-US$bn Operating Profit – Consolidated-US$bn 2009-2012 CAGR : 18% 2009-2012 CAGR : 3,5%

5 High Resilience Against Risks – Well Diversified Portfolio Our diversified portfolio enables us to balance out cyclicalities among different sectors EBITDA Breakdown – 2012 Our increasing geographic diversification enables us to reduce country-specific risks Americas 4% 7% Americas 4% 7% Europe 77% 56% Europe 77% 56% Asia 12% 20% Asia 12% 20% Africa 7% 10% Africa 7% 10% International Sales – 2007 to 2012 Regional Breakdown 5

6 6 One of the only two companies in Turkey with investment grade higher than Turkey's Sovereign Rating Turkey's Sovereign Rate is BB+

7 7 Responsible for insurance needs for the entire Koç Group in close cooperation with KH risk management and group companies Active in all lines of business Established in 1992 as a part of Ram Foreign Trade Company Integrated into Koç Allianz, then a JV company Standalone company immediately following exit from Koç Allianz Restructured to serve the needs of entire Group Acts as an inhouse broker A major insurance buyer Access to international markets

8 8 Tüpraş – Turkeys Sole Refining Company 4 refineries with 28.1 MT total capacity One of the most complex refineries in the Mediterranean. Nelson Complexity: 7.25 Among the most profitable refineries in Europe and the U.S. : Operational flexibility Optimum production and sales policy Energy efficiency programs ~70% of Turkeys total storage capacity 7 th largest refinery in Europe and 30 th largest in the world Provides 65% of domestic fuel demand Integrated refining company with downstream operations Well-positioned refineriesDiversified supply baseShift to higher margin products İzmit 11 MT NC: 7.78 İzmir 11 MT NC: 7.66 Kırıkkale 5 MT NC: 6.32 Batman 1.1. MT NC: 1.83 Iran: 7.41 MT Russia: 2.88 MT S. Arabia: 1.80 MT Turkey: 2.50 MT Iraq: 2.06 MT Kazakhstan: 2.21 MT 2005 2011 Product Yields White productsBlack products

9 Technical Summary of Tupras Refineries İzmitİzmirKırıkkaleBatman Description Medium complexity, 3 CDUs Medium complexity, 2 CDUs Medium complexity, 1 CDU Simple Asphalt Refinery 2 CDUs Cracking UnitsFCC, HCU HCU- Capacity, mn ton /annum 11.0 5.01.1 Process Licences Include Kellog, UOP, Shell, Comprimo, Unocal Neftechim, Villas, Texaco, UOP, Lummus BP Petrolite, UOP, IFP, Merichem and Parsons Parsons, UOP Foster Wheeler Nelson Complexity 7,787,666,321,83 Tank Capacity, million m 3 2,21,91,20.205

10 SGS Operational Excellence Program Management of Change Procedure & Standards HAZOP Studies Process Safety Leading & Lagging Metrics Process Safety Audits Fire Fighting Proactive HSE Approach Permit to Work System Emergency Response & Preparedness Full surface tank fire project Fixed foam systems Pre-incident planning Fire fighting equipment Health Risk Assessment 10 Risk Management Activities in Tüpraş Refineries Job Hazard Analysis Learning from incidents Near miss reporting Oil spill emergency response 1999 Earthquake post work

11 SGS Program Just after the privatization, Tupras made a three year agreement with SGS to improve all critical processes. SGS Consultant Team which consisted of all the disciplines visited refineries and worked on the Areas For Improvements (AFIs) Tupras decided to study on the AFIs and implement all the improvements to all refineries. Tupras assigned focal points for the project in all refineries and HQ. Second phase of the project started in 2010 and will last for another 3 years.

12 SGS Operational Excellence Program Hydrocarbon Margin Energy Efficiency Economics & Scheduling Process Optimization Integrity and Reliability Risk and Reliability Management Daily Maintenance Planning Turnaround Management Health, Safety and Environment Risk Assesment HSE Culture Incident Reporting, Hazards and Effects Contractor Management PTW Emergency Preparedness HSE Competency Assurance HSE MS Review The first phase of the project has contributed $244 Million (2007 – 2009) The second phase of the project has contributed $ 18 Million to the bottom line up to now (2010 - 2011). (The second covers all the above items except Economics and Scheduling.)

13 Recent Performance Hydrocarbon management Operations & Maint.Organization & Culture Supply & distribution HSE 2007 200820092010 Tracking& KPIs PTW-JHA HEMP Leadership and Commitment HSE Critical Activities and Competencies Root cause analysis Incident Investigations HEMP & ALARP developments MOC Equipment management Devoloping HEMP Proactive HSE Audit & Review Technical Safety Training We are here Technical Safety Reviews SGS Recommendations and Post-Work Permit to work Emergency Preparedness HSE Competency Assurance HSE MS Review 2011 2012 Management of Change HAZOP Permit to work Facility siting 2013 Seveso II Compliance (Hazardous Equipment Selection, Fault Tree+Event Tree Analysis, QRA, Emergency Response Plan Preparation for Selected Scenerios)

14 Near Miss Reporting All near misses are reported and their root cause determinations and necessary actions are followed in a program called OSAR. Real and potantial risk assessment is done in the program and according to the RA result the technique for investigation is determined. After investigation, investigation report is uploaded to the system including the necessary actions to be taken.

15 Near Misses and Unsafe Acts İzmitİzmirKırıkkaleBatmanTüpraş No. of Near Misses and Unsafe Acts 2012(6 Months)5902392181431,190 20111,0567242761832,239 No. of Near Misses 20104663853142521,417 200932430882161875 2008142678839336 2007199134224176733

16 16 Engineering Surveys & Reporting

17 17 Recommendations

18 Insurance Programmes Insurance Programme Internal Assessment Losses Risk Management Studies Developments & Changes of Risk Appetite and Environment Cooperation with International Reinsurance Broker Engineering Surveys Recommendations Status of RC Valuation of Assets Loss estimations Placement Strategy Review of Coverage Changes of Limits Improvements Structure of insurance programme Players & Markets RoadshowPlacement

19 V. International Istanbul Insurance Conference 3 – 4 October 2013 Thank you !! 19

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