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United Nations Development Programme Elements of HCFC Phase-out Management Plan Sri Lanka HPMP Inception workshop 31 March 2011.

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1 United Nations Development Programme Elements of HCFC Phase-out Management Plan Sri Lanka HPMP Inception workshop 31 March 2011

2 Coverage Background to HCFC Phase-out Management Plan (HPMP) HPMP agreement – main elements Role of various stakeholders Project activities Implementation modalities Important aspects for successful HCFC phaseout

3 HPMP Preparation July 2008 - HPMP preparation funds approved Policy consultations underway over more than one year November 2009 - HPMP inception workshop held January 2010 - survey activities initiated Survey outputs reviewed and additional information collected June 2010 - HPMP draft document addressing various elements developed December 2010 - HPMP document submitted and approved in 62 nd meeting of the Executive Committee

4 HPMP Agreement Sri Lanka HCFC phase-out target: 1 st Jan 2013 - Freeze HCFC production and consumption at baseline (14.09 ODP tons in 2010) 1 st Jan 2015 - 10% below baseline (12.68 ODP tons) 1 st Jan 2020 - 35% phase-out (9.16 ODP tons) 201320152020 Targets for accelerated phase-out proposed by Sri Lanka (ODP tons) 14.0912.689.16 Montreal Protocol targets as per Decision XIX/6 14.0912.689.16

5 HPMP Agreement Total project amount – USD647,866 (2010-2020) *Upon the following conditions: (a)Meet the targets for all relevant years (b)Meeting of the targets has been independently verified (c)Submitted tranche implementation reports (d)Submitted and received approval from ExCom for tranche implementation plan YearTotal - USDUNDP - USDUNEP - USD 1 st tranche2010305,000180,000125,000 2 nd tranche201384,00060,00024,000 3 rd tranche2016202,866127,76675,100 4 th tranche202056,00031,10024,900 647,866398,866249,000

6 HPMP Agreement UNDP - Lead implementing agency Overall responsible for HPMP and implementation of investment activities of the plan UNEP - Cooperating implementing agency Responsible for implementing non-investment activities. NOU – Overall monitoring and reporting

7 HPMP Sri Lanka Implementing Agencies Main responsibilities UNDPOverall HPMP policy formulation and implementation Investment projects Reclamation and retrofit incentive Overall HPMP Project Management UNEPInformation outreach and awareness Training of service technician Training and support for enforcement of regulations

8 HPMP Sri Lanka Main Elements of Phase-out strategy: 1. Limit the supply of HCFCs 2. Reduce the demand of HCFCs for manufacturing and servicing equipment 3. Limit new demand for HCFCs

9 HPMP Sri Lanka National Ozone Unit National Stakeholders (e.g., manufacturing industry, regulatory agencies etc.) UNDP UNEP Overall coordination and management of HPMP activities Executive Committee of the Multilateral Fund Tech. support

10 HPMP main activities Other important players and linkages Industry representatives – actively participate in project implementation and timely completion of projects. Industry associations – support coordination and project implementation. Technical institutions – inputs on technology and policy issues. Linkage with Climate Change and energy efficiency initiatives.

11 Execution modalities HPMP activities – UNDP Component

12 HPMP main activities Investment project (UNDP) Conversion of foam manufacturing enterprise (2011-2014) Technical assistance for importers assembling domestic air-conditioners (2011-2016) Technical assistance for enterprises installing industrial RAC equipment (2011-2016) Technical assistance for HCFC-141b phase-out in solvents (2011-2016)

13 Execution modalities – Overall arrangements National Execution Modality Technical support and backstopping to be provided through technical experts Industry driven execution – facilitative role to be played in timely and cost-effective implementation

14 Execution modalities Performance Based Payment –Predefined milestones –Indicators for verification of achievement of milestones –Timelines for achieving milestones –Payment based on performance i.e., achievement of milestones

15 Execution modalities HPMP activities – UNEP Component

16 HPMP main activities Information outreach (UNEP) Awareness and communication (2011-2020) Training and capacity building (UNEP) Customs training (2011-2015) Service training (2011-2020)

17 Execution characteristics 1.Technical support to be provided by officers in UNEP/ CAP- ROAP (Bangkok) or through technical experts 2.Support from regional networks/ Emphasis on South-South Cooperation 3.Standardized tools and material 4.Execution through one of three mechanisms: - Direct procurement and contracting by UNEP CAP-ROAP in Bangkok - Small-scale Funding Agreement (SSFA) between UNEP and NOU - Small-scale Funding Agreement (SSFA) between UNEP and a local entity (e.g. Institute, NGO) in agreement with NOU

18 Important aspects Supply of HCFC – refrigerant gas as well as products should be curtailed as early as possible. Priority to be given to high HCFC consumption sectors / pockets. Industry – NOU coordination and cooperation is a must for successful implementation. Alternatives which are environment friendly need to be introduced in a fast track manner.

19 Important aspects Linkages with synergistic project opportunities should be explored and utilised (e.g., Energy Efficiency programs for ref. & ac applications). Regional level inputs and South- South cooperation on technology transfer to HCFC free options - will help in cost- effective technology transfer. Information outreach for fast-action is essential for expeditious conversion from HCFCs to environment friendly alternatives.

20 Thank you

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