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2 What is Indoor Pollution ? The presence of physical, chemical or biological contaminants in the air of confined environments, which are not naturally present in high quantities in the external air of the ecological systems, is known as Indoor Pollution (Italian Ministry of Environment, 1991).

3 Possible areas for Indoor Pollution in a House

4 Indoor Pollutants – the causative agents

5 Indoor Pollution Chemicals in the form of detergents, soaps, deodorizing products etc. Smoke & dampness in the house Noise produced by household appliances Bacteria, fungi, dust mites, cockroach


7 Dust Mites Dermatophagoides farinae Pteronyssinus

8 Cockroaches

9 Aspergillum Niger – the most common House Fungi

10 Moulds & Fungus Moulds on walls of House Fungal growth on the ceiling

11 Health Problems due to Indoor Air pollution Upper- lower Respiratory infection Lung cancer & pulmonary TB Adverse pregnancy outcomes Cataracts Chronic pulmonary diseases

12 Sound levels (Db) & relative loudness of typical sound sources in indoor vacuum cleaner (90Db),Musi c system (76- 90Db),Radio & T.V. (70Db) conversation, Dish washer, AC(60Db),Mixer- grinder-juicer & refrigerator (43 to 65 Db) Birds call(44Db), Humming of ceiling – (40Db ) 0- 40, audible 50 -70 moderate loud 100 - 120 & above uncomforta bly loud 80 - 100 very loud

13 Health effects due to Indoor Noise Pollution Emotional/ psychological pbms. like anxiety, irritability, mental fatigue, lack of conc. Circulatory sys. & B.P. is affected Alter Pulse rate Temporary threshold shift (TTS )

14 Per monthExpensePer YearExpense 2 Bathing Soaps (150 gms) 40 Rs (1 x 20Rs) 24 Bathing Soaps (1.8 kgs) 480 Rs 2 Detergent Cakes (150 gms) 40 Rs (1 x 20 Rs) 24 Detergent Cakes (1.8 kgs) 480 Rs 1 kg Detergent washing powder 30 Rs 12 kg Detergent washing powder 360 Rs 250 ml shampoo45 Rs3 liters shampoo540 Rs 300 ml Phenyl35 Rs3.6 liters Phenyl420 Rs 300-500 ml liquid soap for utensils 30 Rs 3.6 or 6 liters liquid soap for utensils 360 Rs 220 Rs2640 Rs

15 1-2day absent in 3months 4-7days absent in per year Loss of studies 100 - 500Rs. In 3 months 400 – 2000Rs. Per year Medical expense Energy, time etc Loss of disease resistance power. Other losses Most Susceptible – Is A CHILD 40% illness due to Acute resp. infection (ARI) 80% Allergic Asthma

16 Does it Help? WHERE IS THE ENVIRONMENT QUALITY ??!! 2000 – 2640 Rs/ yr. expenses on indoor chemicals used for keeping cleanliness 400 -2000 Rs /yr. medical expense due to chemicals used indoor

17 Are the Home Ministers (Woman) safe?! 95% women come across Smoke in one or the other forms & are most susceptible to CHRONIC OBSTRUCTIVE PULMONARY DISEASE (COPD) or Chronic bronchitis. i.e out of 10 families 9 women have the possibilities for COPD. Even if 50 % suffer the disease, LOSS OF WOMEN HEALTH IS LOSS OF A FAMILY.

18 Few Measures of Prevention 1) Wooden or linoleum flooring only. 2) No stuffed chairs, rugs, drape or leather upholstered furniture. 3) Furniture should be constructed of wooden, plastic or metal. 4) Keep your bed away from air vents, with nothing underneath it. 5) Everything in the room should be washable. This includes bedding, rugs & any foam mattresses. 6) Store clothes in zippered containers. 7) Closets should be kept neat. 8) Overstuffed furniture should be avoided. 9) Eliminate dust catchers like pictures, clutters, drapes etc. 10) Pets should not be kept indoors. 11) Beware of products with strong odors such as deodorizers, mothballs & insect repellents. 12) Humidifiers & Air – conditioners should be kept clean. 13) No smoking in the house of any type. 14) Clean rooms with damp dust cloth twice a week. 15) Keep the décor of house simple.

19 Human Activities Environmental Quality Indoor Pollution Out Door Pollution

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