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Bookmobile Sustainability!. » Michael Swendrowski ˃Founder/president Specialty Vehicle Services, LLC. +Consulting +Design +Management +Inspection +Consignment.

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1 Bookmobile Sustainability!

2 » Michael Swendrowski ˃Founder/president Specialty Vehicle Services, LLC. +Consulting +Design +Management +Inspection +Consignment ˃Chairman, ALA Subcommittee on Bookmobiles +National Bookmobile Day +Annual Bookmobile Sunday and Parade of Bookmobiles ˃Co-author, On the Road with Outreach (Libraries Unlimited, 2009)

3 ˃History of Green ˃Free Green ˃Green Vehicles ˃Green Technologies ˃Future of Green ˃Green Responsibilities

4 The Green movement today is defined as: advocating the sustainable management of resources and stewardship of the environment through changes in public policy and individual behavior Not-So-New Movement Origins early 1900s Deeper movement in 1970s Traction in early 2000s Our Responsibility 1895 Edison Electric Car

5 Oil reserves are becoming increasingly difficult to find and extract

6 Seven ways to make your current service more sustainable!

7 Save fuel by planning route to minimize travel.

8 Make stops part of your planned routes whenever possible!

9 Extra weight means extra fuel!

10 Clean air filter Maintain tire pressure

11 33% Improvement in Fuel Economy! Avoid jackrabbit Starts Reduce Highway Speed Maintain Highway Speed Plan Decelerations in Advance Keep Idling to a Minimum!

12 Defined procedures for collection and management

13 Mobile libraries save many journeys by readers who would otherwise be driving to a branch to choose their books!


15 98% improvement from 1990! Some are also capable of burning B20 biodiesel without modification.

16 Clean Alternative Fuel Limited refueling infrastructure

17 Post OEM system on Ford E450 cutaway and stripped chassis trucks 40% improvement in fuel economy 30% reduction in maintenance costs

18 65% reduction in hydrocarbon emissions 58% reduction in carbon monoxide 41% reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions Up to 60% improvement in fuel economy

19 Quiet electric power take-off Regenerative braking captures 70% of kinetic energy

20 65% fuel economy improvement 39% reduction in greenhouse gases

21 MT-45 and MT-55 HEV chassis available EPA Certified in all 50 States

22 Payload: 4,000lbs (11,500lb GVWR) Dimensions: 21L x 10.5H x 8W Range: 120 miles Top speed: 65mph Greater than 50MPG equivalent

23 Payload: 4,000lbs (12,100lb GVWR) Range: 100 miles Max speed: 50MPH

24 Body by Morgan Olson Range: 100 miles Powered by Tesla Motors lithium-ion batteries GVWR of 14,000 to 19,500lbs

25 Payload: 7,392-16,060lbs (GVWR 16,500-26,500lbs) Range: 100+ miles Max speed: 50MPH


27 CARB Phase 2, in effect as of January 1, 2010 Bamboo plywoods Cork and bamboo flooring Marmoleum

28 Up to 150 watts per panel Can be retrofitted to existing vehicle Work well with hybrid power systems

29 Reduces Weight Load! Modular Recyclable!

30 1/10 the power draw of conventional lighting! Long lasting and low maintenance. Available in day light spectrum. T8 fluorescent replacements available (60% less consumption).

31 Include (or add) skylights and windows to reduce your reliance on artificial lighting!

32 Onan HQD Systems

33 8 hours of silent operation!

34 No fuel consumption! No noise! No generator headaches!

35 50% more Efficient! AC Powered BTUs: 9,200 Watts: 1,080 BTUs per watt: 8.5 DC Powered BTUs: 9,200 Watts: 720 BTUs per watt: 12.8

36 Emerging technologies!

37 » Batteries ˃Lithium Ion (Li-ion) +Technology now 2 decades old and mature +Becoming available for aftermarket conversions +Very expensive – limited supply ˃Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) +Current in High Efficiency Vehicles (hybrids) ˃Nickel-Zinc (NiZn) +On horizon +30% more power +30% less weight +20% less cost +Recycle better ˃Immediate future is actually in lower consumption

38 » Fuel Cells ˃Principle discovered in 1838 ˃Continuing Refinement ˃More Viable with Improvements Mercedes-Benz fuel cell bus in London

39 » Solar ˃New nanoparticles can increase efficiency 12% ˃Flexible panels can increase effective surface areas ˃Thin Film technologies (vs silicon) lower cost and improve aesthetics

40 » Composite Materials ˃Lighter weight ˃Environmentally sensitive Proterra (CO) plug-in hydrogen fuel cell hybrid transit bus Hyundai Heavy Industries

41 What it all means!

42 The best source of new energy is efficiency! You are a role model within your community! Cooperation is imperative! 1901 Lohner-Porche Mixte Hybrid

43 Michael Swendrowski Mobile: 262.510.1397 Email:

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