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Gaya Rescue Project, Dec 4th, 2013. The problem… In the district of Gaya, hundreds of street-children live on and around the station platforms. Most of.

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1 Gaya Rescue Project, Dec 4th, 2013

2 The problem… In the district of Gaya, hundreds of street-children live on and around the station platforms. Most of them are orphaned or abandoned children. Few are separated from their kin during travel or due to kidnapping which is quite rampant in Bihar. Children survive by begging, scavenging and rubbish-collecting. They are at great risk from violence and abuse, including child-prostitution, drugs and trade in organs for transplants. There is little or no government help for these children.

3 Rescue Junction goals Rescue Junction is a 24 hour shelter for street children living on the platforms of Gaya station in Bihar. To act as a safety net for vulnerable youngsters who are lost and in danger of exploitation. To locate & reunite lost children with their families. To provide vocational training opportunity to children and young people currently working in the trains. To create awareness in the community & local government about the plight of these lost railway children. To act on behalf children inhumanely kept in remand homes & fight for justice. To provide child protection and legal services to the children.

4 24 hr shelter for platform children. Provides care and informal education. Provides safe storage for their possessions and personal saving accounts to bank their earnings. Provides 3 meals per day clothing and healthcare. 300+ children taken care of by the shelter Project details

5 Milestones: Rescuing children Since Rescue Junction became part of the Childline network, referrals have increased dramatically. 167 missing children were successfully reunited with their families between Feb 2012 – Jan 2013. 40 child traffickers have been jailed with the help of local law enforcement

6 Milestones:Vocational Training Vocational training has been provided to 10 of the older kids. Training was provided in electronic repairs for refrigerators and air conditioners. Looking to expand this program to a wider set of children next year One person who received similar training a few years back has now setup his own electronic repair business.

7 Milestones: Recognition Rescue Junction was visited by important government officials which included the Bihar Cabinet minister of Labor and The Cabinet minister of Urban Development. Due to their achievements, reputation and trust for the organization in the local community and government is very high. The Ministry of Child and Family Welfare (Central Government) has sanctioned $20,000 for the Child line portion of the project (but funding hasnt been received yet) The Chairman of the trust, Mr. Deepak Kumar has been presented with Gem of the nation award by Dr. Kalam

8 Future Goals To ensure the initiation, approval and funding of all existing initiatives at the district and state level. The trust is working towards obtaining funding from state/central government sources for this purpose This would greatly improve and establish a child safety and protection network in the state, which would reach out and benefit many thousands of children. Establish a computerized network of information on missing and trafficked children Establish a forum with concerned NGOs for the purpose of information and resource sharing, including training and opportunities.

9 Funding 69% of funding comes from a grant 20% comes from OWCF and PFI 11% from ASHA Funding requested from ASHA for Feb 2013 to Jan 2014: Rs.2,69,514

10 Expenditures: Feb 2012 to Jan 2013 ExpenditureAnnual Expenditure (in INR) Staff Salaries558540 Project Development Officer62500 Community Liaison Officer38450 Bihar Street Children Forum Cost of initial two days conference110000 Travel Cost connected with forum36500 Printing and publicity cost38000 All other administrative cost36000 The Project Development Officer establishes links with all relevant agencies including the state welfare department to promote and develop the project Community Liaison officer engages all sections of the local community in working with the development officer to raise a community awareness regarding child exploitation and trafficking Bihar Street Children Forum is conducted to have a formal network of organizations working with street children and use the childline model to develop the network

11 Expenditures (contd) Provisions & ServicesAnnual Expenditure (in INR) Food costs235000 Medical costs145650 Festivals36000 Phone Costs18500 Vocational Training42000 Municipal Taxes8800 Electricity Bill24600 Fuel for generator68000 Clothes/Blankets/Bedding75600 Toiletries36250 Games/TV connection & recreation26400 Books/Notebooks/Stationary78050 Building Maintenance65250 Furniture29850

12 Expenditures (contd.) Child ProtectionAnnual Expenditure (in INR) Legal Officer salary192600 Travel allowance for legal officer48000 Court papers and legal costs37560 The legal officer attends all sittings of the local juvenile court on behalf of children who have no legal representation and those who have suffered injustice. He also prepares cases, gives legal advices and offers fully confidential services to all children who wish to see him. He also acts as a link between the project and local courts an judiciary.

13 Expenditures (contd.) Getting Children HomeAnnual Expenditure (in INR) Travel and related costs for repatriation of lost/missing children. 145450 Staff Training Costs58650 General Administration Costs805000 Total Annual Expenses27,91,072 11% Covered by ASHA307017.92 (=$5903, using conversion rate while sending the funding in Mar 2013) Estimated expenses for Feb 2013 to Jan 2014 24,50,123 Requested funding (11% covered by ASHA) 2,69,514

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