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Strategic Audit of Haier Group

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1 Strategic Audit of Haier Group
Case 24 Strategic Management MGMT 436 Group 5

2 I. Current Situation (Jw Hayes)
Current Performance 2001 to 2004 Organized into 6 Divisions: Haier China Haier Europe Haier America Haier Middle East Haier Spain Haier New Zealand

3 Top 100 Most recognized Worldwide Brand Name
20 Year Old Company from China Produce Home Electrical Appliances 18 Design Centers 10 Industrial Parks 30 Overseas factories and manufacturing bases 58,800 Sales offices 96 Product Group Categories To include : Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Air Conditioners, Cell phones, TV’s

4 B. Strategic Posture Mission Objectives Strategies
To improve the quality of life, focusing on customers' needs Objectives Haier strives to create innovative and affordable quality products, to deliver sincere, delightful and caring services, in order to satisfy different customers Strategies

5 Policies

6 II. Corporate Governance (Jw Hayes)
Board of Directors

7 III. External Environment (John Lerch)
Natural Environment Weather factors associated with shipping overseas (T) Long shipping times (T) Societal Environment Economic Lower production costs in China (O) United States market is the largest in the world (O) Technological Rapid growth in Electronics market (O) High initial costs for producing products with more features than competitors (T) Political-Legal High cost of duties by manufacturing overseas and selling in the U.S. (T) Sociocultural Desire for new electronics in U.S. market (O)

8 III. External Environment Continued (John Lerch)
Task Environment Rivalry high in the United States (T) Able to expand product by partnerships (O)

9 III. EFAS Table(John Lerch)

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