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Bryant Trophy Line Extension Coming October, 2011.

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1 Bryant Trophy Line Extension Coming October, 2011

2 TOPICS Equipment overview Product strategy Comparison to previous models Evolution System benefits Competitive comparisons

3 EVOLUTION LINEUP EXTENSION Two levels of Evolution 2- stage units Match competitive 2-stage lineups Enhances recruiting story

4 Features and benefits BRYANT PRODUCT STRATEGY Evolution Diagnostics 1 & 2-stage units Sound blanket Ball bearing PSC motor Split-post grommet Pressure switches Louvered design 1 & 2-stage units Pressure switches 74 dba Sound blanket Dense and wide at 13 SEER Dense 16 SEER Painted coil Evolution Diagnostics 2-stage trophy units Swept-blade fan ECM fan motor Dlx. sound blanket Split-post grommet

5 EVOLUTION GROWTH 2010 AIR CONDITIONERS Model 180B 20 SEER Two-Stage/3 Ton only Model 187B 17 SEER Two-Stage/Full Line Model 186B 16 SEER Full Line HEAT PUMPS Model 289B 19 SEER Two-Stage/3 Ton only Model 286B 16 SEER (2-Stage) Two-Stage/Full Line Model 285B 15 SEER Full Line October 2011 AIR CONDITIONERS Model 180B 20 SEER Two-Stage/ 2-5 ton Model 187B 17 SEER Two-Stage/Full Line Model 186B 16 SEER Full Line HEAT PUMPS Model 289B 19 SEER Two-Stage/ 3-5 Ton Model 286B 16 SEER (2-Stage) Two-Stage/Full Line Model 285B 15 SEER Full Line 2011 All Models:

6 TROPHY MODEL SOUND IMPROVMENTS Swept blade fan Deluxe sound blanket Split post compressor grommets since early 2011

7 NEW 180B vs 187B and EXISTING 180B SizeNew 180B (Hi/Lo) 187B (Hi/Lo) (Exist. 180B) 2469/6972/ /69 +4 Height 72/72 (72/72) 4871/6672/ /6973/73 Sound Ratings Size New 180B 187B (Exist. 180B) Height 16.7 (20) SEER (Tested Combo) Old 180A Sound Rating 180ANA02472/72 180ANA03672/72 180ANA04875/76 180ANA06074/76

8 NEW 289B VS 286B and EXISTING 289B Size New 289B (Hi/Lo) 286B(Hi/Lo) (Old 289B) 24N/A71/ /66 +4 Height 71/69 (69/66) 4872/6974/ /6873/73 Sound Ratings SizeNew 289B 286B (Old 289B) 24N/A16/ /10 +4 Height 15.5/9 (19/9.5) /9.516/9 6016/9.5 SEER / HSPF(Tested Combo) Old 288A Sound Rating 288ANA036 71/69 288ANA048 72/70 288ANA060 75/75


10 EVOLUTION BENEFITS Evolution 2-stage compressor control Increased comfort with longer cycles and more even temperatures Increased cooling dehumidification capability with lower airflow on low stage Reheat to dehumidify with FE fan coil applications Dehumidifies at tough conditions when a standard cooling system cant Quiet operation Lower sound ratings than previous units – beats competition in many cases Added sound features – swept fan blade, deluxe sound blanket Enhanced Diagnostics and Service benefits

11 TEMPERATURE MONITORING Perfect Heat & P/I Loop st stage2nd stage3rd stage Std loop Evolution P/I loop Bryant Proprietary Algorithm Better set-point control Eliminates stage swings Reduces customer discomfort Consistent temps

12 TEMPERATURE MONITORING Perfect Heat Pump 10 o 20 o 30 o 40 o 50 o 60 o Standard system Evolution Perfect Heat Pump system Air temperature off of coil Outdoor air temperature Variable speed fan coil Standard Perfect Heat Pump using Evolution Control delivers consistently warmer air when you need it most The Evolution system provides tighter airflow control allowing for consistently comfortable leaving air temperatures Always strives to deliver air temps leaving the coil above 100 o Your customers will be able to feel the difference!! Evolution

13 Electric heaters are staged in to maintain consistent leaving air temperatures Eliminates cold blow at lower ambient when heaters stage off Maximizes homeowner comfort for the complete heating cycle 10 o 20 o 30 o 40 o Air temperature from unit Outdoor air temperature first bank second bank third bank standard heat pump TEMPERATURE MONITORING Perfect Heat Pump – Auxiliary Heat

14 PERFECT HUMIDITY Relative humidity (%) Room Temperature Too much humidity, fan slows down 15% to increase latent capacity 76 o 79 o 70 o 73 o Regular A/C 67 Cool to dehumidify Set point Evolution Proprietary algorithm Lowest reliable airflow for cooling Manage cooling up to 3º Automatically adjusts to customer needs Standard System System runs only short time, little humidity removed Mold and mildew are also a common problem Results in cold and clammy home

15 PERFECT HUMIDITY Re-heat Cooling Mode Dehumidification Control humidity to the actual set-point Proprietary algorithm Cancels over-cooling by turning on electric heat Balances excess cooling by cycling the electric heat package

16 PERFECT HUMIDITY Outstanding humidity control Condensing windows? STOP the condensing window problem Proprietary algorithm Humidity control relation to outdoor temp. Non-linear computation Competition = linear Only 1 time adjustment for all conditions

17 ENHANCED SYSTEM FEATURES Elevation Airflow adjustment and gas de-rate Better control of temperature rise Efficient operation of equipment Builds better comfort


19 COMPETITIVE 2-SPEED OFFERINGS 19 Full Line AC 2 Stage SEER SEER Full Line HP 2 Stage 16 SEER SEER BryantYorkRheemGoodmanTraneLennox Fall, 2011

20 BRYANT VS GOODMAN- AC SOUND /SEER Size180B (Hi/Lo)DSXC /69N/A 3672/ / /6974 Sound Ratings Size180BDSXC N/A SEER (Tested Combo)

21 BRYANT VS GOODMAN- HP SOUND /SEER/HSPF Size289B (Hi/Lo)DSZC18 24N/A 3669/ / /6875 Sound Ratings Size289BDSZC18 24N/A 3619/1018 / /9.518/ / /9.35 SEER / HSPF(Tested Combo)

22 BRYANT VS LENNOX - AC SOUND /SEER Size180B (Hi/Lo)XC / / / /6973 Sound Ratings Size180BXC SEER (Tested Combo)

23 BRYANT VS LENNOX HP SOUND /SEER/HSPF Size289B (Hi/Lo)XP21 24N/A / / /6873 Sound Ratings Size289BXP21 24N/A19/ /1018.2/ / / / /9.2 SEER / HSPF(Tested Combo)

24 BRYANT VS RHEEM - AC SOUND /SEER Size180 (Hi/Lo)RASL-JEC Hi/Lo) 2469/6971/ /69 39N/A73/ /6674/ /6972/67 Sound Ratings Size180BRASL N/A SEER (Tested Combo)

25 BRYANT VS RHEEM - HP SOUND /SEER/HSPF Size289B (Hi/Lo) RPRL-JEC 24N/A74/ /6672/ /6972/ /6876/78 Sound Ratings Size289BRPRL-JEC 24N/A17/ /1016.5/ /9.516/ / /9.15 SEER / HSPF(Tested Combo)

26 BRYANT VS YORK - AC SOUND /SEER Size180B (Hi/Lo)CZH 2469/ / / /6974 Sound Ratings Size180BCZH SEER (Tested Combo)

27 BRYANT VS YORK HP SOUND /SEER/HSPF Size289B (Hi/Lo)YZH 24N/A / / /68 73 Sound Ratings Size289BYZH 24N/A / / / SEER / HSPF(Tested Combo)

28 BRYANT VS TRANE - AC SOUND /SEER Size180B (Hi/Lo)4TTZ 2469/6968/ /6972/ /6676/ /6976/70 Sound Ratings Size180B4TTZ SEER (Tested Combo)

29 BRYANT VS TRANE HP SOUND /SEER/HSPF Size289B (Hi/Lo)4TWZ 24N/A 70/ /66 72/ /69 76/ /68 76/71 Sound Ratings Size289B4TWZ 24N/A 19/ /10 19/ / / / /9.0 SEER / HSPF(Tested Combo)

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