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CISTERNA. Pollution means to worsen the enviroment in which we live with our bad behaviors. The environmental damage is then poured on humans and all.

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2 Pollution means to worsen the enviroment in which we live with our bad behaviors. The environmental damage is then poured on humans and all other living beings seriously endangering their health. Its very important to know which substances are dangerous to the enviroment and what actions can damage the Earth and ourselves. The Earth is a large ecosystem: in it the light of the sun, the air, the water, the soil, the plants and animals are closely related to each other. Unfortunately, the human beings are altering this balance, by polluting the environment and by seriously damaging the ecosystem on our planet. 1

3 Why do they hide pollution data?… The pollution of air, water and soil can lead to the destruction of our planet. 2

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5 The greatest damages caused by air pollution so far are: ozone depletion and greenhouse effect. The gases from the manufacture of polystyrene, of solvents, aerosol sprays, air conditioners and refrigerators, decrease the ozone layer that surrounds the Earth and protects us from solar radiations. The ultraviolet rays without the protective shield of this important gas could cause significant damage to our health and the environment. They could increase the occurrence of eye disease and skin cancer; while in the sea the algae could be destroyed and they are an important link in the marine food chain. 4

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7 IT SHOULD BE A MUST: Limiting the use of cars Creating pedestrian and closing the traffic in some areas of the city Educating people about the use of public transportation and the use of bicycles Using non-polluting cars with engines and catalytic converters Reducing deforestation and increasing the green Building industries by using less polluting forms of energy Creating photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, hydroelectric power stations 6 The use of bicycles makes people happy

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9 THE HEALTH OF THE SEA Water pollution is one of the most important problems that modern man has to solve. What are the causes? What are the possible remedies? 8

10 WATER POLLUTION CAUSES: Discharges of non- biodegradable waste Use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides Dispersion of oil, acids, oils and tars at sea Discharges of dirty and poisonous sewers CONSEQUENCES: Death and damage to the aquatic flora and fauna Contamination of groundwater Abundant growth of algae (eutrophication) Damage to human health WHAT ARE THE SOLUTIONS? Installing purifiers in the industry and ensuring that all abide by this rule Avoiding the use of chemicals in agriculture Do not throw rubbish in the water Reducing the use of detergents, soaps and various foams Avoiding wastage of water 9

11 Acid rain is another consequence of both air and water pollution. The pollutant gases that are emitted into the atmosphere are mixed with water vapor of the clouds suspended in the air which forming acid rains. These weaken the defenses of plants, pollute rivers, lakes and seas; they contaminate the soil and corrode buildings and monuments in the cities. 10

12 Why is the soil polluted? 11

13 PESTICIDES AND FERTILIZERS OUR WASTE Other consequences of soil pollution are due to solid waste: paper, glass, plastic, etc... They are not biodegradable, but stay long on the soil. Among the most harmful waste there are expired medicines, battery fluid and many chemicals. In order to protect crops from pests, to increase production and to improve the appearance of products pesticides and chemical fertilizers are used. These are dissolved by raining, polluting the soil and contributing to the spread of arsenic, exacerbating the contamination of drinking water aquifers. The use of pesticides and fertilizers in agriculture is considered the first form of direct pollution of the soil. 12

14 What can we do to save the soil? Promoting a new way of cultivating, avoiding chemical fertilizers and favoring organic and biological agriculture Promoting and supporting the collection, avoiding the accumulation of waste in landfills Using the compost for soil fertilizers with the decomposition of our food waste 13

15 14 LEGISLATION ON POLLUTION Water, air and soil are essential for life on Earth and should be protected from the dangers of pollution. The European Community, in relation to this topic, has issued three interesting documents: the European Charter of the air in March 1968: the European Charter of water in May 1968; the European Charter of soil in 1972. In Italy three Laws were issued: the Antismog Law in 1966; the Law for the Protection of the waters in 1976 and the Law for the Disposal of municipal and industrial waste in 1982. In defense of the preservation of the environment, National Parks, Nature Reserves, and many voluntary associations were born, but there will be still much to do if we do not want our planet to be destroyed.

16 15 We cant consider the air, the rivers, the lakes, the sea and the soil as dustbins. The Earth shows the marks of the wounds that we have inferred and it throws its cry for help. Ecology is not only the task of those who govern us, but the integrity of the environment depends also on our individual behaviors at home, at school, on the street and on vacation. The pollution is spreading more and more, but what can we do to save ourselves? Besides the importance of introducing good laws for environmental protection, its necessary a common commitment beginning to admit that each of us has a part of the blame. Every day around the world thousands of tons of waste are produced by men.


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