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Climate Change and Ozone Loss

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1 Climate Change and Ozone Loss
G. Tyler Miller’s Living in the Environment 14th Edition Chapter 21

2 Key Concepts Changes in Earth’s climate over time Factors affecting climate Possible effects of global warming Adapting to climate change Human impacts on the ozone layer Protecting and restoring the ozone layer

3 Past Climate Changes Recent trends in global temperatures
Past global temperatures Recent trends in global temperatures

4 The Greenhouse Effect Greenhouse effect
Greenhouse gases (Refer to Table 21-1 p. 464)

5 Projecting Future Changes in Earth’s Climate
Climate models Modeling from the 1990 Apparent influence of human activities Could be natural changes

6 Climate Change and Human Activities
Increased use of fossil fuels Global warming Melting icecaps and glaciers Planet in Peril – Sea Level Rise Rising sea level Deforestation

7 Factors Affecting the Earth’s Temperature
Changes in solar output Changes in Earth’s albedo Moderating effect of oceans Clouds and water vapor Air pollution

8 Some Possible Effects of a Warmer World

9 Possible Benefits from a Warmer Atmosphere
Solutions: Dealing with the Threat of Climate Change Less severe winters More precipitation in some dry areas Less precipitation in some wet areas Increased food production in some areas Expanded population and ranges of some species Options Do nothing Do more research Act now to reduce risks Precautionary principle

10 Removing CO2 from the Atmosphere
Capture and sequester Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Kyoto Treaty (1997) U.S. withdraws from Kyoto Treaty (2001) Other reductions in CO2

11 Loss of the Ozone Layer: Reasons for Concern
Increased incidence and severity of sunburn Increase in eye cataracts Increased incidence of skin cancer Skin Cancer Immune system suppression Increase in acid deposition Lower crop yields and decline in productivity Seasonal Ozone Layer Thinning at the Poles Ozone thinning (hole) Polar vortex

12 Ozone Depleting Chemicals
Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) Halons Methyl bromide Carbon tetrachloride Methyl chloroform Hydrogen chloride Ozone Depletion in the Stratosphere

13 Former Uses of CFCs Solutions: Protecting the Ozone Layer
Air Conditioners Refrigerators Spray cans Cleaners for electronic parts Sterilizing medical instruments Fumigants for granaries and cargo ships Solutions: Protecting the Ozone Layer CFC substitutes Montreal Protocol Copenhagen Protocol

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