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IT IS THE YEAR 2010 According to Arthur C Clarke we should, by now, be exploring deep space with a sentient (and deranged) computer........

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2 IT IS THE YEAR 2010 According to Arthur C Clarke we should, by now, be exploring deep space with a sentient (and deranged) computer........

3 Ok, we are not there yet, but look at how technology has changed in the last fifty years. With a few clicks of my mouse I can talk to someone in Australia face to face and free. I can watch live events on television from across the world as images are beamed through space via satellite.

4 I can Google the answer to virtually any question in less than a second. The world has changed beyond recognition in less than the lifespan of a human being. Cutting edge technology has changed, and will continue to change the way we live our lives. Imagine where we will be in fifty years time.

5 So, riddle me this: Would you stick a small boy up a chimney with a brush? Would you rely on gin and beer to give you something clean to drink?

6 Then why do we rely on two-hundred year old technology to heat our homes and workplaces? Technology that is unreliable, expensive, needs constant maintenance, is ugly and most of all, is inefficient. We are here to challenge the heating status quo. We are here to bring heating into the 21 st century. About time too.......

7 We are Spectrum Heating and our product is Far Infra- Red Heating panels for the home and workplace.

8 We would like to give you a like for like comparison. In the Red corner Conventional Radiators In the Green corner Far Infra-Red Heating Panels

9 Radiators are wall mounted – not usually aesthetically pleasing and they dictate the layout of a room.... Our panels are ceiling mounted – unobtrusive and attractive....they can be painted to blend in – and you can put your furniture anywhere. Radiators need regular maintenance.... Our panels are virtually maintenance free. Installing radiators is a long, expensive & drawn out job, needing pipework everywhere.... Our panels are as easy to fit as a ceiling light. The heat from radiators rises constantly.... Our panels heat a room uniformly.

10 The heat from radiators dries out the air and creates condensation on walls and windows.... The rays from our panels have a plethora of health benefits and create no damp at all. Radiators are expensive to run, needing a constant supply of burning gas or high levels of electricity to run.... Our panels are extremely efficient – leading to an estimated saving of between 30-80% depending on the heating method currently used. If this was a fight, it would be declared a no contest.

11 At Spectrum Heating..... We have the product – direct from the manufacturer We have the fitting team – UK wide We have the sales experience We have the administrative background We have the marketing expertise We have the passion We have the time Now we need everyone to listen......

12 Health Benefits... FIR rays penetrate organic molecules (skin, bone, blood) in animals, plants and humans causing the fluid such as blood and lymph to warm, thin slightly and flow more easily. Blood vessels dilate, allowing the blood and lymph to flow easily. This has huge benefits to those suffering from diabetes, arthritis, hypertension & rheumatism.

13 Far infra-red panels, as mentioned previously, cause no damp or condensation which can cause mould and mildew to grow. The benefits to people suffering from bronchitis, emphysema, asthma or COPD are huge. The panels are covered with a coating of the mineral tourmaline which causes negative ions to be released whilst heating. The benefits of negative ions have been very well documented for many years.

14 Finally, the panels also emit silver nano – a patented antibacterial coating which kills 99.99% of bacteria including MRSA & HN51 and is increasingly being found in washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners & vacuum cleaners. The health benefits of a heater that inhibits the growth of bacteria as opposed to increasing it are countless. Why else would hospitals use far infrared rays to look after their most vulnerable patients? Premature babies are routinely put in incubators heated with far infrared rays… So, to conclude, FIR panels installed in the home create a perfect environment for living, particularly for the very young and the very infirm. When installed in the workplace, a healthier happier workforce with less sick days becomes the norm.

15 With every installation of far infra-red heating we not only reduce the heating bill by a huge factor, we also reduce the carbon footprint of our building and the country as a whole. The heating panels use between 0.29 & 0.8Kw per hour depending on the panel size. In comparison. Electrical heaters – 2 Kw per hour Oil heaters – 1.5 Kw per hour Fan heaters – 2 Kw per hour Halogen heaters – 1.5 Kw per hour

16 The saving of between 30 to 80% of your heating cost is also matched with a 30 to 80% reduction in your heating carbon footprint. It really is a win win situation. Spectrum Heating helps to save you money and the environment.

17 Thank you for listening.

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