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Buying, Owning & Insuring a Car Buying a Vehicle.

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2 Buying, Owning & Insuring a Car Buying a Vehicle

3 Buying a Car Having a Vehicle gives you a lot of Freedom but carries a lot of Responsibilities. Do you need a vehicle? Can you afford to own a vehicle?

4 Would you buy a green car or a pink car? What is a green car? Hybrid or electric If every one in the USA bought a pink car, what would we have? A Pink Car Nation!!!

5 The Cost of Owning a Car Purchase Price. Shop around, compare, Check Ads & Internet Financing – Look around for the best loan rates.

6 What is depreciation? How much did you pay for the car? What is the Blue Book? What is the Blue Book value today?

7 Other Cost of Owning a Car

8 What kind of car should I buy? Examine your needs, wants, and your budget. Ask yourself these questions: What will I need the vehicle for? Do I need passenger and cargo capacities? Will I need to tow anything? How many miles will I drive each year? Will I use the vehicle more for short trips or long trips? How long will I expect to keep the vehicle.


10 Vehicle Size

11 Buying a used car video

12 Buying a Used Car You can buy from a used car dealer, a new car dealer or a private owner. A new car dealer may provide a Warranty. What is a Warranty? Read the Warranty carefully. A used car dealer may have a large selection of used cars. A private owner may cost less but will seldom repair or give you a warranty.

13 Buying a Used Car Check the Blue Book. If possible, Talk to the previous owner. Outside and inside checks. Test drive. Have the vehicle inspected.

14 Insurance What is the Financial Responsibility Law? What is Liability Insurance? What are the 2 kinds of Liability Insurance? Bodily-Injury Liability covers someone's injuries (or Death) Property-damage Liability covers Property damage (Like another car)


16 What is Collision Insurance? Collision Insurance covers you if you are at fault. Pays to repair or replace your car less the Deductible. What is a Deductible? Deductible is the amount you agree to pay towards the repair or replacement of your car. ( Higher deductible = Lower Premium)

17 What is Comprehensive Insurance?

18 What kind of insurance would cover these situations? Windshield shatters from a rock You run over your friends puppy. You hit someones mailbox. You hit a pedestrian. Your car is hit by hail. Your vehicle will not start after school. Your car hits a tree & you are injured. Comprehensive Property damage liability Bodily injury liability Comprehensive Towing Collision & Medical payments

19 What kind of insurance would cover this?

20 What kind of insurance coverage would you need for this?



23 What kind of insurance would you need for this?

24 Factors that Determine Insurance Rates. Driving Record Age Miles Driven Driver Gender Marital Status Type of Vehicle Where driver lives Drivers Claim Record

25 Environmental Concerns Exhaust Gases –Carbon Dioxide Greenhouse effect –Carbon Monoxide can cause drowsiness and death –CFCs older cars used Freon for air conditioners

26 How Can Drivers Help the Environment Mass transit

27 Car Pool

28 Alternative Fueled Vehicles Solar-powered vehicles Electric Cars E85

29 Police stop on expressway

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