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CUBA. See Actual Size See Full SizeSee Full Size Fulgencio Batista.

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3 See Actual Size See Full SizeSee Full Size Fulgencio Batista

4 Fulgencio Batista president, and dictator who twice ruled Cuba (1933 – 44, 1952 – 59) suspended the 1940 constitution and Congress, canceled the elections, and dissolved all political parties. It was a corrupt and brutal dictatorship that set the stage for his overthrow by Fidel Castro on Jan. 1, 1959.


6 The Cuban Memorial displayed at Tamiami Park, Miami, Florida: Each cross bears the name of a victim of Castro's genocide against the Cuban

7 Comparing Castro s ways for tourist and for Cubans

8 Look at how many public buses were available back then. Now, Cubans refer to buses as "aspirins, because you can only take one every 6 hours

9 " The camel


11 Tourists at Beaches in Varadero, enjoying the paradise that Castro has built for them

12 Cuban rafters trying to leave the MESS that Castro has created for them


14 Elian Gonzalez Elian leaving the hospital after being rescued on Thanksgiving day 1999 Elian and his mom, Elizabeth Broton, before their ill fated boat trip to Florida

15 Elian with major league pitcher Orlando 'El Duque' Hernandez. Wouldn't that be another nice memory from his Miami days? Elian in Miami playing with other children Police sent by Janet Reno, pointing an automatic weapon at Elian to make him go back to Cuba

16 Elian has now become the dictator's pet. He shows him to his foreign friends as if Elian was a trophy

17 He is forced to salute and forced to read speeches written by Castro himself April 5, 2010 - Ten years after

18 Arroz con Pollo Cuban sandwich

19 Restaurant EL ALJIBE Havana Miramar A French restaurant El Abanico de Cristal

20 Buffet at hotels for tourists

21 Cubans food in the refrigerators

22 The Ration Book or Libreta

23 The block's rationed-food stores ("No potatoes today," a smiling young woman said. "Maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day"). Everyone had a little ration book, listing how many grams of what each person could buy. It allowed one roll of bread per person per day. "You get chicken maybe four times a year," a man said, "but certainly twice.

24 Grocery store for tourist

25 Empty Bodegas for Cubans

26 Hotels for Tourist

27 Hotels for Cubans

28 Hospitals for Cubans


30 Health center for tourist

31 Beaches for tourist

32 Beaches for Cubans

33 Where Tourist Shop

34 Where Cubans shop

35 1953

36 Tienda "Flogar"

37 Hotels pools

38 What Cuban kids use for a pool

39 While Tourist Children playing…. Cuban children are been taught how to use a rifle to defend the country

40 Cuban children and their parents, sleeping outside their homes trying to escape from the heat, because there is no electricity to power fans or air conditioners. Castro blames the lack of oil for the continued interruptions in the electric power systems. But how can that be possible when his puppet, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, sends more than 90,000 barrels of oil daily at incredibly low prices? The answer is that Castro resells most of the oil that he receives from Chavez, instead of using it to benefit the Cuban people.

41 - Pictures of Pioneers

42 The Cuban Capitol is just like the U.S. Capitol

43 Cuba announced on Monday, 9/14/10 it would lay off "at least" half a million state workers over the next six months, allowing them to start their own businesses or work for private companies. AP on Sept.14 th said Cuba's communist leaders have already determined what workers should do, detailing a plan for them to raise rabbits, paint buildings, make bricks, collect garbage, pilot ferries Below are some pictures of businesses there now


45 These pictures are from the Associated Press

46 Havana Ballet Festival

47 Carnival time in Havana


49 Cuba officially became an atheist nation in 1962. Christmas holiday was celebrated until 1969, it was stopped by Fidel Castro when he decided it was interfering with the sugar harvest. Christmas is being celebrated as a holiday in Cuba again for the past 3 years.



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