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Tenders Manual

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1 Tenders Manual

2 Introduction is most comprehensive tender portal. The tenders are procured from all over the country and after careful scrutiny and sorting are uploaded and can be viewed by our customers within 24 hours. This is a paid site where the customer can subscribe to get the list of all the tenders uploaded of the chosen sub-industry. This site helps both the authorities and the bidders in smooth execution of the tendering process. The target audience are the Corporates and SME’s.

3 Content Tenders of once choice are available which are categorized by industry, location, or company. 800 + leading National and Regional Dailies are covered daily. More than 1500 Govt. Websites are visited daily. More than 15 Tender journals are subscribed to ensure not to miss out any tender. 100's of tenders are sent by Govt. Agencies for hosting tender on the site.

4 Packages Indian Tenders:
Single tender access: Rs If a customer finds the tender which is as per the interest of the customer, he can buy the tender. It is of one time use. Combo Alerts: Starting from Rs 4494 to Rs 11236, one can choose the tenders state and Industry wise. Once subscribed the customer receives the updates on the tenders of the chosen industry in an , a user ID and password for access. The subscription is valid for 1 year. Corporate alerts: This is for Rs Under this subscription, 15 user IDs and passwords are created and hence 15 different sub-industries can be chosen.

5 Main Search Mention the name of the product and choose ‘word search’
E.g: Construction

6 Total Number of Construction tenders found is 27402.
This is inclusive of Todays, live and closed tenders

7 Click on Live to view live tenders of Construction
Click on Live to view live tenders of Construction. These are tenders from all over India. Click on Live to view valid tenders. Total live tender found for Construction are 341

8 Search Within The Results
At the lower end of the search results enter State Name to find the live tenders of the particular State E.g. Tamil Nadu

9 Total number of live tenders of construction from Tamil Nadu are now 18

10 Search for the product mentioned
Browse By Product Search for the product mentioned on the home page If the desired product is not mentioned on the home page then click on more

11 If you know the category of your product browse from the list mentioned below
Enter the product name in the search box in case you are not able to sort the category

12 Select from the classification of the product. E.g. air conditioners

13 Total tenders found for Air conditioners are 346
Total tenders found for Air conditioners are 346. click on live and see live tenders.

14 Total number of Closed computer tenders are 96
Closed Tenders Total number of Closed computer tenders are 96

15 Placing An Order Online
Click on subscribe now

16 Fill in all the details in the form
Click on submit and proceed

17 Times Internet Limited
For Any Kind Of Queries Please Call Us At Our New Customer Support Number – You can also contact us at the following address Times Internet Limited Tender Division (SME) 801/A GNFC Info Tower, Nr.Grand Bhagwati, S G Highway, Ahmedabad Phone : (079)

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