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Vision : Godrej in Every Home and Work Place Mission : Enriching Quality of Life Everyday Everywhere Values : Integrity | Trust | To Serve | Respect |

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1 Vision : Godrej in Every Home and Work Place Mission : Enriching Quality of Life Everyday Everywhere Values : Integrity | Trust | To Serve | Respect | Environment 1

2 Various Types of Steel – 2011-12
Sr. No. G&B Unit Type of Steel Specifications Size in mm Thickness Annual Qty. (M/t) End Use 1. CR / GP Coils / Electrical Steel a. Furniture, Mumbai C.R. Coils IS 513 Gr. D or JIS G 3141 SPCC SD 0.60 – 2.00 28320 Furniture b. Godrej Overseas - Do - 20000 c. SSG, Chennai 4000 Storage Solutions d. Security Equipment Div., Mumbai G.P. Coils / C.R. Coils IS 277 Gr. D/EDD or JIS G 3302 & JIS G 3141 SPCC SD 0.50 TO 2.00 Security Equipments. e. Pattern coils Pre-painted 0.60 450 f. Appliance Div., Shirwal/Moholi G.P. Coils / Electrical Steel IS 277 Gr. D/EDD or JIS G 3302, JIS G 3141 SPCC SD, IS 649 0.35/0.45/0.5 12000 5400 Refrigerator sides & doors, Hermetic motors for compressors (captive & external) SUB – TOTAL (A) 74170 2. H.R. / M.S. Plates Security Equipments, Mumbai H.R. Coils Is 2062, Gr. A/B or IS 5986 Fe 410 5 / 10 13500 Security Equipments Process Equipment, Mumbai B.Q. Plates ASTM 515/516 Gr.60/70 8 to 250 19000 Pressure Vessels Storage Solutions, Chennai High Strength H.R. IS 800 Fe 460 IN St 46 1.60/1.80/ 2.00 15600 4200 Appliance div., Moholi HRPO – EDD/DD IS 2062 / 5986 2.80 Compressor Cover & shells SUB – TOTAL 57700 3. Tor Steel Rounds Construction CRS / TMT Fe 500 8 to 32 mm 7500 T O T A L 139370

3 Current Trends Image Image Image Image
Extremely price sensitive market. Consumers demanding more value for each Rupee spent No compromise on quality and after sales service. Consumer seeking : Experience and bonding with the product. Are conscious of environment and seeking eco-friendly products – Products should be certified for 3/4/5 star rating. Constant Innovation for : Better Aesthetics More Functionality Latest technologies Dealers and Retailers are required to spruce up show rooms and offer more comfort to prospective buyers. Display entire range of Products. Image Image Image Image

With Fastest growing middle class society in Asia CAGR in excess of 20% expected during next 5 years. As per the National Council for Applied Economic Research, MIDDLE CLASS families have an annual income between Rs.3.4 Lacs to Rs.17 Lacs at price levels th Pay Commission also to enhance purchasing power. Customers are offered zero interest charges. NIL processing fees and zero down payment to woo customers. LG and Samsung strategy of multinationals, for aggressive market penetration. Japanese companies are bridging price gaps. They propose to encash on strong brands like Daikin, Hitachi, National, in the air conditioning sector. Also investing in manufacturing and R&D Centres in India. Replacement cycle of white goods and other consumer durable sredudced from 9/10 years to about 4/5 years. Middle class segment buying more than one unit e.g. 2/3 Acs, 2 TVs, etc. Penetration levels : 18% Refrigerators 6% Washing Machines 1% Microwave 2% Air conditioners Shows a huge market yet to be tapped Effective branding and advertising has lead to increased consumer awareness with a growing preference for new models with more features at the same price point. INNOVATION – KEY TO SUCCESS 4

* Sheets = Table Top Flatness (Bow Height max. 2 mm) * Surface free from any surface defects * Right angle / diagonal accuracy. DELIVERY CONDITIONS & EXPECTATIONS * Strictly on time – In the right mix of various sizes, nominal penalty on a per M/t basis – Purpose to reduce inventory to 2 days from current level of 8 days. * Panels to be pre-inspected and certified by vendor. * Flexibility in quantities to take care of market fluctuations. Vendors to be flexible. Fluctuation of + 25% of ordered quantities to be accepted. FUTURE TRENDS * Door Panels for premium models – PVC on GI – mostly imported from Korea, Taiwan. * PPGI – for new manufacturing locations. * Plastics for side panels / door – New technology using High impact Polystyrene + ABS * Refrigerant Gas – R134 Cooling Gas, eco friendly. 5

6 Macro trends – Economic Development Favourable Economy Trends
Economist Intelligence Unit Economist Intelligence Unit Pvt Consn & Infrastructure to boost economy growth. India will spend 9% of its GDP (US$1 Trillion on Infrastructure over the next 5 years) … Technopak Technopak High Economy and Infrastructure growth

7 Macro trends – Economic Development Favorable demographic trends
India to become less poorer Highly affluent households (> 10 L) to increase from 4 mn to 12.5 mn in urban India and from 1.4 mn to 3.6 mn in rural India. The middle class is the big story in urban and rural India No of individuals across general education levels to increase from current 659 mn to 806.5mn by 2020 Growth in education levels to drive consumerism

8 Retail Trend Rapid Retail transformation
Journey of Organized Retail Indian retail industry – Large but highly unorganized M&A Shakeout, Consolidation, High investment End to end supply chain mngmnt, back end operations technology processes Range, portfolio format options Entry, Growth, Expansion, Top line focus Per capita Retail space 2000 2005 2008 2011

9 Retail Trend Consumer Durable Retail trends
Consumer Durable retail – Overall a small segment but Big within organized Total retail industry Breakdown of Organised Retail US $281 bn Source: Marketing White book 2010 Source: Marketing White book 2010

10 in organized retail consumer durable outlets
Retail Trend Consumer Durable Retail trends 19% growth Consolidation in the industry happening at a rapid pace with 19% growth in organized retail consumer durable outlets

11 Durable Industry Perspective
Growth seen in consumer durable ownership by households fuelled by access to electricity as well as financing to purchase and operate electric appliances

12 Indian Durable industry* Market: 2010-11
Applaince Industry Industry Perspective Indian Durable industry* Market: Refrigerators Washing Machines Air Conditioners MWO Television Units: 87 Lakhs Value: 9770Crores Units: 36 Lakhs Value: 3400 Crores Units: 35 Lakhs Value: 7650 Crores Units: 135 Lakhs Value: Crores Units: 12.5 Lakhs Value: 875Crores Growth Over Units: 6% Value: 11% Growth Over Units: 8% Value: 6% Growth Over Units: 21% Value: 27% Growth Over Units: 15% Value: 14% Growth Over Units: 26% Value: 28% Major growth being witnessed in Air conditioner and MWO categories, where product penetration is still low while moderate growth in Refrigerator category * Godrej Categories

13 The future trend – Categories poised for further growth
Domestic Industry Ref : Cr. : Cr. CAGR : Refrigerators : 12%; Washing Machines : 18% Air Conditioners : 26%; Microwaves : 12%; TV : 13% 2.22

14 GAD-Performance 10-11&Business Outlook 2011-12
Godrej Product Mix movement Refers Air Conditioners 1475 cr 2045 cr 10% 22% 38% 3% 3% 3% 17% 17% 11% 12% 66% 58% Washers 43% Category value in Cr. Category mix in % MWO CTV 45% 334% New businesses to drive growth 2.22 Value in Rs. Cr.

M/t 10.0 Million Refrigerators : 1,80,000 4.0 Million Washing Machines : ,000 4.2 Million Air Conditioners ,000 2,70,000 =======

16 GODREJ – Laurels, Credos, Awards, Recognition
Godrej Eon Refrigerators awarded : The “Design Excellence Aware” by Business World and Material Institute of Design. CNBC Awaaz Consumer Award for three consecutive years. Readers’ digest felicitated Godrej with the “Most Trusted Brand gold Award’ for four consecutive years. FMCG Federation of India honoured Godrej Eon with the Most Preferred Frost Free Refrigerator Brand at the 5th Consumer World Awards. In 2008, the Urjavaran Foundation felicitated the company with the Best Model Impact towards Energy Efficiency Offering 100% Green Refrigerator since 2002, when research revealed the dangers of CFC/HFC/HCFC laded refrigerants. Product development and relevant technology done through our in-house R&D manned by more than 100 engineers and Designers National Readership Survey data shows that every third household in India owns a Godrej Refrigerator. Only Godrej manufactures refrigerators which are 100% CFC, HFC and HCFC free. 16


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