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K series for close control NEW C series for Close control.

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5 K series for close control

6 NEW C series for Close control

7 Electronic Expansion Valve Backward Curved Fan New Casing

8 Available in: -Upflow air discharge (OC) -Downflow air discahrge (UC) -Direct expansion: OCA/UCA Series - with remote air cooled condenser - with built-in water cooled condenser - with remote condensing unit - TS (Two Season) version - FC (Free Cooling) version (water-dx) - FC (Free cooling) version (dx-air) -Chilled water: OCU/UCU Series - with double water coil (TwinSource)






14 K & C Series Modular air conditioners with upflow and downflow air supply - Cooling capacity from 5 to 160 Kw - Air flow from 2.000 to 30.000 m3/h - 1 or 2 scroll compressors - Fans separated from the unit by special anti vibrating support - Electric board complete with protections and phase sequencer - Total front access for maintenance

15 - High aeraulic efficiency of the units - High efficiency of the coil with special fins drawing - Both chilled water and direct expansion coils are equipped with hydrophilic aluminium fins that eliminate any risk of water transportation into the fans. - Larger surface of filters and coils allows lower air speed trough the coil with the result of lower pressure drop. - Low power absorption of the fans

16 Complete range of accesories for all installation needs. - Hot water re-heating coils with 3 way valve. - Electric heater - Hot gas re-heating coil - Humidifier - Electronic hot-gas injection valve - Electronic expansion valve for cooling capacity control - Air discharge or suction plenum - Sound damped hood for air discharge or suction - Fresh air connection (up to 40%) - Gravity or motorised dampers - Adjustable underbase with air conveyor - Layer lead plate sound damping panels - Microprocessor µAC (Standard) - Microprocessor Pco3 (accessory) - Clock card - Local network possibility - Components for BMS connection - Serial comunication card RS485 (modbus-lonworks-bacnet-tcp/ip) - Gateway Modbus - Gateway BacNet - WebGate TCP/IP

17 pCO 3 Microprocessor -More memory -More Alarms -Easier to use - Web and BMS compatible

18 BMS CONNECTION Third Parties Protocols

19 LAN

20 Electronic Expansion Valve - Managed and optimized by on-board microprocessor (compatible with mAC and pCO) - Together with temperature and pressure sensors, allows the monitoring of all functional parameters of the cycle and their optimization

21 Energy Savings - Optimize overheating - Operate at lower condensation temperature respect to those permitted by normal thermostatic valves increasing unit COP - Regulate the operative temperature with high accuracy - Perform dehumidification keeping constant air flow

22 The standard fan section is made up by one or more backward curved, free running impeller, radial fans (plug fan) with single speed motors. ADVANTAGES: low noise level high efficiency very easy cleaning of the blades

23 3 types of Plug fan motor controls are available: Standard fan Standard fans with autotransformer Electronically commutated fans (EC)

24 Backward Curved fans with asynchronous motor (Standard) single speed motors offering low noise level as well as a high efficiency. The free running impeller assures a very high efficiency and a easy blade cleaning These fans offer a high available static pressure, perfect for most applications. The final air flow comes as a consequence of the real pressure drop of the installation

25 Standard fans with auto- transformer In case of necessity to adjust the air flow during commissioning, or to have the possibility to change it during the use, an auto-transformer (accessory) can be installed to regulate the fan motors revolution number.

26 Electronically commutated fans (EC) (Accessory) Main advantages Very high efficiency: up to 90%. Lower power input Lower starting current. Lower noise level Higher static pressure Fan speed regulation with 0-10V signal (pCO microprocessor

27 Fan speed regulation with EC fans (accessory) Constant air flow regulation: grants a constant air flow even with dirty filters. Suggested whit F7 filters Cooling capacity control: modulates the air flow according to cooling capacity demanded by the system. There is a relevant energy saving and noise reduction. Constant pressure in the raised floor: maintain a constant pressure in the raised floor. This regulation is requested in case of air distribution in the raised floor by motorised dampers regulated by a local thermostat

28 Electronically commutated fans (ECF) (Accessory) The following air flow regulation can be requested: Electronic fans for constant air flow regulation The pCO controls the ECFs to guaranty a constant air flow even when the filters become dirty which might cause the air flow to be greatly reduced. This solution is warmly suggested when F7 class filters are installed on supply so not to be subject to changing them too often.

29 Electronically commutated fans (ECF) (Accessory) Electronic fans for the regulation of the pressure in the raised floor. The pCO controls the ECFs to maintain a constant pressure in the raised floor (only for units with chilled water coil). This regulation is optimal in case of great offices divided in various rooms with distribution of the air in the raised floor through motorised dampers regulated by a local thermostat.

30 Electronically commutated fans (ECF) (Accessory) air flow regulation in relationship to cooling capacity. The pCO controls the ECFs to modulate the air flow in relationship to the cooling capacity demanded by the system. It is therefore possible to obtain a significant impact on energy saving and noise level especially with partial thermal loads. This solution is applicable for units with chilled water coils or direct expansion ones but with modulating control of the cooling capacity.

31 Use of renewable energy sources: External air as a substitution or integration source for meccanical cooling.

32 Free Cooling systems: air conditioners with two cooling source chilled water and direct expansion coils and water cooled condensor : series OCW/FC and UCW/FC.

33 Free cooling unit (water-direct expansion) - Chilled-water cooling coil integrated with the aluminium fins of the direct expansion coil to maximize the free-cooling effect. - Three-way modulating valve controlled by the microprocessor on chilled water circuit. The microprocessor automatically open and close the valve according to room temperature and water temperature. - Pressostatic two-way valve installed on the water plate condenser to control a constant condensing temperature. - External dry cooler.

34 Winter functionment The modulating valve is closed twords the condensor and opened twords the cold coil. The water temperature is so low to allow for the functionment of the unit in total free cooling and obtain a great energy saving.

35 Spring-Autumn functionment The modulating valve is closed twords the condensor and open twords the cold coil, even if the water temperature is normally below 19°C but does not allow for the free cooling of all the frigorif power necessary. The water coming out of the coil is then sent to the condensor and allows for the functionemnt of the frigorific coil integrating the power obtained by the free cooling.

36 Summer functionment The modulating valve on the water pipe is closed twords the cold coil and open twords the water cooled condensor. The unit therefore works with the direct expansion circuit. Obviously in this situation the free cooling effect is zero.

37 Two seasons unit (chilled water-direct expansion) - Direct expansion coil - Chilled water coil - The two cooling source are completely independents and separeted - Normal working with one of the cooling source and in emergency situation with the other one. - Automatic cooling commutation in case of serious alarm (chiller- pump.compressor…)

38 TWO SEASON SYSTEM Working (chilled water)

39 TWO SEASON SYSTEM Working (Direct expansion)

40 Twin source unit (chilled water-city water) - Chilled water coil (3 rows) - City water coil (3 rows) - Modulating valve on both the water circuit - Automatic commutation in emergency situation

41 Thank You

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