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1H 2013 TV presentation Poland, March 07th 2013 1H 2013 TV presentation Poland, March 07th 2013.

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1 1H 2013 TV presentation Poland, March 07th 2013 1H 2013 TV presentation Poland, March 07th 2013

2 III. TV market trends V. Key technologies IV. 2013 TV strategy VI. 1H 2013 line-up overview Agenda I. Haier Group and Haier TV II. TV inside Haier Group

3 Haier Group

4 The Haier Group: A Global Brand Born in China Haier ranked #1 global major appliances brand for the 4th consecutive year with a 8.6% retail volume share in 2012. White, Brown goods and Home Solution specialists 28 years of experience, founded in 1984 in Qingdao, China. Present in 165 countries More than 70,000 employees worldwide Strong network of 133,000 retailers 45 production facilities 10 R&D centers 2011 global sales figures: 150.9 billion RMB (23.3 billion USD)

5 $23 Billion in World Wide Sales Haier has posted consistent growth over the last three decades, achieving a record turnover of $23.3 Billion in 2011. 23.3

6 Haiers EU operations 30 countries in Europe European HQ in Paris R&D / design centres in Italy and Germany Manufacturing plant in Italy (fridge) 12 622 Point of Sales in Europe

7 EU Industrial development Haier keeps on investing to develop its international business. Local investments are made worldwide to support the brands market presence in all continents. It is an essential aspect of Haier strategy to design and manufacture products in different parts of the world, customizing them for specific national and regional markets: In Europe, in order to further improve its supply chain, Haier is considering new investments in the next 3 years

8 Innovation is at the heart of Haiers strategy. 4% of turnover invested in R&D (USD 60 M) 7,000 dedicated employees involved in innovation programs worldwide 9,258 patents and 2,532 certified inventions 589 software intellectual property rights Best innovations: Wireless TV, Transparent TV, Brain Wave TV, Eye control TV. Innovation Transparent TV prototype (IFA 2011) German Engineer Brain Wave TV prototype (CES 2012) Eye Control TV prototype (IFA 2012)

9 2011 iF Design Award Haier won this year the prestigious iF Design Gold award for its unique and innovative Haier Net@TV 3D users interface and Dual Face remote commander

10 Haier: 8th most innovative company worldwide 10 Haier is ranked 8th most innovative company in the world in 2012 by the Boston Consulting Group. Haier has won 20 places in this ranking since 2010.

11 Worlds leading refrigerator brand with 13.7% volume market share in 2011 (source: Euromonitor) Annual production capacity: 18 Millions units Refrigerators

12 No.1 brand in the world with 10.9% retail volume share in 2011 (source: Euromonitor) Annual production capacity: 10 Millions units Washing Machines

13 Wine Coolers N°1 brand in the world with 14,8% volume market share in 2010 (source: Euromonitor) Production capacity: 0.5 Million units

14 Strong industrial background in energy and water treatment solutions Complete range of products including solar panels, solar water heaters, heat pumps, water softeners and air conditioners Annual production capacity: 28 Millions Air Conditioning units Home Solutions Pioneer Investing to build the future in a sustainable way.

15 Annual production capacity: 10 M units Highlights: state-of-the-art television sets with LED technology Numerous functional innovations: USB recording, timeshift Wide range of sizes, from 19 to 55 Televisions

16 27 Haier TV Manufacturing plants Chinese FactoryOverseas Factories LocationThaïlandJordanIndiaEurope (Czech Rep) LCD/LED ranges 4221 (SKD) A production capacity of 10 millions sets/year LocationQingdaoHefeiJiao nan Chong qing LCD/LED lines 4652

17 A new Factory in Europe Wistron Key Figures: –Wistron is located in Czech Republic –170 000 sqm –7 production lines (LCD/LED) –Capacity/month: up to 291,060 pcs –Former EU supplier for Sony, Toshiba and Sharp

18 Branding main activities

19 Haier TV brand awareness 2012 Haier Brand Equity Tracking Report 2012 2011 Evolution 1915+ 4pts 2014+ 6pts 1510+ 5pts Dynamic #1 growth (#2 Samsung) #1 growth (#2 Techwood) #1 growth (#2 Telefunken) In 2012 Haier awareness exceeds 20% in core Eu markets Increased by 300% in 3 years time

20 LCD LED TV Global Sponsorship Official sponsor of Beijing 2008 Olympic games August 2005, Haier becomes official sponsor for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, starting Haier Olympic trip. While Haier Global branding stage is coming and become new start of Haier overseas marketing. Haier becomes strategic partner with NBA In April 2006, Haier Becomes strategic partner of NBA, which means Haier is the first appliance brand to sponsor NBA. As a match stands for American culture, Haier accelerates the steps to become American Local key brands. Haier Rocks the World With MTV! After official sponsor of Beijing Olympic Games, Haier becomes Official Sponsor of MTV2006 Asian Music, and marketing activities for Haier brand in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India and Korea carry out. Haier becomes the first Chinese brand MTV participating Asian big prize, making Haier into the ranks of famous international brands.


22 Advertising Pan European advertising campaigns for: TV Fridges Washing machines MyZone - home pageMyZone - UK Times Magazine Haier Glass Design – Berlin Airport ABT Washing Machine – Berlin Airport Haier Metal TV – Berlin AirportHaier Corporate – IFA International

23 Sport, Arts & Culture Haier is a sponsor of the Grand tour of Milan, Sept 2012 Art Exhibition of The Forbidden City at The Louvre: Treasures once housed in the Forbidden City of Beijing, are exhibited exceptionally presented in Oct.-Dec. 2011 at the Louvre in Paris thanks to the support of Haier Football: Haier has visible presence in football stadiums in Europe (Italy, France, Spain & Germany). It also supports education programmes within the sport. Haier is a sponsor of the London Museum of Science Haier is a keen patron of the arts and culture. We believe that art is a universal language able to generate cultural exchanges whilst sport has the power to unite people across the globe.

24 Volleyball sponsoring in Italy

25 Trade Shows & Fairs In order to ensure the visibility of our products, Haier is present at major consumer and professional trade shows such as IFA in Germany, CES in the U.S., Canton Fair in China but also at local national fairs. IFA 2012

26 Digital Marketing Strong focus on digital communication operations: Active digital strategy, generating strong online visibility Social media community (Facebook) of more than 300,000 fans in 1 and a half year

27 Facebook branded content Daily messages published on fans walls Regular operations every 2 months (games, competitions, gifts, films, branded content, etc)

28 Virtual Showroom & website

29 Promotions:

30 PR activity 2500 articles as of September 2012 35 million contacts Benelux Inauguration Lyon Home Solutions R&D center opening Poland launch

31 Thanks for your attention!

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