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We Speak for the Trees.

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1 We Speak for the Trees

2 Deforestation With each passing day, Bangalore is becoming more and more grey The charming greenery of the city now faces a bleak future. The city is losing its green cover with at least a dozen trees perishing with each passing day after being chopped As part of rapid urbanisation, unhindered construction activities on encroached lung spaces mocks the significance of the existing law protecting the green cover of the city, sounding death knell for these life saviours. When considering a global climatic change, the destruction of plants through cutting and burning could raise atmospheric carbon dioxide levels above expectations. Because of direct competition, the aspiration levels in urban areas are very high, and this has an indirect effect on the environment, causing more industrialisation, and greater pollution. There is an urgent need for an action plan to save the vanishing greens or else the city habitants will have to carry oxygen cylinders

3 Benefits of planting trees
They help stop global warming by reducing greenhouse gases They reduce soil erosion and water pollution They provide habitat for wildlife They improve human health by producing oxygen and improving air quality Facts about the benefits provided by planting one tree Absorbs over a ton of harmful greenhouse gases over its lifetime Produces enough oxygen for four people every day Provides the equivalent cooling effect of ten room-size air conditioners operating 20 hours a day

4 How can I prevent deforestation in my locality?
Think about it …

5 Your mission To analyse causes for changes in environment
Find solution to reduce the effects of deforestation Develop plan of action Create awareness to local people on the importance of planting trees Persuade residents and rope in their support to combat deforestation and plant trees

6 You will be working as Environmentalists
Your Role You will be working as Environmentalists

7 How do you go about? Collect the database of number of trees cut from Bangalore Mahanagara Palike Interview and collect data Analyse reasons for changes in the environment Research on Internet referring to the list of websites to gather information on deforestation and strategies adopted by other countries to combat the problem Suggest strategies and find solution to the local problem Share your ideas on a blog

8 How do you go about? Contd…
Develop plan of action to address deforestation problem Organise an awareness rally to create awareness to local people on the importance of deforestation and the need to plant trees Persuade local audience and rope in their support to combat the problem

9 While conducting survey, keep in mind …
To meet the respondents in their convenient time To be polite while asking questions To ask respondents to give unbiased opinion as their identity will not be disclosed To personally administer the data collection process To check whether all the questions are answered in the questionnaire

10 Get support from… List of websites and reference books Questionnaire
Organiser Chart Rubrics Multimedia Presentation Rubric Brochure rubric

11 You will be expected to…
Prepare a presentation To share your ideas with the community. Give out Brochures To gather people for awareness creation . Blog your ideas To share strategies to reduce the effects of deforestation and to mobilise support for the activities of the club

12 Remember… Work as a team, not in isolation
Don’t forget to play the roles assigned Give credit to the websites / authors

13 References… Microsoft Clip Art

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