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Petroleum Conservation Research Association WELCOMES APARD Trainers on ‘Energy Conservation Techniques’ SAVE FUEL YAANI SAVE MONEY

2 Objectives Create awareness among masses
Promote research, development and deployment Provide training and technical advisory services Information dissemination of fuel efficient technologies Function as a ‘think tank’ for the Govt. of India PCRA – An Integrated Energy Solution Provider

DOMESTIC TRANSPORT PCRA – An Integrated Energy Solution Provider

4 Energy Scenario 4

5 Energy Energy Sources Non Renewable Coal Oil Gas Renewable Solar Wind
Hydroelectricity Biomass etc. 5

6 Reserves Status World Proven Reserves of Crude Oil : Thousand Million Barrels India’s Proven Reserves of Crude Oil: Thousand Million Barrels 6

7 Reserves/Production Status
World Proven R/P of Crude Oil : 42 yrs India’s Proven R/P of Crude Oil: 20.7yrs 7

8 Primary Energy Consumption
India: At 524 MMTOE, 4th largest consumer of primary energy One of the largest growing market for energy 3.84% of total Country-wise primary energy consumption MMTOE 8

9 India’s Energy Basket Primary Energy
World Energy Consumption: 11,299 MTOE India Energy Consumption: 524 MTOE 9

10 Oil Consumption World oil consumption 3,928 MMT
India 4th largest consumer of oil : 135 MMT(3.4% of total) India’s Oil consumption increased at 4% (decade after 1998) against the world of 1.4 %. Country-wise oil consumption MMTOE 10

11 For India, sourcing of Energy remains a challenge…..
Energy outlook For India, sourcing of Energy remains a challenge….. with 16% of Global Population; 0.5% of world’s Petroleum Reserve; 10% of world’s coal reserves; 8-10% GDP growth target; 11

12 Indigenous crude Source: Planning Commission & TERI Data Book 12

13 Why energy efficiency? II
India is also highly dependent on imported oil to meet the energy demand, which raises the question of energy security of the nation. Immense potential exists in this aspect of energy efficiency, particularly in the use of pumps, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting areas

14 The move towards AC Energy Demand 9 W/m2 Room conditions Air movement
Energy Consumption 15 kWh/m2 CO2 emission 20 kg/m2 Energy Demand 39 W/m2 Room conditions 29 o C/ 70 % RH Energy Consumption 70 kWh/m2 CO2 emission 90 kg/m2 Energy Demand 194 W/m2 Room conditions 24 o C/ 60 % RH Energy Consumption 244 kWh/m2 CO2 emission 310 kg/m2 14

15 Why we should save energy
By saving energy you're helping to save the world's energy resources like gas, oil and water and you're also saving money on your utility bills. Best of all, by using energy wisely we can cut down on pollutants in the air and water, making a better environment for everyone.

16 Why We Should Save Energy
Think about what would happen if there wasn't enough energy there would be no light to turn on when it got dark there would not be any hot water for the shower or heat for your house in the winter no gas or oil to drive the car so there are lots of reasons we should save energy.

17 Lighting Turn off the lights when not in use
Take advantage of daylight by using light-colored, loose-weave curtains on your windows to allow daylight to penetrate the room, use with lighter colors on wall that reflect daylight. De-dust lighting fixtures to maintain illumination. Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFL) are four times more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs and provide the same for lighting. Use electronic chokes in place of conventional copper chokes.

18 Fans Replace conventional regulators with electronic regulators for ceiling fans. Install exhaust fans at a higher elevation than ceiling fans.

19 Gas stove When cooking on a gas burner, use moderate flame settings to conserve LPG. Remember that a blue flame means your gas stove is operating efficiently. Yellowish flame is an indicator that the burner needs cleaning. Use pressure cookers as much as possible. Use lids to cover the pans while cooking. Bring items taken out of refrigerators (like vegetables, milk etc) to room temperature before placing on the gas stove for heating.

20 Electronic Devices Switch Off the power when TV and Audio Systems are not in use. Idle / Standby operation leads to a power loss of 10 watts /device.

21 Air Conditioners Prefer air conditioners having automatic temperature cut off. Keep regulators at 25oC position. Operate the ceiling fan in conjunction with your window air conditioner to spread the cooled air more effectively throughout the room and operate the air conditioner at higher temperature. Seal the doors and windows properly. Leave enough space between your air conditioner and the walls to allow better air circulation. A roof garden can reduce the load on Air Conditioner Use windows with sun films/curtains.

22 Future Programs….. Benefits of using Star Labeled Products
Energy Conservation in Lighting Energy Conservation in Air Conditioners Fuel Saving Tips in Personal Vehicles LPG Saving & Safety Tips

23 Conclusion Energy consumption is an indicator of any country’s prosperity Conservation doesn’t mean – “ No use of energy” rather it indicates – “ Efficient utilization of Energy” One unit of energy saved at end-use is equivalent to Four units of Energy at upstream end PCRA – An Integrated Energy Solution Provider

24 Save Energy Save Yourself
PCRA – An Integrated Energy Solution Provider

25 Thank you PCRA – An Integrated Energy Solution Provider

26 2 stroke and 4 stroke Engines

27 2 St. Engine



30 Working of a 4 St. Engine



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