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Electrical Equipments

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1 Electrical Equipments
Brazilian Approvals Electrical Equipments

2 Conformity Assessment Programs
GOVERNMENT AGENCIES INVOLVED: INMETRO (The National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality) Conformity assessments programs in general Certification and Energy Efficiency Labelling Program ANATEL (National Telecommunication Agency) All Telecom products have special requirements in Brazil ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency ) Medical devices in general IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environment and Natural Resources) Noise Level Labelling Program

3 Mandatory/Voluntary Certifications: Brazilian Certification Structure
Brazilian Certification Process: INMETRO (All kinds of products, except Telecom products) ANATEL (Telecommunication products) Brazilian Registration Process (usually it is done by the local representative): ANVISA (Medical devices) IBAMA (Noise Level Labelling Program) Brazilian Standards: ABNT/NBR (All kinds of product, most of them are translated from IEC standards) Lab Accreditation (17025 audit): INMETRO

4 INMETRO Certification Process
Initial Process Product Documents by Customer Tests (Test reports can be accepted by accredited laboratories – accreditation body is member of ILAC) Factory Inspection (items from ISO 9001:2008) Tests Reports and Documents Analysis Technical Report Conformity Certificate Maintenance Process (1 or 2 times / year) Partial tests required for mandatory or voluntary processes Factory Inspection (routine tests are verified)

5 INMETRO: Mandatory List - Examples
Components: Plugs and Socket-Outlets (ABNT NBR NM and NBR 14136) Switches for fixed installations (NBR NM ) Circuit Breakers (NBR IEC and NBR NM 60898) Wires and cables (NBR NM 247, NBR and others) Plug and Socket-Outlets Adapters (NBR 14936) Magnetic Ballasts (NBR 5114 and NBR 5172) Electronic Ballasts (NBR and NBR 14418) House Appliances: Drinking Fountains (NBR and IEC ) Water filters (NBR and NBR 15176) (new INMETRO rule for all house appliances after July 2011)

6 INMETRO: Mandatory List - Examples
IT Equipments: Voltage Stabilizer (NBR 14373) Areas: Eletro-medical devices (ABNT NBR NM series) Electric Equipments for use in Explosive Atmospheres, under inflammable gases and steam conditions (IEC series, IEC and IEC )

7 INMETRO Process – New Mandatory Certification
INMETRO Decree number 371 from December 29th 2009 After July 2011: all house appliances with mandatory certification Mandatory list: IEC X family Main differences Maintenance process performed every 1 year; Samples for maintenance tests collected in the market or Brazilian importer warehouse; Customer complaint service to be checked in the Brazilian Distributor or Importer.

8 INMETRO Energy Efficiency Labelling Program
ENERGY EFFICIENCY LABELLING PROGRAM (PROCEL) Partial Mandatory List: Air conditioners; Refrigerators; Gas Stoves; Washing Machines; Ceiling Fans; LCD TV’s. General Characteristics Certification Bodies not involved; Applied directly to INMETRO by the Brazilian Legal Representer or Importer; Tests performed in Brazilian accredited laboratories or manufacturer laboratories after INMETRO evaluation

9 ANATEL – Telecom Products
Rules: ANATEL Resolutions: Examples: 242 - Certification and homologation rules 323 - Product Certification Standard 529 - Electric Safety Tests Technical Requirements: ANATEL specific rules for product classification Basic Steps: Product classification under ANATEL Requirements => applicable tests and procedures Certification => product tests and technical analysis Homologation => document verification done by ANATEL Maintenance => recurring events based on Product Category

10 ANVISA: Medical Products
Certification Process: INMETRO => mandatory certification of eletro-medical devices Certification Bodies => certification process Registration Process: ANVISA: Health Surveillance Brazilian Agency Registration Offices and/or Legal Representers or Importers Basic Steps: Product classification under applicable Brazilian standards Verification if standards are under mandatory certification Certification => product tests and technical analysis Registration => document verification and ANVISA Requirements Maintenance => yearly document verification or factory inspection

11 ANVISA: Medical Products
Main Rules: Directive Resolution (RDC) number 032 from 2007 Defines Registration Process as mandatory; Basic procedure for registration process; The certification is required for the registration process; Normative Instruction (IN) number 08 from 2009 List of applicable standards under mandatory registration process; The IEC Applicable Medical Devices shall be certified according to INMETRO rules.

12 IBAMA: Noise Level Labelling Program
Also known as SELO RUIDO Mandatory List: Vacuum cleaners; Blenders; Hair Dryers. General Characteristics Certification Bodies partially involved; Tests: only Brazilian accredited laboratories; Samples: collected in Brazilian local distributor; Noise Level Declaration: issued by Certification Bodies; Declaration applied directly to IBAMA Agency by the Brazilian Legal Representer or Importer to get authorization to use the Selo Ruido Label.

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