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Air Conditioner Labeling

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1 Air Conditioner Labeling
National Educational / Awareness Programme On Standards & Labeling

2 Basic Terms For Air Conditioners
Cooling Capacity Amount Of Cooling Produced By The AC Units Used: TR, Btu/hr, kCal/hr, Watts 1TR = 12,000 Btu/hr = 3,024 kCal/hr = 3,514 Watts Power Consumption Electrical Power Consumed By Electrical Equipment Used In AC = Compressor + Fan Motor Split ACs Use 2 Fan Motors Totally Unit Used: Watts (W), Kilo Watts (kW)

3 What Is Energy Consumption?
We Pay Electricity Charges Based On “Units Of Consumption” 1 Unit = 1 kWh Example-1: Nos of 100 Watts Bulb Turned ON For 10 Hours Will Consume 10Nos x 100W x 10 Hrs = 10,000 Wh = 10 kWh = 10 Units Example-2:- Electrical Appliance Having 2,000 W Power Input And Continuous Operation Of 8 Hours Will Consume 2,000W x 8 Hrs = 16 kWh = 16 Units

4 Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) For Air Conditioners
EER Of AC = Cooling Capacity (Watt) / Power Consumption (Watt) EER Of 1TR (3,514 W) Capacity AC Consuming 1,500W Power = 3,514 / 1,500 = 2.34 Star Rating System As Of Now Based On EER Star-1: 2.3, Star-2: 2.5, Star-3: 2.7, Star-4: 2.9, Star-5: 3.1 EER Can Be Improved By Increasing Cooling Capacity Or Reducing Power Input Or Both Through Increasing Heat Exchanger Surface Area Of Indoor Unit & Outdoor Unit Optimizing Heat Transfer coefficient on both the air and refrigerant side and also reducing air leakages Use Of High Efficiency Compressor & Fan Motors Higher number of Stars Means Higher Incremental Cost Difference International Market: Average Rs.1,500 Per Star India Market As Of June’08: Average Rs. 750 – 1,000 Per Star

5 Situation Before Energy Labeling
Testing Methods Different No Monitoring Agency; No Way To Check Claims Lack Of Clarity To Customers – With So Many Claims Energy Not Really Getting Saved In The Country Grooved Copper Tube Fin Design & Heat Transfer Coil & No. Of Rows Compressor

6 Standards Comparison BIS Norms BEE Norms
The capacity of the production unit as determined on the room side shall be not less than 90% of the name plate rating Maximum power consumption specified in the standard the measured cooling capacity shall be > 0.95 of the rated value the measured energy consumption shall be < 1.05 of the rated value the measured EER shall be > 0.95 of the rated EER Monitoring & Controlling System In Place

7 Situation In Labeling Scenario
NABL Accredited Common Test Lab For All OEMs Standardized Test procedure Monitoring System & Agency In Place Gain Customer Trust In Labeling Save Significant Energy For Our Country Challenge Testing To Dissuade Tall Claims Energy Labeling For AC Is In Voluntary Adoption Phase Now Became Mandatory

8 Current & Practical Approach To Labeling
If EER Value Of AC Is What Star Will The Mfr. Declare? 2.68 2 Star 3.1 4 Star Manufacturers Will Prefer To Keep Safety Margin For Production Deviations BEE Has An Audit Check System In Place To Take Action Against Claims

9 Labeling Helps Whom?? Labeling Helps The Whole Value Chain
OEMs – Improved Top Line & Bottom Line, Product Differentiation Channel Partners – Improved Margins End Users – Savings In Monthly Energy Bill, Faster Paybacks Our Country / Government – Huge Reduction In Energy Demands BEE Has Specific Programs To Engage OEMs, Channel Partners And End-users To Move The Labeling Program Forward

10 Energy Saving Potential India Air Conditioners Labeling Program
Kaiga plant: 3 reactors of 220MW each = 660MW 1 more 220MW under construction Tarapore: 2 * 160 = 320MW boiling water reactors 2 * 540MW = 1080MW Pressurised heavy water reactor Kalpakkam Nuclear Plant Generation Capacity: 440MW. Cost: Rs. Xxxx Crores Neyveli Thermal Plant Generation Capacity: 2,490MW. Cost: xxxx Crores

11 User Benefits Of Star AC Need To Be Conveyed At Point Of Sale
Kaiga plant: 3 reactors of 220MW each = 660MW 1 more 220MW under construction Tarapore: 2 * 160 = 320MW boiling water reactors 2 * 540MW = 1080MW Pressurised heavy water reactor Chennai Bengaluru

12 Role Of Channel Partners
Provide Correct Information On Labeling To Customers Guidance In Choosing “Higher Star” AC Interfacing Between Customers & OEMs Spreading Awareness On Star Labeling

13 Promoter Card Pocket Book For Show Room Salesmen To Explain Labeling To Customers Covers The Following: Essence Of Energy Label How It Impacts Air Conditioner Performance Energy Bill Saving & Payback Calculation Energy Calculator Web Site

14 Promoter Card Star Label & Impact On Air Conditioner Performance
Energy Meter Unit Consumption (kWhr) Depends On Input Power (kW) Of Labeled AC Power = Capacity / COP For 5 Star 1.5TR AC = 5271W / 3.2 = 1650 W Information On Label Impact On Power Consumption

15 Promoter Card Energy Savings & Payback Period
Joint Exercise:- 1) 1.5TR, 3 Star AC Price Is Rs.22,000. Calculate Payback Period For Your City Tariff Energy Saving Potential For 1,512 Hours Use/ Year Payback Calculation For Star Labeled AC

16 Promoter Card Energy Calculator On Web Site
If The Usage Pattern Is Other Than 1,512 Hours / Year, Ask Customer To Use The Energy Calculator On Web Site Simple To Use For layman

17 Piggy Leaflet Contains Essence Of Promoters Card

18 Tools For Channel Partners
Shop Poster Promoter Card Piggy Leaflet Customer Looks At & Enquire Salesman Pulls Out Promoter Card From Pocket & Explains Give A Copy To Potential Customer To Help In Decision Making

19 Energy Calculator Very Simple Tool For layman
User Defined ‘Usage Pattern’ 15 City Tariff Data Accessible On Web Site Links To Registered OEM List On BEE Web Site

20 Tariff Charges In India
City Electricity Rate / unit Delhi 4.65 Mumbai 5.75 Ahemedabad 3.80 Patna 5.00 Chennai 3.05 Kolkata 5.35 Hyderabad 5.50 Bangalore 4.35 Pune Surat 4.15 Vadodara 4.70 Guwahati 4.75 Bhopal/ Indore 3.50 Bhubaneshwar 4.50 Jaipur 4.48 From State Electricity Board Tariff Charges Slab Of More Than 300 Units Consumption / month

21 Open House

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