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Progress in Transport Infrastructure Development

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1 Progress in Transport Infrastructure Development
as December 2010

2 Road Transport

3 GMS Road Projects in Thailand
Mae Sai GMS Road Projects in Thailand Chiang Khong Chiang Rai Pha Yao Lampang Uttaradit Sukhothai North-South Mae Sot Phitsanulok Kalasin R3: Chiang Rai - Kunming Road Improvement via Myanmar and Lao PDR Tak Khon Kaen Mukdaharn Chachaengsao Sa Kaeo Aranyaprathet Bangkok East-West Laem Chabang R2: Myanmar - Thailand - Lao PDR - Viet Nam (East - West Corridor) Project Rayong Chanthaburi Trat Southern R1: Bangkok - Phnom Penh - Ho Chi Minh City - Vung Tau Road Improvement Project R10: Southern Coastal Corridor Project 3

4 1. North – South Economic Corridor (R3)
Mae Sai Chiang Khong Chiang Rai Pha Yao Thailand – Lao PDR – PRC (R3E) Road Bangkok – Chiang Rai (830 km) – 4-lane or more Chiang Rai – Chiang Khong – 2-lane highway, Plan to (115 km) widen to 4-lane in next 5 years In Lao PDR (228 km) – Completed (Co-financing Thailand + ADB + PRC) Bridge Mekong Bridge TA (by ADB) completed at Chiang Khong - Thailand & PRC share the construction cost - Detailed design (DD) completed in June with a grant from Thailand. - Construction period 2010 – 2012. Lampang Uttaradit Phitsanulok Bangkok Thailand – Myanmar – PRC (R3W) Road Bangkok – Mae Sai (890km) lane or more New Mae Sai Bypass (8km) Completed (April 2007) Bridge Second International Bridge across Sai River – Completed 4

5 R3 Chiang Rai - Kunming Road Project via Myanmar and Lao PDR
CHINA 1,200 Kms Jinghong R3W R3E MYANMAR Luang Namtha Kengtung Mae Sai Houei Sai LAO PDR Chiang Rai THAILAND

6 2. The East-West Economic Corridor Project
[Viet Nam - Lao PDR - Thailand – Myanmar] HAI VAN PASS TUNNEL Haivan Pass Tunnel Nakhon Phnom-Khammouane Bridge Myanmar Sukothai Pa-an Dansavan/ Lao Boa Tak A. Lomsak Dong Ha Seno Khon Kaen Yangon Phitsanulok Mae Sot Mywaddy Mawalamyine A. Chumpae Kalasin Mukdaharn/ Savannaket Maung Pin Danang Lao PDR Thailand Vietnam Mottama Bridge 2nd Friendship Bridge Cambodia Danang Port Thanlwin Bridge Existing 2-lane Highways Upgraded 2-lane Highways Upgraded 4-lane Highways (323 km.) Under upgrading to 4-lane Highways ( km.) 6

7 Thingannyinaung – Kawkareik 28 km.
Mae Sot/Myawaddy -Thingannyinaung (Dawna Range) km. Completed in June 2006 Foot of Dawna range THAILAND Mae sot Thingannyinaung Myawaddy Myawaddy/Mae Sot Existing road New Alignment Kawkareik Thingannyinaung – Kawkareik 28 km. - D/D completed in October 2008 - Construction budget approved, Exchange of Note under preparation between Thailand and Myanmar 7

8 3. Southern Economic Corridor R1 : Bangkok - Phnom Penh - Ho Chi Minh City - Vung Tau
Aranyaprathet Siem Reap Phnom Penh Ho Chi Minh City Total Length 1,000 Km. Thailand = 300 Km. Cambodia = 570 Km. Viet Nam = 140 Km. Vung Tau 8

9 Thailand Section: Bangkok - Aranyaprathet
Nakhon Nayok 33 Kabin Buri 305 Prachin Buri Rangsit Sa Keaw 304 33 304 359 Phanom Sarakham Bangkok Aranyaprathet Remark: 4 - lane Highways 2 - lane Highways Upgraded 4 - lane Highways New 2 – lane Highways (Completed)

10 R10: Bangkok – Trat – Koh Kong – Sre Amble – Ca Mau
Thailand Bangkok – Trat (290 km) - 4-lane highways Trat – Hat Lek (89 km) Next 5-year widening plan - Under widening to 4 lanes (32.725km.) Cambodia Koh Kong – Sre Amble (151 km) - Thailand’s assistance + 4 major bridges (Construction of the road and the bridges completed and officially opened on 14 May 2008) Bangkok Laem Chabang Rayong Trat Chanthaburi Hat Lek 4 lanes or more Under widening to 4 - lane Plan to widen to 4 lanes 2 lanes 10

11 Road Development in Thailand Supporting to GMS Program
Nakhon Sawan Bang Pa-In Bangkok Ang Thong Sing Buri Chai Nat Uthai Thani Northern Linkage Bangkok Chon Buri Pattaya Rayong Chanta Buri Trat ESB Eastern Linkage Pak Tho Phetchaburi Cha-am Ban Pong Bangkok Chon Buri Samut Songkhram Samut Sakhon Southern Linkage Road Development in Thailand Supporting to GMS Program Remark: 4 - lane Highways Upgraded 8 - lane Highways

12 Rail Transport

13 Route Alternatives for SKRL Project
Rail Transport Route Alternatives for SKRL Project Singapore – Malaysia – Bangkok – Aranyaprathet – Cambodia – Vietnam – China 7 4 Singapore – Malaysia – Bangkok – Three Pagodas Pass – Myanmar – China 3 5 Singapore – Malaysia – Bangkok – Nong Khai – Lao PDR – Vietnam – China 6 2 1 Singapore – Malaysia – Bangkok – Nong Khai – Lao PDR – China Singapore – Malaysia – Bangkok – Ubon Ratchathani – Lao PDR – Vietnam – China Singapore – Malaysia – Bangkok – Bua Yai – Mukdaharn – Lao PDR – Vietnam - China Singapore – Malaysia – Bangkok – Chiang Rai – Chiang Khong/Houy Sai – Lao PDR – China

14 3. Singapore – Malaysia – Bangkok – Nong Khai – Lao PDR – Vietnam – China
Thailand – Lao PDR Railway link :: 1. Thanaleng – Nongkhai 3.5 km. ( Funded by Thai Government : 30% grant and 70% soft loan) is completed and the opening ceremony was held on 5 March 2009. Thanaleng Nongkhai 2. Thanaleng-Vientiane Railway Extension : the detailed design work was completed in May 2010 (9 million baht granted by Government of Thailand). The estimated investment costs is 1,650 million baht approximately and now under consideration for assistance contract between NEDA of Thailand and LRA of Lao PDR.

15 Water Transport

16 Water Transport Chiang Saen Port
SOUTH ASIA Dawei MIDDLE EAST, EUROPE,… JAPAN, CHINA PACIFIC, USA,… On-going Improvement/Development Project 49

17 Chiang Sean I Port Completed construction in 2003 by Marine Department
Accommodate 8 vessels of 25-meter long simultaneously Managed by the Port Authority of Thailand

18 Location of Chiang Sean II Port
Myanmar Golden Triangle Lao PDR Chiang Sean Port Chiang Khong R3A Chiang Saen II Port

19 Development plan of Chiang Saen II Port
Mekong River Flood Plain Birth with Ramp (N) Birth with Ramp (S) Flood way Quay Wall Port Office Kok River Development plan of Chiang Saen II Port

20 Laem Chabang Port Operation Programme for Phase 2 Development (Phase II) Stage Terminal Function Berth Length (m) Operation Year 1 C3 Container Terminal 500 2004 2 C0 Passenger Terminal 400 2006 C1+C2 2007 3 D1+D2+D3 October 2011

21 The Development of Dawei Deep Seaport
MOU between Thailand and Myanmar on the Development of Dawei Deep Seaport and Road link to Bangkok (signed on 19 May 2008 at Singapore). Thai company and Myanmar Port Authority signed contract to develop the Dawei Deep Sea Port Project, PDA has been approved.

22 Thailand PRC Myanmar Vietnam ChiangSaen ChiangKhong
Improvement and Maintenance of Navigation Channel along the Lancang-Mekong River PRC Commercial Navigation Agreement signed on 20 April 2000 in Myanmar Official inauguration on 6 June 2001 in PRC The 9th JCCCN meeting during August 2010 discussed possible alternatives to conduct survey on the need for improvement and maintenance of Lancang-Mekong River and all parties will report the outcomes of the domestic consultation on the proposed alternatives at the next JCCCN meeting. The Emergency Plan to Handle and Coordinate the Navigation-related Unexpected Accidents on the Lancang-Mekong River among China, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand has been signed during the Sixteenth ASEAN Transport Ministers Meeting on November 2010 in Brunei. Myanmar Vietnam Jinghong ChaingTung LaoPDR Next is the progession of a Water Transport in the subregion Water transport, in subregional context, they have more potential for serving greater international traffic among Yunnan-Myanmar-Lao PDR-Thailand on the Upper Lancang/Mekong River. The facilities of river ports along the upper part of the Mekong river particularly Laos and Myanmar are still in poor condition. Furthermore, both riverports and seaport in Central Vietnam need to be upgraded and expanded for providing and increasing the efficiency for trading and transportation. In addition, the upper Mekong Countries are proceeding with the water transport project through the commercial Navigation Agreement along the Upper Lancang/Mekong River which was officially inaugravated since June 2001 in Jinhong of Yunnan Province PRC. It can facilitate cross border trade, investment and tourism activities for the four countries along the river. To follow with the signed agreement, ADB has been requested by the GMS countries to prepare the technical assistance and subsequent soft loan for the improvement of navigation channel and port facilities, including the comprehensive environment. MaeSai ChiangSaen ChiangKhong ChiangRai Thailand LuangPhabang HuayKhon (Nan) ChiangMai

23 Other Projects

24 Promoting the GMS CBTA Completed: 1 Training the Trainer workshop.
1 Seminar to distribute GMS CBTA details to relevant officials and Transport Operators . Ongoing: Training local authorities that have duties relevant to cross-border activities at border province.

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