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ZÜBLIN COMPANY PRESENTATION JULY, 2004. TABLE OF CONTENT Züblin Company Profile Züblin in China Project Proposal.

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2 TABLE OF CONTENT Züblin Company Profile Züblin in China Project Proposal

3 Züblin Company Profile

4 A leading International Contractor

5 THE CORPORATION Ed. Züblin AG ranks among the largest German contractors in the field of building construction and civil engineering with branch offices and numerous associated companies throughout Germany and worldwide. The company is active in all sectors of construction, including design, consulting and project management as well as general contracting. Züblin maintains a strong position in the German as well as in the international construction markets through its innovative and technical capabilities supported by a solid financial foundation. In recent years Züblin has diversified from a construction company into a group of companies capable of asserting their resources in many different ways. In addition to construction, the current range of activities also comprises the development and distribution of software for technical applications in the construction industry, fully automated material flow systems and compact warehouses, custom made and specially designed machinery and equipment, environmental technologies, project management and many other services.

6 Company Profile Ed. Züblin AG Founded in 1898 by civil engineering pioneer Eduard Z ü blin from D Alsace. Headquarter in Stuttgart (1912), network of 65 branches, companies and plants throughout Europe and abroad. Ranks among the largest German companies in building construction, civil engineering. Active in all fields of construction as well as related design and project management services. Strong through technological innovation and knowledge management. Solid financial footing based on core-business concentration with decentralized management structures. Private stock company held by 2 traditional entrepreneurial families in the construction industry. Working internationally since 1902; First pojects in China 1974; completed more than 200 projects in over 50 countries, of which over 30 in China

7 Turnover 2003 Total Turnover 1.4 billion Orders Received 1.4 billion Investments in Tangible Fixed Assets 92.0 million Pretax Results 15.7 million

8 TURNOVER DISTRIBUTION Building Construction 45% Industrial Buildings 10% Transportation Structures 6% Heavy Structures & Foundations 36% Component Plants 3%

9 WORLDWIDE EXPERIENCE Active Worldwide ! –Since 1953 –In 50 Countries –Over 300 Projects

10 ACTIVITIES WORLDWIDE Power Projects Hydroelectric Dams Caverns Cooling Towers Conventional Hybrid Turnkey Industrial Plants Structures & Infrastructure Logistic Centers Manufacturing Facilities Offices Special Foundations & Pits Buildings Commercial Supermarkets Offices Hospitals Municipal Community Centers Sports Centers Bridges & Roads Concrete Bridges Cable Stayed Bridges Harbors and Marine Works Jetties Docks Precision Piling Waste Water Treatment Concrete Digesters Sewage Treatment Plants

11 HEAD OFFICE ORGANIZATION Zublin International GmbH Technical / Commercial Management Area South America Area Asia Area Middle East Department Commercial / Financial Department Contracts Division Tunnelling Zublin Chile Zublin Peru Shanghai Beijing Abu Dhabi Lebanon Egypt TBM Drill & Blast Micro-Tunnelling Pipe Jacking Financing Accounting Insurances / Guarantees Procurement / Transport Project Administration Controlling Reporting Personnel Taiwan Singapore Malaysia Thailand Department Technical Work Preparation Plant & Equipment Cost Estimation IT Ed. Zublin AG Service Departments BAV Construction Management, Quantity Surveying BT Construction Material Technology HT Mechanical, Electrial, Plumbing SFB Architecture & Interior Decoration TBK Structural Engineering TBT Geo-Technology TUB Tunneling Safety / EnvironmentQuality Assurance

12 Züblin in China

13 Active in China for 30 Years Execution of first projects in the PRC:1974 Establishment Shanghai Branch:1993 Shanghai Changjiang-Zueblin Construction and Engineering Co.:1993 Establishment Beijing Office:1995 Ministry of Construction Certification as Foreign Contractor:1995 Züblin Construction Consulting (shanghai) Co., Ltd.2003 Shanghai Changjiang-Zueblin updated contractors certificate (as per new Construction Decree)2004

14 Züblin China Set-up Shanghai Rep. Office (International GC Certificated) Beijing Rep. Office (International GC Certificated) Züblin Construction Consulting (shanghai) Co., Ltd (China PM Certificated) Changjiang Züblin Construction Co., Ltd. (China Construction Certificated)

15 Business Scope in China OUR CLIENT Contracting Feasibility Study Business License ProjectRegistration Permitting Certifications Design (PDP and DD) Geological Surveys Engineering Demolition & Renovation Civil & Structural Works Construction Works Finishing Works M&E Installation Plant & Equipment Procurement Maintenance & Warranty Commissioning Scheduling Accounting Documentation & Reporting ContractControlling Cost Control Budgeting & Estimations Quality Management (ISO 9001) Project Management Consulting Terms of Reference & Specifications Expediting Environmental Assessment Reports Site Work Supervision Safety Management Tendering Piling & Foundation Works SUPPORT - SERVICE - RESULTS!!!

16 Züblin Resources in China

17 Project Reference Züblin References in China Over CNY 7 billion total turnover in Greater China and more than 4 dozen design-built projects successfully completed since 1995. (Please refer to attached List of Projects in China)

18 Project Reference: Liebherr New Plant, Dalian




22 Project Reference: Schattdecor Plant, Shanghai




26 Project Reference: Berndes, Shanghai

27 Project Reference: OBI, Wuxi

28 Project Reference: Bayer, Shanghai

29 Project Reference: Fisher, Taicang

30 Project Reference: INA, Taicang

31 Project Proposal General Contracting Services Project Proposal

32 Services Provided by Züblin – GC Package

33 Authority Coordination and ccPermit Management Design Management Engineering Value Management PDP Detail Design Shop Drawings As-built Drawings Procurement Management Quality Management HSE Management Schedule Management Cost Management Construction Management Site Settle Up Survey Control Civil Construction Finishing and Decoration MEP Installation Test and Commissioning Operation Training (if any) Warranty Services Services Provided by Züblin – GC Package

34 Proposed Organization Chart

35 Fully supported by Züblin Headquarter. Over 50 industrial plant project experiences in China Local know-how and know-who, Good authority standing. Highly reputed in quality management. Quickly-mobilized, high qualified, reliable and stable team. Good knowledge of local material markets, and long term based supply chain. Benefits by Engaging Züblin

36 Project Mission To manage the successful delivery of the investment.

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