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RAV MAMAD (RM) A Universal Modular (Assemble & Dismantle) Indoor Protection System.

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1 RAV MAMAD (RM) A Universal Modular (Assemble & Dismantle) Indoor Protection System.

2 The Present Situation & Problem There is a ballistic threat of high-trajectory weapons aimed towards 1/3 of the Israeli CIVILIAN population (north and south). The present ALERT time does provide enough time for the citizens to reach a protected shelter. Building a Protected Room (MAMAD) is not practical in many of the apartments and houses. Registered Patent

3 A concrete ceiling structure hit by a rocket Registered Patent

4 A tiled roof and a Ravitz ceiling house hit by a rocket.

5 The Solution An indoor protection system created by a metal protective layer, installed and adjusted to the ceiling and wall of a pre-chosen room (or space). A defense room plan (ceiling + wall)

6 The standard RM withstands a direct hit of a Quassam II light missile and the Katyusha 122mm and 120mm Mortar. The protection level can be upgraded according to the threat defined by an additional layer and without the need to dismantle the base.

7 The Protective System The ceiling and threatened walls inside the pre-chosen room are covered with constructive steel panels, combined to create a protective layer against shrapnel and shock waves. The panels are manually inserted and installed upon supportive hidden columns in the corners of the room. By this action, it is not required to reinforce the complete structure of the house / apartment, as the weight is diverted to the floor and at its strongest points.

8 The Protective System Combining the panels, creates a strong but flexible (to a limit) continuous surface, enabling it to resist and block the explosion effects.

9 Plaster cover Supporting Steel columns Protected room by Rav mamad Protection element

10 Protection element A wall protection option Protected room by rav mamad


12 1.Original Condition IMPS SIMULATIONS

13 2. Wall Protection IMPS SIMULATIONS

14 IMPS SIMULATIONS 3. IMPS Ceiling Supporting Stem


16 5. Paneling Walls & Columns With Chemistry IMPS SIMULATIONS

17 6. Complete IMPS- Inside View IMPS SIMULATIONS

18 Advantages Creates a possibility to form a protected zone in unqualified for reinforcement (construction) structures. Modular, suitable for any room in any structure. License free Quick installation ( 1 day for protection, 1 day for finishes). Upgrading ability (threat related). Cost Effective

19 From the report made for the test of durability of protection layers for indoor room and spaces towards direct rocket hit....on January 8 th, 2007 a test was conducted for checking the durability of IMPS – indoor modular protection system, towards a direct rocket hit… …the test was done at the Rosh HaAyin Quarries for the Mifram co. by Tamar co. and supervised by YY (Yaacov Yerushalmi)

20 … the 2 explosions results showed success for the IMPS as the system did not collapse, did not tear and no fragments or shrapnel penetrated beyond the … the test included 2 static operational demolitions of rocket simulator containers. 1. 5Kg TNT upon 8cm thick concrete surface. 2. 7.5Kg TNT upon 20CM cement blocks

21 Protection of commercial facility

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