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By: Johnny M. Jessup Agriculture Instructor/FFA Advisor

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1 By: Johnny M. Jessup Agriculture Instructor/FFA Advisor
Tool Identification By: Johnny M. Jessup Agriculture Instructor/FFA Advisor

2 Adjustable Wrench Turning various size nuts and bolts.

3 Allen Wrench Turning hex head socket screws.

4 Aviation Snips Cutting sheet metal.

5 Ball Pein Hammer Hammering metal.

6 Bar Clamp Clamping large sections of wood together.

7 Bent Nose Pliers Reaching obstructive or awkward places.

8 Bolt Cutters Cutting bolts & steel rods.

9 Bolt Die                                                   Cutting threads on bolts and rods.

10 Bolt Die Stock Holder for bolt tie.

11 Bolt Tap Cutting inside threads.

12 Box End Wrench Turning hex head nuts and bolts.

13 Brick Jointer                                                                         Smoothing and designing masonry joints.

14 Brick Trowel Placing and spreading mortar.

15 Bulb Planter Planting and transplanting bulbs.

16 Bush Axe Cutting bushes and under growth.

17 Butt Hinge Hinge for narrow fencing.

18 C Clamp Clamping two or more pieces of metal together.

19 Carriage Bolt Bolting wood to wood or wood to metal.

20 Castrator Tool for sterilizing male animals.

21 Center Punch Starting holes in metal.

22 Chain Saw File Sharpening chain saw file.

23 Chalk Line Reel Making straight lines.

24 Chipping Hammer Removing slag from welds.

25 Circuit Breaker Protection from overload in electrical circuits.

26 Circular Carbide Saw Blade
Blade used on portable electric saw.

27 Cold Chisel Cutting metal.

28 Combination Oil Stone For sharpening and honing cutting tools.

29 Combination Square Determining 45o and 90o angles.

30 Combination Wrench Turning hex and square nuts and bolts.

31 Common Nail Nailing boards together where holding power is desired.

32 Compass Drawing circles.

33 Compass Saw Cutting wood in close places.

34 Concrete Finishing Trowel
                                                    Smoothing concrete.

35 Concrete Float Leveling concrete.

36 Coping Saw Cutting curves and irregular cuts.

37 Cordless Drill Drilling holes with a tool that uses a battery pack.

38 Countersink Flaring top of hole for recessing head for flathead screw or bolt.

39 Cutting Torch Cutting metal with heat.

40 Deep Socket Turning nuts and bolts in depressed areas.

41 Dehorner Removing horns from cattle.

42 Diagonal Cutting Pliers
Surface and diagonal wire cutting.

43 Drift Punch Aligning holes.

44 Drill Press Vise Holding stock while drilling.

45 Duplex Receptacle To plug electrical units.

46 Dust Mask Protects the respiratory system from airborne particles.

47 Ear Tagger Labels individual animals for identification.

48 Electrical Multimeter
Performs various tests on electrical circuits.

49 Emery Dresser Smoothing face of grinding wheel.

50 End Cutting Nippers                              Cutting ends of wire, nails and small bolts.

51 Expansion Shield Anchoring a lag screw into concrete, brick or block.

52 Extension Extends reach of socket.

53 Eye Bolt Bolt used to attach wire onto.

54 Fence Pliers Building and repair of wire fences.

55 Fence Staple For nailing up fence.

56 File Card Cleaning cutting grooves of file.

57 Finishing Nail Nailing boards where head will not be noticed.

58 Flaring Tool Flaring ends of tubing.

59 Flathead Stove Bolt Fastening wood to metal/metal to metal with wrench leaving a flat surface.

60 Flathead Wood Screw Fastening wood to wood where a flat surface is required.

61 Framing Square Squaring cut corners and laying out stairs and rafters.

62 Fuse Puller Removing cartridge fuses.

63 Gate Valve Cutting off water supply on a main line.

64 Glass Cutter Cutting glass.

65 Grafting Tool Preparing woody parts for grafting.

66 Grease Gun Lubricating through grease fitting.

67 Groove Joint Pliers Gripping when greater pressure is needed.

68 Hack Saw Sawing metal.

69 Half Hatchet Cutting and fitting wood.

70 Half Round File Curve and flat filing.

71 Hammer Drill Power drilling in concrete, brick or block.

72 Hand Screw Clamp Clamping wood together.

73 Hedge Shears Trimming and shaping hedge.

74 Hinge Handle Socket handle to be used when flexibility is needed.

75 Hose Bib Valve for attaching a water hose; turning water supply on or off.

76 Implant Gun Injects growth hormones in animals.

77 Impulse Sprinkler Overhead irrigation of plants where rotation is water driven.

78 Increment Borer Checking growth rate of trees.

79 Junction Box Join several electrical wires into a circuit.

80 Lag Screw Screw used where great pressure to turn is required.

81 Level Leveling and plumbing.

82 Line Level Leveling between long distance points.

83 Long Nose Pliers Reaching into recessed areas.

84 Lopping Shears Cutting large braches when pruning shrubbery.

85 Machine Bolt Fastening metal to metal with a wrench.

86 Machinist’s Vise Holding metal firm while working.

87 Mason Hammer Chipping and shaping masonry material.

88 Mason Level Leveling and plumbing masonry materials.

89 Masonry Bit Boring a hole in concrete, brick, or block.

90 Masonry Nail Nailing in concrete, brick, or block.

91 Mill File Filing metal.

92 Miter Box Cutting angles.

93 Nail Hammer Driving nails.

94 Nail Set Countersinking nail heads.

95 Nailing Gun Rapid nailing using air, gas, or electricity.

96 Nut Driver Socket permanently attached to a handle for turning small nuts and bolts.

97 Obstruction Wrench Reaching nuts and bolts around obstructions.

98 Open End Wrench Turning square head nuts and bolts.

99 Phillip’s Screwdriver
Turning phillips heads screws.

100 Pin Punch Driving out metal pins.

101 Pipe Bushing Reducing pipe size.

102 Pipe Cap Closing the end of a pipe by going over the pipe end.

103 Pipe Coupling Joining two pieces of pipe.

104 45o Pipe Elbow Making a 45 degree turn with a pipe.

105 90o Pipe Elbow Making a 90 degree turn with a pipe.

106 Pipe Nipple Adding length to apiece of pipe.

107 Pipe Plug Closing the end of a pipe, threads on inside.

108 Pipe Reducer Reducing galvanized pipe size, threads on inside.

109 Pipe Stop & Waste Turning off water and draining line.

110 Pipe Tee Joining at 90o angles.

111 Pipe Union Joining two pieces of galvanized pipe where neither side can be turned.

112 Pipe Wrench Turning and holding metal pipe.

113 Piston Ring Compressor
Compressing ring for inserting into cylinder.

114                    Planting Bar Setting out tree seedlings.

115 Plumb Bob Vertical plumbing to locate points.

116 Portable Circular Saw Sawing wood in construction projects.

117 Portable Electric Drill
Drilling holes with an external source of power.

118 Portable Jig Saw Making irregular cuts.

119 Portable Electric Sander
Power tool used for smoothing surface.

120 Pruning Saw Sawing limbs from shrubbery and trees.

121 Pruning Shears Cutting and shaping shrubbery.

122 Putty Knife Applying and smoothing putty.

123 PVC Cutter Cutting non-metallic pipe.

124 Regular Socket General purpose socket for turning nuts and bolts.

125 Reversible Ratchet                                                                                                                                      Reverse rotation of socket turning.

126 Roofing Nail Nailing tin, aluminum, fiberglass or asphalt roofing.

127 Round File Filing round holes.

128 Roundhead Stove Bolt Fastening wood or or metal to metal with a screwdriver or wrench.

129 Roundhead Wood Screw Fastening wood to wood.

130 Router Making edges or designs in wooden surfaces.

131 Rubber Mallet Hammering to avoid marring surface.

132 Safety Glasses Protects eyes from the impact of foreign objects.

133 Safety Goggles                                     Protects eyes from liquids and vapors.

134 Screw Extractor Removing broken bolts, studs, and screws.

135 Screwmate Drills and countersinks flat head wood screw holes.

136 Sheet Metal Screw Joining two pieces of sheet metal.

137 Side Cutting Pliers Holding and/or cutting wire.

138 Sledge Hammer Heavy hammering.

139 Slip Joint Pliers Adjust for holding various size material.

140 Slotted Screwdriver Turning slotted screwdriver.

141 Solderless Wire Nut Joining two or more electrical wires.

142 Soil Auger Boring into soil to get samples.

143 Soil Thermometer Determining soil temperature.

144 Soil Tube Obtaining soil for testing.

145 Soldering Gun Melting solder.

146 Spark Plug Gauge Gauge and set spark plug gap.

147 Spark Plug Socket Install and remove spark plugs.

148 Speed Bore Bit Wood boring bit for electric drill.

149 Speed Handle Rapid turning of socket.

150 Straight Shank Drill Bit
Drilling metal.

151 Strap Hinge Hinge used where major strength or support is required.

152 90o Street Elbow 90 degree turn with galvanized pipe; threads on inside of one, outside of other.

153 Switch Box Used to install toggle switches or duplex receptacles.

154 T-Hinge Used where strength is required but one facing is narrow.

155 Tap Wrench Holding bolt tap.

156 Tape Rule Straight or curved measuring.

157 Thickness Gauge Determining gaps.

158 Timing Light Timing ignition.

159 Tip Cleaners Cleaning welding and cutting tips.

160 Tire Chuck To inflate tires.

161 Tire Gauge Checking tire air pressure.

162 Toggle Bolt Anchoring into a hollow space.

163 Toggle Switch Turning current on and off.

164 Toggle Switch Plate Cover for toggle switch.

165 Torch Lighter Light acetylene and propane torches.

166 Torque Wrench Measure amount of torque.

167 Torx Screwdriver Turning torx-head screws and bolts.

168 Tree Diameter Tape Measure circumference of tree.

169 Triangular File Filing saws.

170 Try Square 90o squaring.

171 Tube Cutter Cutting soft tubing.

172 Universal Joint Holding socket for angle turning.

173 Universal Socket Socket for angle turning.

174 Valve Spring Compressor
Compressing valve spring for removal and insertion.

175 Vise Grip Pliers For extra firm gripping.

176 Vise Grip Welding Clamp
For extra firm gripping of welding materials.

177 Water Breaker Reduces the impact of water pressure on soil and plants.

178 Welding Gloves Protects welders hands.

179 Welding Goggles Protects welders eyes.

180 Welding Helmet Protects face and eyes from welding flash.

181 Welding Torch Heats and fuses metal.

182 Wheel Puller Remove wheel from axle.

183 Wire Scratch Brush Cleaning metal.

184 Wire Strippers Removing insulation from electric wire.

185 Wood Chisel Dressing and shaping wood.

186 Wood Mallet Driving non-metallic objects.

187 Wood Rasp Coarse filing of wood.

188 Wrecking Bar Ripping and prying.

189 Designed By: Johnny M. Jessup, FFA Advisor Hobbton High School

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